March 28th, 2003

FLASHes of ~TuRmOil~
from furtherfield. FLASH art&sound readily accessible over even a low-speed connection like mine.


March 28th, 2003

Photostatic Retrograde Archive 34

“Detournement Issue.” This issue explores the then-new-to-us technique
of detournement, where radical content is wed with mundane form. The
idea (as espoused by Debord and others) was to bring truth to the
masses in a manner that they would be willing to give attention to.
This collection of works by turns hews closely, and veers wide of,
the mark. And in so doing, it reflects the range of contributors and
mindsets that the Photostatic project had amassed by this point, some
six years into the series. Lang Thompson ‘s “funnies” hit some key
notes for the issue. An early appearance of the concept of the
“information virus” makes an appearance in the guise of a call for
works put out by Jonathan Prince. In addition, the “Art Strike
1990-1993″ meme, so ably spread by Stewart Home and others, also
makes a prominent appearance. Thad Metz loaned us a collection of
detourned adverts by anonymous creators, which appear in several
places in the issue, and some fine moments appear in the form of
works by Dadata, Joel Score, Paul Weinberg, John Stickney, and
others. The usual inclusion of columns by Miekal And, Brad Goins,
Thomas Wiloch, and others; and reviews of audio and print works,
complete the selection.


March 28th, 2003

Coney Island Lunch, Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton.

Following the recipe
and traditions of our grandfather and father, we have been making our Texas Wieners the
same way for over 80 years!

We start with a Berk’s All Beef Wiener. Sliced in half, but not all the way through, and grilled to perfection. Every action is performed in front of the customer, the way its always been. Then we serve it on a steamed National Bakery Roll (a local favorite).  Add our Dusseldorf mustard and fresh diced onions (diced by our 1928 Model Hobart
), the wiener is then topped with our famous homemade Chili Sauce. Mmmm..good!!!!

When you’re in Northeast Pa, just about every restaurant here sells some kind of version of our Texas Wiener.
When you have been around as long as us, they figure its got to help them. But don’t waste your time, come to the source and try the original!

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