April 29th, 2003

Alan Sondheim by Lewis LaCook

A month or so ago Alan mentioned to me that he had once written a text
editor that was designed to "frustrate" the writing of the user.
This editor would transform the user’s writing as the user enetered text.
I thought it was an ingenious concept for a piece: a work that combined
the networking possibilities of user input and transformation…a work
that would literally change what the user invested in the object…So
I set about making an approximation of what Alan was talking about.

This is the web mix of that idea. A full blown piece of software based
on this concept is still in the works (I’m writing THAT one in C++), but
this Flash version combines that concept with some multimedia ideas. To
use it, simply enter text in the blue box. Every time you press enter,
your text will change; sometimes it will be replaced by a line from some
of Alan’s writing, sometimes it will spatter your text in asemic strings
across the box, sometimes your text will simply disappear, and sometimes
a combination of these will happen. I doubt that this work is anywhere
near as capable as Alan’s original program, but it seems to me to be a
worthy web amusement.

takes a while to load…..

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