March 1st, 2003

letter from a correspondant

our informant Mark Z. writes:

While standing in the checkout line at the local Gerrity’s supermarket, (yes I take my mother shopping every Saturday morning. Help me sweet Jesus. “Are these the tomatoes I buy your father?” — I don’t know ma. — “Do you see noodles with Alfredo sauce?” — They’re right in front of you ma. See them. Right there. No. Next to those. Not to the left. To the right. It’s the package with Alfredo written in big letters. Yeah. That’s it. — Ma, why don’t you wear your glasses when we go shopping? — “Because I can see fine without them.” — Sure you can. Well enough of that.) Anyway, while standing in the checkout line I glanced at one of the weekly rags. The headline was “The Secret Life of Saddam” with a picture of Saddam Hussein in a dress, an ugly dress I might add. (You think someone with all his money could afford something couture. Or at least get help from that stylist to the stars, Dave KuKukachoo.) Below the headline, also in big letters, “Saddam Is a transvestite.” “His Secret Homemade Gay Movies.” And finally, my favorite, “Saddam Does Not Like to Eat Hummus.”

What is this saying? “Yeah, it’s OK to bomb the bejesus out of Iraq because its leader is a hummus hating homo.”

I don’t know what’s worse. That we have to resort to name calling to make us feel better about what the USA is about to do. Or what the headlines imply. Saddam is a homosexual and a transvestite. Therefore he’s evil and must be destroyed. Well, you get the idea.

for those of you searching for more in-depth on-line tell-all coverage on the Hussein-tranny expose, I’m as clueless as you are.

Here’s the March 4, 2003 numerology for Saddam Hussein.
and here is his tarot.
Saddam: the Secret Life sounds juicy; but it ain’t.
Weekly World News has a Nov. 2002
Letter from Saddam Hussein
that “most [papers] have refused to print.”
They also claimed, in March 2002, to have a
tell-all from Saddam’s gay lover
. Guess the liberal-media-elite have covered-up this one as well!
I did find this article that quotes someone analyzing
Muammer Quaddafi as a “transvestite-type personality… highly unpredictable.”
Eddie Izzard is a transvestite and “one of the funniest and most innovative comedians performing today.” His website mentions he mentions Saddam Hussein in his stand-up act.
The Bob Craig Story: Episode IV. Don’t even ask. I don’t know.
And having utterly nothing to do with Saddam Hussein, here is The World’s Leading Transvestite Specialists. In English, German, AND Spanish! NOT a “work-friendly” site

Yep. It’s a Weekly World News story you’re looking for. Well, it ain’t online.

March 1st, 2003

Flux Koncert 1973/1993/2003

Originally scheduled for May 12, 1973. Cancelled by the authorities.

Re-scheduled for May 12, 1993 at the Russian Cultural Center. Original tickets honored.

I attended.

Received copy of program in mail, February 2003 from Mikita Global Services, who also attended.

Full-size program in Hungarian, Russian and English is available via FOUNDLINGS.

The project was (co?)sponsored by ArtPool–an alternative art-archive/exhibition-space I was “volunteering” at at the time. Generally, though, I just read the archives and had my art-world reality turned upside down. I don’t know if it was a waste of time for them, but it wasn’t for me. All the reading, exposure to decentralised mail-art, world-wide ‘zine culture, sound poetry, and Fluxus burned me bad. I hope I do no dis-service to all when I say this event is a strong influnce on my HAPPY TIMES performance marathons.

March 1st, 2003

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