March 6th, 2003


(Reuters) World famous artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude
have today announced a new
project that is slated to be begin immediately. Responding to
U.S. Homeland Defense
Secretary Ridge’s call for artists to rally the cause
through anti-terrorist art, Christo has received permission to wrap the
White House in Washington D.C., using duct tape and plastic sheeting. Much
like the artist’s 1995 project “Wrapped Reichstag” in Berlin, “Wrapped
White House” will, according to the artists’ plan, seal the building and those inside.

Of the project the artists said, “We are very excited to use our art making
methods in the international fight against terrorists. By wrapping the
White House we hope to help keep terrorism under wraps, so to speak.”
Unlike “Wrapped Reichstag” which was a temporary project, “Wrapped White
House” will be the artists’ first permanent work of public art.

100,000 square meters (1,076,000 square feet) of clear high-strength
polypropylene plastic, and 15,600 meters (51,181 feet) of silver duct tape,
13.2 cm (4 inch) wide, will be used for the wrapping of the White House.
The work will be completed in as little as one week. The artist’s have
contacted other artists across the U.S. who are now in-route to Washington
D.C. in order to finish this work in record time. Materials have been
provided without charge by the German Government. Recalling the “Wrapped
Reichstag,” German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder stated, “Wrapping the
symbol of German Democracy was a defining moment for the new Germany.
Wrapping the White House will likewise be a defining moment as democracy is
restored in America.”

March 6th, 2003

Breasts without Surgery

Without Saddam Hussein, I might never have known this:

Will The Ultra Breast System? work for non-biological females?

Our non-biological female customers say yes! They have indicated successful and permanent growth. Our success in this area has been astounding.

March 6th, 2003

fake accents as performance

NEW YORK (AP) — A man employed by CBS News to speak the words of Saddam Hussein during his interview with Dan Rather last week reportedly adopted a fake Arabic accent.

CBS News hired Steve Winfield, a Screen Actors Guild member with no such accent in real life. Winfield is advertised on the Web as a specialist in foreign accents, the Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday. Winfield spoke Hussein’s words after they had been translated by three independent Arabic translators, CBS said. He recorded the audio “in a voice compatible with the piece,” CBS spokeswoman Sandra Genelius said on Thursday. The translation was fully accurate and “in complete compliance with CBS News standards,” she said.

The Rather interview was seen by more than 17 million viewers on CBS’ 60 Minutes II a week ago.

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