December 22nd, 2002

Antique Musical Machines

Just “upda line” in Moscow. I’m going to have to visit there someday soon.

Just look at this beauty:

Item: 67 Key Mortier Dance Organ
Ref Number: 26
Status: For Sale
Dimensions: 14′ long, 10 1/2′ tall
Country of Origin: Belgium
Maker: Mortier
Style: dance organ
Condition: Fine
Year: c. 1920 SOLD
Price: $45,000.00
Description: Near full-scale dance organ, 12 base, 12 accompaniment, 22 melody notes, 7 counter melody notes,
3 feet of music (additional music available), about 10 registers, bell ringer and percusions, fully restored, unlimited
1 year guarantee (Mortier was the top organ builder of their time)

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