May 16th, 2003

for those of you recently subjected to my “umbrella-cam” machinations, please be assured that your
(embarassing) photos will be appearing shortly. Yes, shortly.

Please, God–shortly.

May 16th, 2003

We still went to NYC yesterday, even tho’ I found that the Guggenheim is closed on
Thursdays! We parked in the Trump Plaza Hotel and walked thru Central Park
to the Met. They closed at 5:30, and we walked (fearing rain) over to
Yorkville where I was unsuccesful in selling V. on the wonders on Magyar
cuisine at the Mocca; we went across the street to Flannagan’s Ale House &
had Irish beer and good burgers. Thence to buy an umbrella (in miniscule
showers that then promptly evaporated) and walk through the not-so-dangerous-as-an-unnamed-someone-feared Central Park back to the car park where we (_I_) shelled out $40 for parking
($32 + $8 tip) and drove home.

a nice day.

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