January 6th, 2003

HAPPY TIMES 2: the non-stop performance marathon

Saturday, January 11 6pm to midnight
Afa Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton
Admission is free, but a $5 donation is encouraged

HAPPY TIMES is the second annual performance marathon at the Afa Gallery. A product of Afa’s “alternative to noise” performance series, HAPPY TIMES is a marathon with no intermissions, no breaks, no pauses, no gaps, no inbetweens: it never stops.
For six hours, 10+ performers will keep the space at 514 Lackawanna Ave alive with the
arcane enery that results from the collision of the Planned and the Improvised.

The audience is not expected to stay for the the entire six hours, but to treat the event as a “smorgasbord” of entertainment–stop in, taste a few dishes, maybe go out to see a movie, then come back for dessert.

All are welcome to stay for the entirety, and perhaps even join in!

Scheduled performers include Connie Sinavage, Mike Benedetti, Wayne Feldman, Matt Bonewicz, Vanessa Norton,
Jason Sherry, Michael Paulukonis, Alicia Grega-Pikul, John Bert, John Baldino, Skip Mendler, and more!

For further information, please contact Michael Paulukonis at 570.383.0251, or visit alternative to noise.

Where are we going?
I don’t Know.
When will we get there?
I ain’t certain;
All I know is I am on my way.

–Paint Your Wagon

What Will Happen?!
–Jack Keraouc

* = performed last year

** = planned on for this year

one special event every hour
sparklers with God Bless America (on 78 or a Kate Smith recording)
slides continuously on walls–6 or more trays to swap, 1 or two
overhead/opaque projector
bubblegum passed out to audience
** head is shaved
wooden block tower is built: one block every 10 minutes (timer).
Boxing [M. Benedetti piece] for a looooooong time
“An Introduction to Flight” (M. Paulukonis piece)
“Coffee Table Music” (for multiple coffee makers)
“Toaster Etude” (for multiple toasters)
“Dripsody” installation (a George Brecht piece; fluxus)
“Etude Pneumatique” [in absence of Accordion, perhaps] (M. Paulukonis)
* phoned-in contributions
* ladder
* various musicians
Benedetti maps wiring
something through the windows or across the street
** Auld Lang Syne
** Moses Supposes (Benedetti & Paulukonis)
small noisemakers (not New Year’s type…from my collection)
matchbox cars
checkers and/or chess for bystanders (“audience”)
“tour guide” headset-tape-players (an “explanation” of the performances is given, as in a museum)
** typewriter for audience
sidewalk chalk
toothbrush, toothpaste, basin, glass of water
sandwich is made and eaten
* bowl of cereal
** Ulysses, somehow: read; miniaturized with puppets & boxing;
(panto) mime
* a nap is taken (cot, pillow, blanket. round, wound-up, ringing-type
alarm clock. sleep is feigned for least 30 minutes if not actualized.)
* a chalk-board is used
* a children’s book is read to audience as though story-time at the library.
short, educational filmstrips.
78-rpm records are played for enjoyment. (hand-crank phonograph)
French-language lessons on 78-rpm records. (as above)
** balloons: blown up, released, popped, stuck with pins (“tape trick”), batted in air, static electricity stuck to walls; balloon animals.
magic tricks
card tricks
the floor is swept.
* newspaper is read
* audience is polled
new year’s resolutions
* other “classic” Fluxus works
**Connie’s Box–variations
odd “dramatic” monologues or duets over/under other obscure works
the floor is scrubbed
the floor is coated with Crisco then scrubbed
sandwiches are made, cut into triangels and distributed to performers and audience.
pizza is ordered
(variant: Mike B. wants to see a pizza delivery-person interacting/performing with the audience)
an argument is overheard.
a fight.
bills are paid.

some other things that happened last year:

reading of the names of the dead from the WTC disaster
(all the) pages from a book torn out
remote-control-car played with
cosmic-ray deflector-beanies created for audience
phone calls back-and-forth from the Radisson
Crossing the gallery to look out the door while wearing a bathrobe
Walking through the gallery and exiting front door; running around back to enter via alley & do it again (5 times)
Alicia read notes collected from earlier in the evening
Vanessa didn?t pass out
Puzzles were put together
Mike Benedetti played ?X for Henry Flynt?
sailor hats were worn throughout (optional this time around)
the canes were NOT used
[this is perhaps only significant becuase I bought 10 bamboo canes to use. didn’t. obviously]

now you know what I’ve been busy with.

See you there!

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