January 17th, 2003

Travels on the Bad F*cker Highway

the blog of Mikita Global Services is linked over in my hobby-link-farm on the left. But I just felt I should point this out again.

Plus, he’s got sock puppets!!!!

The days are coming when the cultural activist without a sock puppet will not show his or her hand on the street. Think about it,
Peter Schuman.

I knew Kent back in BP. Or I should say, I met Kent back in Budapest. I don’t think I knew him at all, no. But gosh darn it all, I wish I did. We drank a lot of beer and coffee together, and I don’t remember ANY of this personality….. Maybe I should have had more coffee, instead.

Speaking of BP, Mike B. recorded me rambling about the taste of Unicum last week. It was supposed to be for the HAPPY TIMES CD by my ramble wasn’t quite to his taste. Nevertheless, he gifted me with two lucious .75L bottles this week, and I’ll be posting their slinky photos and the MP3 of the ramble soon….. salivate, x-ray techs!

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