January 31st, 2003

Drinking as Performance

That’s what happened last June when comedian Tom Green got staggeringly — and deliberately — drunk by chugging Jagermeister on the Tonight Show. It was an experiment that spiraled out of control as Green began to mumble incoherently, spilled his drink on actress Rosario Dawson, and later admitted to vomiting in his limo after the show.

In the recent HAPPY TIMES, John Bert decided to drink a six-pack (bottles) on-stage starting around eleven p.m. (fortunately, his other planned piece, urinating into one of the bottles, didn’t come to, er, pass). As part of “James Joyce Phone Home” back in June of 2001, I listened to an audiobook of Ulysses, repeating it back to Mike B over a walkie-talkie, who was drinking a bottle of Whiskey and repeating what he heard. It was an experiment in transmission and noise, but it was over far too soon for the alcohol to have any effect. Later that night, we had the Whiskey out for readers in the Bloomsday marathon; we soon realized that, if you plan on staying awake and reading for 24 hours, getting drunk or even drinking alcohol at all is a bad idea.

And for that matter, I’m sure drinking alcohol in general IS a bad idea. So, I’m not condoning it for performance or anything. Hey, this is off the record, right?


January 31st, 2003

Lysistrata Project

the NEPA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre manifestation will be Monday, March 3 (03-03-03),
8pm in the Afa Gallery. Volunteers are still needed!

more information to come in the next few days. Stay tuned for a meeting next Wednesday.

UPDATE The meeting is Wed, Feb 5 7:30pm at the
Northen Lights Expresso Bar 536 Spruce St, Scranton. Call them at 342-3200 for directions.

click on my picture to email me about the project.

you can also visit LysistrataProject.com


January 30th, 2003

new home

The xradiograph staff has moved into a new HQ, so things may be
a bit rough over the next coupla weeks as we try to figure out exactly
which box we packed things into. If there’s something that you can’t find back…
just give us holler.


January 30th, 2003

Call for Samples: Feed the Translocal Mixer

As a part of the How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age, an
exhibition organized by the Walker Art Center, The Re:combo collective is
looking for audio files that represent the cities` noise echology: street
noises, speech, free music, rumours.
All this pieces will be used on the *Tanslocal Mixer*, a new Flash-based
project that uses sliders to allow participants to create
their own mix of world sounds-a kind of urban synth online, on the fly.

Please, send open sound files to translocalmix with your
informations (at least name, City and Country),
or get connected to WalkerArt.org, sign up, and upload directly
to the Opus Software (Open Platform for Unlimited Signification)
by Raqs Media Collective, which is also part of the Translocations exhibition.

Grande abraco!
by Re:combo



January 30th, 2003

Highly Ritualized
Political Performance Art

excerpted from
Washington Post article

The State of the Union is itself highly
ritualized political performance art. The House
sergeant-at-arms sounds Elizabethan as he heralds
the arrival of the commander in chief. While the
vice president, in his big chair, seems to
slumber with his eyes open, the president’s
soliloquy follows strict rules. The last
innovation came in the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan
perfected the homey salute to carefully planted
real Americans in the gallery. At the end, God’s
blessing is requested, the scene cuts to Statuary
Hall for the dueling spin doctors, then network
correspondents sum up it all up in ways that
never quite match your own impressions sitting at

Not that the message doesn’t matter. A year ago
President Bush uttered the phrase “axis of evil,”
which helped define the nation’s foreign-policy
priorities. The best political performance art
always has a message.


January 28th, 2003

Local Vigil Wed. Jan 29

National Peace Groups are calling for local vigils on Wednesday to respond
to President Bush’s State of the Union Address. Since we vigil every Friday
at noon, we decided to use this opportunity to give those who might not be
able to make a daytime vigil a chance to witness for a peaceful solution to
the crisis in Iraq.

We will vigil at the FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, which is across the street from the
County Courthouse on the 200 block of North Washington Avenue in Scranton.
Gathering time will be 7:00 PM. Please bring a candle and one or two (or
more) friends.

The good news is that the temperatures should be a little warmer – not
balmy, but warmer than they have been lately. See you on Wednesday.

P.S. We will still have our regular noontime vigil on Friday from 12:00 –
1:00 PM at the County Courthouse.

The Peace Center continues our Peace Vigil every Tuesday from 12 to 12:30
on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre.

The Peace Center
Interfaith Resource Center for Peace and Justice
71 North Franklin Street (Kirby Health Center)
Wilkes-Barre PA 18701
FAX: 570-823-0412
E-Mail: peacewb@sunlink.net
Website: peacewb.org


January 28th, 2003

URL Generator Machine

According to Arthur C. Clarke, the world will end after a bunch of Tibetan monks will have finished to compile a list of the nine billions names of God. What will happen to the Web world once…..?

another cube-farm filled with a million digital monkeys…..

thanks to the mysterious people at the 5k.org.


January 28th, 2003

I am a poser freak who is lost on pretense

Seems as though somebody googled “Kurt Shotko” and didn’t like all of the results, which listed my posting


i am an anti-tobacco activist. what are you ? you scumbag how dare you make fun of me…..tobacco is the deadliest drug on the planet… what do you do?





My partial apologies for inflicting all of this upon you, the gentle public.
Kurt, if I have any factual innacuracies within my earlier posting, I welcome correction.

>Have a nice day.

UPDATE 12.29.2004: I spoke with Kurt, briefly, at his Debate with Gene Padden, and he correctly pointed out that, while I labelled him a neo-liberal, neo-liberalism is actually an economic theory. I believe the word I should have used pseudo-liberal, but perhaps that was covered by crypto-fascist. Anyway, I have had few if any encounters with Kurt since then. His heart is generally in the right place, he just often comes off extremely, destructively poorly.


January 28th, 2003

Cousin Oliver

I am Cousin Oliver.

Without me, The Brady Bunch would have quit while it was ahead

Which Brady Bunch character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

becuase, JUST ONCE, I hadda try one of these things.


January 26th, 2003


(article has been abridged and re-arranged for emphasis. for original source, click on headline)

On Saturday, participants said they were hoping their presence would cause war planners not to carry through on threats to attack Iraq, which they accuse of amassing weapons of mass destruction in violation of U.N. resolutions.

“The potential for white Western body parts flying around with the Iraqi ones should make them think again about this imperialist oil war,” organizer Ken O’Keefe, a former U.S. Marine in the 1991 Gulf War, said Saturday.

The group of about 60 volunteers includes Britons, Americans, Spaniards, Brazilians, Australians and Israelis, ranging in age from 20 to 60.
The activists planned to drive day and night through Europe and Turkey, arriving at the Iraqi border by February 4 or 5, where they will be given entry visas by Iraqi officials, volunteer Sue Darling said.

“What we are intending to do is to make it politically impossible for President Bush and Tony Blair to have this war,” said Joe Letts, owner of two of the buses and a driver.
Letts, a father of four, said the anti-war coalition asked for his help in planning the route to Baghdad. Letts then offered to lend his buses and himself to the cause. The top levels of the buses have been converted to accommodate cots for the two-week journey. Letts’ buses are red, but the third bus and the taxi have been painted white.
A white flag intended to symbolize peace was placed on the taxi’s roof.

“We will run the risk of being maimed or killed, but it is simply the same risk that innocent Iraqis will themselves face,” O’Keefe was quoted as saying in a December online interview. “I would rather die in defense of justice and peace than ‘prosper’ in complicity with mass murder and war,” he said.

“We would not recommend that people allow themselves to be used by a tyrant and a dictator who has a history of doing horrible things to even his own people as well as his neighbors,” White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card told Fox News Sunday. “So this is not the time for people to call themselves human shields.”


January 26th, 2003

Theatrical Event for Peace


A Theatrical Act of Dissent

On Monday, March 3rd, 2003, theatre artists from around the planet will
raise their collective voice for peace by producing readings of Lysistrata
in order to:
– Let the Bush Administration know that we oppose their war on Iraq.
– Offer events where citizens can unite to enjoy an evening of spirited,
comedic theatre while raising public awareness about the volume of war
– Provide a humorous entree into a healthy community dialogue: What CAN we
do on a local level to stop “diplomacy by violence” in our world?

For more details, visit the Lysistrata Project.


January 24th, 2003

I'm Hep

because I am hep to your jive, I am hep to the rebop, my man.

yeah. (snaps fingers).

I think this was originally purchased by my parents in the early-to-mid 70s as part of an “auction box” —
in this case, a round tin filled with buttons and whatnot that my sister and I loved to sort and sift through.
The tin itself probably dated to the 20s, but the contents were from whenever. The pin must have been from
the 30s to 40s. ???


January 24th, 2003

The Brady Bunch: Live on Stage!

thank goodness Linda E’s been taking care of this–I mostly get to sit back
and watch the hideous colors.

Presented by the Pennsylvania Repertory Theatre in partnership with the
Artists for Art performance series
January 24, 25, 31 & February 1. 8:00 PM
AFA Gallery: 514 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton
$10 Advance tix $12 tix at the door.
e-mail for more info, or visit the Brady Page
(Advance tickets are available at Northern Lights Espresso Bar, 536 Spruce Street, Scranton. 570.342.3200)

Evening will include the complete Brady Bunch Episode: Greg’s Triangle plus a Brady Bunch Trivia Contest with groovy prizes.
The audience is encouraged to dress a la Brady. BYOB (21 and older only please!) Refreshments will be available.

Special Appearance by Scranton Mayor Jimmy Connors as Bobby Brady at first 3 shows!!

Now, the next thing I wanna see on-stage is Love, American Style.


January 21st, 2003

The real Crime Wave

I got this battered, second-hand bought-used-from-a-video-store movie from David L. as
he was trying to winnow his possessions (hah! good luck). I didn’t think much of it, looked….
cheap, low-budget. In a bad way? Kinda. But I was bored (and was avoiding watching Boys Don’t Cry). So I popped it in.


Weird colors, bizarre voice-over narration by a 12-year girl who’s relationship to Steven Penney (the silent protagonist) is never quite clear, nuclear accidents, color crime stories that never get middles, psychotic script-doctors, and… strong>more!??!? :::whew:::

And it seems that after Paizs went through three years of hard work and created a beautiful 50s-style credit sequence, Sam Raimi released Crimewave to much larger hoopla stateside, so despite the extra space and capital “C” (two words, see?!), the video distributors slapped a big ol’ ugly “The Big” onto the video tape.

I’m not going to bother trying to describe the rest of it, plenty
of others have tried. It’s now up there in my top 10. Apparently Canadian John Paizs has a handful of other
, just-as-un-obtainable films out there, so I’ll keep on looking.


January 19th, 2003

Digital Mona Lisa

found via Boing-Boing

Digital Mona Lisa is an extraordinary example of computer graphics from a bygone digital time. This image represents state of the art computer graphic rendering for the time of it’s creation, 1965. The condition is outstanding and of museum quality.

An early (the first?) line-printer printed digitized “computer picture” (although Ted Nelson has a problem with this term).

Some current ASCII-image converters:

Links to ASCII-art software
Links to ASCII-art pages


January 17th, 2003

Travels on the Bad F*cker Highway

the blog of Mikita Global Services is linked over in my hobby-link-farm on the left. But I just felt I should point this out again.

Plus, he’s got sock puppets!!!!

The days are coming when the cultural activist without a sock puppet will not show his or her hand on the street. Think about it,
Peter Schuman.

I knew Kent back in BP. Or I should say, I met Kent back in Budapest. I don’t think I knew him at all, no. But gosh darn it all, I wish I did. We drank a lot of beer and coffee together, and I don’t remember ANY of this personality….. Maybe I should have had more coffee, instead.

Speaking of BP, Mike B. recorded me rambling about the taste of Unicum last week. It was supposed to be for the HAPPY TIMES CD by my ramble wasn’t quite to his taste. Nevertheless, he gifted me with two lucious .75L bottles this week, and I’ll be posting their slinky photos and the MP3 of the ramble soon….. salivate, x-ray techs!


January 16th, 2003

Lessons Learned*

– Do not leave toaster unattended.
– Children should be supervised.
– Microwave cooking is not recommended.

* from a box of pop-tarts.


January 14th, 2003

V-Day at AFA

Artists for Art has partnered with the presenters
of V-Day Scranton 2003 to organize Celebrating Women, an exhibit at the Afa Gallery.
The exhibit will run from February 6 to March 1, 2003.
A focal point of V-Day is the production of Eve Enseler’s The Vagina
at the Mellow Theatre at Lackawanna College on Friday,
February 14.

Call to Artists
We are looking for artwork by women in all media that celebrates and supports women’s
issues as well as the artist’s interpretation and reaction to the Vagina
Monologue theme, and V-Day’s vision of a world without violence toward women.

Drop-off: January 31 & February 1, 2003 noon-5pm
Afa Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton 570.969.1040
Pick-Up: March 1, 2003, between noon and 5 pm
Fee: $10 for up to 3 entries
(both the entry fee and a portion of sales donated to V-Day Scranton 2003)
Works will be juried for relation to the theme and available space. All works
must be ready to hang
Opening Reception: Friday, February 7, 7-8pm
Participating artists are asked to bring finger food to the
reception. Gallery sitters are also needed.

For further information on the exhibit or to volunteer, please contact
the Afa Gallery at 570.969.1040
or contact Michael Paulukonis at 570.383.0251 or via email


Open House/Auditions

The open house / auditions for V-Day Scranton’s 2003 production of The Vagina Monologues will be held on Saturday, January 18 at 2 p.m. (MEN are invited to not only participate behind the scenes but also to audition.) We will be in a first floor multi-purpose meeting room at Lackawanna College (Washington Avenue and Vine Street) in Scranton. There will be signs at the main entrance to direct you. For further information, please contact
v-day scranton


I post this not only becuase it’s a good cause (and a good piece of theater), but also
becuase I put together a silent auction for V-Day Scranton in 2002, and that grew into
the exhibit this year, that I am supposedly “coordinating.”

Well, I wrote the proposal, anyway….. A lot of people are working on the exhibit.
Kudos to Judy, Marcia, and Alicia for not lynching me!


January 14th, 2003

Peaceful Picket of Bush on Thursday in Scranton

I got the following mail today:

Peace Center Friends:

President Bush will visit Scranton on Thursday, January 16. To be part of
a “Peaceful Picket” with members of Scranton Fellowship of Reconciliation,
WaynePeace, and the Peace Center, gather at 10:15 a.m. at the corner of
Spruce and Jefferson Sts. in Scranton. Bush’s motercade is expected to
pass there on the way to a speaking engagement at Mercy Hospital.
Picketers will then walk to Mulberry St., which will be on his route to a
noon speech at the University of Scranton. Bring signs. Anyone
interested in carpooling from Wilkes-Barre can meet in the parking lot of
the Peace Center (Kirby Health Center), 71 N. Frankin St. at 9:30.

Also, there will be a Peace Vigil on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre on
Saturday, January 18 at noon in solidarity with the national march in
Washington that day in opposition to war with Iraq.

The Peace Center
Interfaith Resource Center for Peace and Justice
71 North Franklin Street (Kirby Health Center)
Wilkes-Barre PA 18701
FAX: 570-823-0412
E-Mail: peacewb@sunlink.net
Website: www.peacewb.org


They also organize a Peace Vigil every Friday at noon at Courthouse Square, in Scranton.
Mike B. & I attended last Friday (these things always seem to be during work hours–
and I usually work! I had Friday off). It was cold. But there were 20-30 people there,
as well as Kurt Shotko, NEPA’s most self-important neo-liberal crypto-fascist gadfly. He was marching
about with his “George Bush is a Killer” sign backed with “Republicans are Whores for
Drug-Pushers and Rapists.” The organizers of the vigil politely asked him to not display that
particular sign right in their (our) midst (his other signs quoting MLK and speaking of peace and justice
were very apropos), and Kurt got incensed and started shouting about free speech,
how he had more right to be there than anybody else, that he was more of ana activist than we
were, etc. I suggested we all move very quietly as far away from him as possible, and that
seemed to defuse the situation. Although he came over at the end of the vigil, apologizing
to us for our not understand the sign (“I’m sorry you don’t understand”), since most of were obviously conservative fundamentalists
who voted for Bush in the first place (the two RC nuns in the group were not amused).

Kurt has very little real idea of what a “peace” vigil or demonstration is all about.

Love thine enemey, Kurt. And turn the other cheek.

And if you’re going to go on record supporting the legalization of marijuanna and talk
about how much weed YOU smoke, better stop complaining about drug-pushers. Remove the plank
from your own eye first….


Update of Peace Actions/Vigils received from Jay Sweener, musician, power ebay seller, and Green Party-provacateur.

Vigil opposing war in Iraq. Held every Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM on the Courthouse Square 200 North Washington Avenue in Scranton, sponsored by Scranton Chapter, Fellowship of Reconciliation. Susan Hanley email susan (570) 961-2021

Weekly Vigil for Peace In Iraq
Tuesdays at Noon, Public Square
Sponsored by The Peace Center 823-9977; website www.peacewb.org

Weekly Meeting/March/Vigil
During the winter months, we are gathering first in the Guild Room at Grace Episcopal Church (on Church St. in Honesdale, just south of Central Park), at 5:00 PM each Friday evening, to share news, opinions, information, and resources. From there, we march to the Miller Pavilion on Main Street for some public witness and singing.
Contact: Kathy Dodge kdodge@ptdprolog.net (570) 698-6173
Sponsored By: WaynePeace www.waynepeace.org

Honesdale Saturday, January 18th
For those not going to Washington, D.C. on January 18th, but who would
like to participate in the national peace effort for Iraq, there will be
a local rally in Honesdale. It will take place in the central park at
2:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 18th. There will be a march to the
pavillion on Main Street for singing and public witness. For
information, call (570) 785-3935.

People for Peace meet every other week. Next meeting January 25 at noon. Susquehanna County Courthouse.
For more information contact Paul Gere 278-2187 or via email


January 14th, 2003

My friend
is generally busy, with a tight schedule.

I just wanted to let you know.

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