April 26th, 2003

Jobless and Hopeless, Many Quit the Labor Force

Oh, that’s just the best darned news I’ve heard in a long time.


April 26th, 2003

Is Was Saddam Hussein gay?

That’s the question that won’t seem to go away…. I posted letter from a friend
on the topic after he saw a Weekly World News story article…..and then, for some weird reason, I started getting lots (well, several) of web hits from people
looking for more info. Seems WWW doesn’t put all their stories online… anyway. I tried to do my desperate readers (and you are all desperate, n’est ce pas? or you
would be reading something else) a favor and added value with some more links, although the best I could come up with was some guy claiming Muamar Qaddafi was
a transvestite personality (not an actual transvestite, mind you).

Then, I today, I found this. Seems raunchy gay porn has
surfaced featuring the dictator-everybody-loves-to-hate in his earlier, learner, more loving years.

My, my, my.

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