April 24th, 2003

Yesterday was my birthday.

note the postage I got this cool envelope in this mail

Note the 66-cent postage.
The sender only had 33-cent stamps.

I was excited to get the envelope (I had been waiting for a week, actually).
But I didn’t want to spoil the suspense by opening it too rapidly.
ooooh, the suspense is killing me. but still.....
Dave Matthews Band ticket, in the flesh (so to speak) This is MINE!

I bought it at an auction,
but the seller said I didn’t have to pay.

She was kinda surprised anybody had bid at all.
And she threw in two miniature glowsticks (in the black cardboard-thingy) because I seemed so pathetic.

Well, yeah. I can understand that. It’s a used ticket, after all…..


April 24th, 2003

TV Turn-Off Week
Watch More TV
On Friday I will be performing with John Bert & others as part of
Mike Ciul’s 7-day TV-Turn-off-Week alternative.

“The Jaunt” 1124 S. 47th, Philadelphia

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