December 22nd, 2002

Greetings from Plague Central

My girlfriend took violently ill Wednesday at the Artists for Art holiday party. I took her back to my place and she basically remained in bed–except for periodic bouts of vomiting–for the next two days.

On Saturday, she started feeling better, & actually got out of bed to take a shower and did some dishes while I was out buying groceries.

So of course I get ill after I return home Saturday afternoon. Stomach virus. Extreme exhaustion. Fortunately, I vomited only once and things have been relatively calm since then, except for fatigue and aching.

I got an email from my mom that Dad was sick on Friday, as well, so he couldn’t finish his holiday preparations. I’ve missed out on Friday, Saturday & Sunday so far….. Y’all had better hold to the “it’s the thought that counts” precept…..

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