December 17th, 2002

Wash. Post: Today’s Nerdy Heroines Follow After the ‘Scooby-Doo’ Sleuth

Here’s what we know: Velma is a high-IQ, freckle-faced teenager, though her age is unclear; she might be 16 or 19 or 23. She is about 15 pounds overweight, but if a pirate ghost jumps out of a closet, she can scoot pretty quick. She has exactly one outfit — a pleated, burgundy miniskirt and a roomy, orange turtleneck sweater with matching knee-high socks. (Actually, she also has a snow-skiing outfit, in the same shade of orange.)

When she deciphers a clue — for example, when a ghost leaves a note that says “Feed the organ” and Velma, and only Velma, realizes that this means the notes F-E-E-D on the organ, and plays them herself, thereby opening the secret door to the secret tunnel under the mansion, all this deeply erotic metaphor of feeding organs and opening tunnels, etc. — she usually exclaims, “Jinkies!”

There you have it. In Velma Dinkley, the modern sex symbol.

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