August 6th, 2003

my other-other blog, amazing text, is alive and well and growing with the awkward bits afloat out in the net:

The effects of space dust on the Earth are currently unknown. As I said, we read a Reader’?s Digest condensed version of Moby Dick, sparing us from all those god-awful chapters concerning the proper dissection of whales. Fatal Error.

As personal as it seems, almost all of this information is contained in public records. Today’s Tupperware Party is in more places than ever before! Not only can you join a Tupperware Party at a friend’s or neighbor’s home, but now you can join the Party at your local mall or online! The world-famous Tupperware Party is more accessible than ever before! So no matter where you live or how much time your schedule allows, you can always join the Party … and make it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience that’s all your own. I nearly tripped on a skull.

Why the overblown self-congratulatory name? Well, it’s a long and silly story….. so don’t worry about it.

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