December 27th, 2002

Zwack Unicum

unicum poster

Although the recipe is a strictly guarded secret, this much is certain: UNICUM is made of a mix of over 40 different kinds of handpicked medicinal herbs and spices. Its unique, characteristic, bitter-sweet flavour unfolds in the course of the 6-month aging in oak casks. Thanks to its special harmony of flavours and beneficial effects, it can just as well introduce as close a meal. Many of its consumers drink it chilled but its grandiose, complex flavour can be enjoyed best at room temperature. Try it with dried plums whose sweet flavour together with the characteristic aroma of UNICUM produces a fine harmony of flavours that cannot be resisted. Mix 2 cl Unicum with 2 dl of blood orange juice, and you get an excellent refreshment in the form of a long drink.

Afficionados say it “grows grey moss on your tongue.” After three years of living in Budapest and tricking new Americans in trying it, I perversely developed a fondness for this. I have found but one liquor store–in Manhattan, a 2-3 hour drive away–that sells it. Crown Wine & Liquor 1587 Second Ave New York, NY 10028. I’ve only found one place on-line that delievers in the US, and they charge $52 for a small bottle. The Zwack site above (click the poster) delivers, but only within Hungary….

What, you expected a Christmas update? My sister Er, “Santa” gave me a teeny, tiny bottle of the stuff in my stocking. The size they (used to?) sell at bus stations to take on the ride. I lived above a station for a year and never ceased to be amazed at how much the drivers could pack away before hitting their route….

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  1. comment by Michael Paulukonis on Thursday, Mar 19th, 2015 12:30 pm

    Zwack Unicum is not longer available in the US – only the European “Unicum Next”, which is marketed as “Zwack Liquer” stateside.


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