April 11th, 2003

In other news, my former-employer’s outplacement service contacted me yesterday.
I’ve got a find-a-job-workshop (or whatever it is), next Monday thru Wednesday,
9-4 each day. Hunh.

The Where The Hell Did My Job Go? guy hasn’t posted anything since
March 16. Does that mean he landed another one? But since he’s in London, that won’t help….

MSN has some discouraging news for the unemployed, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps watch on it all.


April 11th, 2003

I Had a Dream Last Night

that the FBI finally caught up with me for all those e-bay scams I did a
few years back. There was a big stack of photocopies of everything I had sold
(comics cut from the sunday funnies; cheap Chinese wrapping-paper
passed-off as an expensive print, etc). It was about four-inches thick,
and I couldn’t remember any of it until leafing through the stack in shock.

This is why that guy down in the hotel lobby said I looked so familiar. Wish I hadn’t
been so friendly….

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