March 20th, 2003


yeah. stupid boycott.
AlterNet’s The Mix talks about NYC Tavern on the Green
de-Frenchizing their menu
Tocqueville Connection French news, in English.

March 20th, 2003

Virginia Postrel (in 1997, yet still apt) writes on The Lessons of Email Deceit. Basically, she says:

Email is really an oral medium. It only looks like writing. It is the way we converse with each other, time-shifting across continents, writing in the wee hours of the morning, reaching out when the thought of a friend or loved one crosses our mind. We pass on gossip and flip comments. We repeat jokes. We misspell words and speak in shorthand. We are emphatically opinionated. Email has all the authority of a phone conversation. It is not print. It is not even the Web.

But it repeats things verbatim. That fools people. It gives email authority it doesn’t deserve. We’re slowly learning, by embarrassing trial and error, not to take it so seriously.

Fortunately, the verbatim nature of email can also help guard against hoaxes and misunderstandings. They’re easier to spot in written documents than in gossip and conversation. The clues stay put. Email may yet make us better, more skeptical readers–a good lesson in any medium.

March 20th, 2003

War. Hunh. Good God!
What is it good for?

no. not Bruce Springsteen. Edwin Starr. Sheesh.

this is updated as I get something new

Where is Raed ? blog from inside Bhagdad.
still posting as of 3/24/2003

Is Raed for real? Paul Boutin thinks it is.

Official Iraq website. Seems to be down as I post. Haven’t seen it myself.

Al Jezira Iraq coverage. In Arabic.

For a partial read, plug the address into Ajeeb’s online Arabic Translation

Here’s the new English Version of al Jazeera

Ajeeb claims to be the “premier Arabic web portal.” They have a news service” as well.

Alternet has a lot of, er, alternative articles. resident noise-maker Danny Schecter
dissects the news.

Brian Flemming’s L.A. warblog covers the LA protests

America Held Hostile antiwar news, viewpoints, activities


Frontier Post from Peshawar, Pakistan

Iraq Daily from the World News Network

Gulf-News from Qatar. yep. the country with no “u”.

Tehran Times straight from Iran

US DoD’s

not just for now: Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

Rally Of One a NEPA peace resource.

Get Your War On. THE comic…. Not for the kiddies
The new 3/20/03 strips

Mirror Project: In Protest messages via mirrors

the “US Dept of Art & Technology” authorized artistic acts of mediation

Human Shields updates, etc.

Electro-Hippies’ Iraq Sit-In Web Page a virtual protest

e-protest against the coverage of the Iraqi war. designed to flood the website

US Diplomat resigns to protest war

Agression against Iraq Indy Russian journalists site
Regular Everyday People Putting a Human Face on War

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