May 7th, 2003

Why I live in NEPA

Lomma Minitaure Golf golf course constuction

It took two entrepreneurs from Scranton, Pennsylvania to breathe fresh life into this once dynamic industry. Ralph and Al Lomma, brothers, opened their first miniature golf course in Scranton in the early 1950’s. The immense popularity of their local course caused them to open several others. By 1955 Lomma Minature Golf was in the business of selling miniature golf courses to the general public. One of the brothers, Al, toyed with the motors, gears, belts, and moving parts which could block the path of a well-struck putt. These obstacles proved to be the secret of the immense success attained by the Lommas.

As the oldest and largest manufacturers of miniature golf courses in the world, with over 4,000 courses sold worldwide, Ralph Lomma , and his late brother Al, are credited as being the “fathers of modern-day miniature golf”. Just one of the Lomma’s inventions was the placing of a clown’s face at the end of the game… Where the lucky customer could win a free game by hitting the clowns nose. This last shot also served as the owners’ control, as the balls were locked inside the obstacle and the balls played were electronically counted.

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