January 30th, 2003

new home

The xradiograph staff has moved into a new HQ, so things may be
a bit rough over the next coupla weeks as we try to figure out exactly
which box we packed things into. If there’s something that you can’t find back…
just give us holler.

January 30th, 2003

Call for Samples: Feed the Translocal Mixer

As a part of the How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age, an
exhibition organized by the Walker Art Center, The Re:combo collective is
looking for audio files that represent the cities` noise echology: street
noises, speech, free music, rumours.
All this pieces will be used on the *Tanslocal Mixer*, a new Flash-based
project that uses sliders to allow participants to create
their own mix of world sounds-a kind of urban synth online, on the fly.

Please, send open sound files to translocalmix with your
informations (at least name, City and Country),
or get connected to, sign up, and upload directly
to the Opus Software (Open Platform for Unlimited Signification)
by Raqs Media Collective, which is also part of the Translocations exhibition.

Grande abraco!
by Re:combo

January 30th, 2003

Highly Ritualized
Political Performance Art

excerpted from
Washington Post article

The State of the Union is itself highly
ritualized political performance art. The House
sergeant-at-arms sounds Elizabethan as he heralds
the arrival of the commander in chief. While the
vice president, in his big chair, seems to
slumber with his eyes open, the president’s
soliloquy follows strict rules. The last
innovation came in the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan
perfected the homey salute to carefully planted
real Americans in the gallery. At the end, God’s
blessing is requested, the scene cuts to Statuary
Hall for the dueling spin doctors, then network
correspondents sum up it all up in ways that
never quite match your own impressions sitting at

Not that the message doesn’t matter. A year ago
President Bush uttered the phrase “axis of evil,”
which helped define the nation’s foreign-policy
priorities. The best political performance art
always has a message.

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