March 5th, 2003

Franklin Nathan Stein and his Best Buddy Godzilla
for the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Frankie and Godzilla are pals

Frankie: I may only have the brain of a five-year-old, but I
know how to protect it from the radio. The AFDB is the only thing
keeping my head together. That and a lot of tape. Thanks, Doc!

Godzilla: Silly. It would never protect you from Mothra.

Frankie looks stylish in his Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

March 5th, 2003

If you’re one of those strange people who have typed Michael Paulukonis into Google, yes, this is my website.

My recent foray into the Lysistrata Project netted me an interview with the Associated Press writer
Michael Kuchwara–who happened to be born in Scranton, PA.

The story went out Monday morning to all sorts of places–from Maine to Hawaii to Louisiana to Alaska and Canada. Headlines varied extensively. Several papers used the story to integrate into local articles.

The version on CNN used one of my quotes (there were only two, to be honest) as a highlighted “pull-quote.”

National news.

my my my.

now, if only I could put that in the bank….

on a serious note, the night included my first-ever attempt at directing for the (semi-traditional) stage (albeit an abbreviated “Staged reading” which made it easier); live music; information from local peace groups, and a panel discussion representing multiple points of view (including a local journalist who had stirred things up with a fiery “anti-protesters” editorial). A good night was had by all, but it couldn’t have been done without all the help I (we) received.

And much thanks to my family–who even if they may disagree with me often enough–raised me to stand up for my beliefs. Thanks, all of you.

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