December 18th, 2002

Tissue San

(Eco kun) He is made with environmentally friendly 50% recycled paper. Likes to read a book on a shelf. He has an ability to eat trash and produce recycled paper.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Christmas is right around the corner, and I >know< you ain't gotten me that Hello Kitty toaster I asked for….

In the future, I talk more about toasters.

UPDATE 02.05.04: the Tissue-San link is dead. Contemporary research suggests he was developed by San-X. Can’t find him back. In Japanese. Good luck.

UPDATE 02.13.2007: Just how cute is San-X, anyway?


December 18th, 2002

Did I tell you before that I’ve been working with puppets???

Frankie & Godzilla. the same picture I posted in October. More were taken, but I lost them all when I moved. I mean, I have them somewhere. In a box. You know what I mean?

alternative to noise 20

an evening of performance art away from the cold.
Friday December 20, 8 p.m.
FREE but a $5 donation is encouraged ($3 for seniors, students and starving artists).
Afa Gallery 514 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton

Featuring Vanessa Norton and her Sweaters, “Christmas” music from Die Hohe Wurst Industrielle Gegen (Goadheel Schpiederhans, Amaco Gahasapuhmp, & Brad Cox), Fr. Joe Gilbert interpreting Dylan Thomas, Michael Paulukonis with another episode from Mr. Stein’s Neighborhood Street, Vicki Ross’ Loony Tunes, and more.

For more information contact Michael via email or 570.383.0201.

er, yeah. the original Mr. Stein’s episode planned for Friday features Frankie & Godzilla going out to Hollywood
to escape the cold and pitch TV show ideas. On the way, about 6 songs get sung, and there’s a special
appearance by The Greatest Performance Artists of All Time (last seen in The Magic Accordion).

But since I moved 2.5 weeks ago and put the notes and mostly-complete script in a secure, non-disclosed location,
just like Dick Cheney, it can’t be found.

I could have started again from scratch, but the musician hadn’t learned the songs yet, and neither had my
girlfriend, Vanessa, who would have had to sing 2 or 3 duets with me (it’s tough to sing a duet by yourself–possible,
but tough).

So, that show got nixed. Look for it in February. Instead, there will be a different winter/christmas/holiday themed Mr. Stein’s
show. Which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for…..

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