January 21st, 2003

The real Crime Wave

I got this battered, second-hand bought-used-from-a-video-store movie from David L. as
he was trying to winnow his possessions (hah! good luck). I didn’t think much of it, looked….
cheap, low-budget. In a bad way? Kinda. But I was bored (and was avoiding watching Boys Don’t Cry). So I popped it in.


Weird colors, bizarre voice-over narration by a 12-year girl who’s relationship to Steven Penney (the silent protagonist) is never quite clear, nuclear accidents, color crime stories that never get middles, psychotic script-doctors, and… strong>more!??!? :::whew:::

And it seems that after Paizs went through three years of hard work and created a beautiful 50s-style credit sequence, Sam Raimi released Crimewave to much larger hoopla stateside, so despite the extra space and capital “C” (two words, see?!), the video distributors slapped a big ol’ ugly “The Big” onto the video tape.

I’m not going to bother trying to describe the rest of it, plenty
of others have tried. It’s now up there in my top 10. Apparently Canadian John Paizs has a handful of other
, just-as-un-obtainable films out there, so I’ll keep on looking.

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