January 14th, 2003

Peaceful Picket of Bush on Thursday in Scranton

I got the following mail today:

Peace Center Friends:

President Bush will visit Scranton on Thursday, January 16. To be part of
a “Peaceful Picket” with members of Scranton Fellowship of Reconciliation,
WaynePeace, and the Peace Center, gather at 10:15 a.m. at the corner of
Spruce and Jefferson Sts. in Scranton. Bush’s motercade is expected to
pass there on the way to a speaking engagement at Mercy Hospital.
Picketers will then walk to Mulberry St., which will be on his route to a
noon speech at the University of Scranton. Bring signs. Anyone
interested in carpooling from Wilkes-Barre can meet in the parking lot of
the Peace Center (Kirby Health Center), 71 N. Frankin St. at 9:30.

Also, there will be a Peace Vigil on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre on
Saturday, January 18 at noon in solidarity with the national march in
Washington that day in opposition to war with Iraq.

The Peace Center
Interfaith Resource Center for Peace and Justice
71 North Franklin Street (Kirby Health Center)
Wilkes-Barre PA 18701
FAX: 570-823-0412


They also organize a Peace Vigil every Friday at noon at Courthouse Square, in Scranton.
Mike B. & I attended last Friday (these things always seem to be during work hours–
and I usually work! I had Friday off). It was cold. But there were 20-30 people there,
as well as Kurt Shotko, NEPA’s most self-important neo-liberal crypto-fascist gadfly. He was marching
about with his “George Bush is a Killer” sign backed with “Republicans are Whores for
Drug-Pushers and Rapists.” The organizers of the vigil politely asked him to not display that
particular sign right in their (our) midst (his other signs quoting MLK and speaking of peace and justice
were very apropos), and Kurt got incensed and started shouting about free speech,
how he had more right to be there than anybody else, that he was more of ana activist than we
were, etc. I suggested we all move very quietly as far away from him as possible, and that
seemed to defuse the situation. Although he came over at the end of the vigil, apologizing
to us for our not understand the sign (“I’m sorry you don’t understand”), since most of were obviously conservative fundamentalists
who voted for Bush in the first place (the two RC nuns in the group were not amused).

Kurt has very little real idea of what a “peace” vigil or demonstration is all about.

Love thine enemey, Kurt. And turn the other cheek.

And if you’re going to go on record supporting the legalization of marijuanna and talk
about how much weed YOU smoke, better stop complaining about drug-pushers. Remove the plank
from your own eye first….


Update of Peace Actions/Vigils received from Jay Sweener, musician, power ebay seller, and Green Party-provacateur.

Vigil opposing war in Iraq. Held every Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM on the Courthouse Square 200 North Washington Avenue in Scranton, sponsored by Scranton Chapter, Fellowship of Reconciliation. Susan Hanley email susan (570) 961-2021

Weekly Vigil for Peace In Iraq
Tuesdays at Noon, Public Square
Sponsored by The Peace Center 823-9977; website

Weekly Meeting/March/Vigil
During the winter months, we are gathering first in the Guild Room at Grace Episcopal Church (on Church St. in Honesdale, just south of Central Park), at 5:00 PM each Friday evening, to share news, opinions, information, and resources. From there, we march to the Miller Pavilion on Main Street for some public witness and singing.
Contact: Kathy Dodge (570) 698-6173
Sponsored By: WaynePeace

Honesdale Saturday, January 18th
For those not going to Washington, D.C. on January 18th, but who would
like to participate in the national peace effort for Iraq, there will be
a local rally in Honesdale. It will take place in the central park at
2:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 18th. There will be a march to the
pavillion on Main Street for singing and public witness. For
information, call (570) 785-3935.

People for Peace meet every other week. Next meeting January 25 at noon. Susquehanna County Courthouse.
For more information contact Paul Gere 278-2187 or via email

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