December 17th, 2002

Wash. Post: Today’s Nerdy Heroines Follow After the ‘Scooby-Doo’ Sleuth

Here’s what we know: Velma is a high-IQ, freckle-faced teenager, though her age is unclear; she might be 16 or 19 or 23. She is about 15 pounds overweight, but if a pirate ghost jumps out of a closet, she can scoot pretty quick. She has exactly one outfit — a pleated, burgundy miniskirt and a roomy, orange turtleneck sweater with matching knee-high socks. (Actually, she also has a snow-skiing outfit, in the same shade of orange.)

When she deciphers a clue — for example, when a ghost leaves a note that says “Feed the organ” and Velma, and only Velma, realizes that this means the notes F-E-E-D on the organ, and plays them herself, thereby opening the secret door to the secret tunnel under the mansion, all this deeply erotic metaphor of feeding organs and opening tunnels, etc. — she usually exclaims, “Jinkies!”

There you have it. In Velma Dinkley, the modern sex symbol.


December 17th, 2002

a week where obscure chunks of memory detach from the sky to dive-bomb my head:

Dear Michael,

Google rocks. I just typed in “rare species of anarchist curse,” and your
name and various websites came up right at the top of the list.

I’ve been trying to find you off and on for a few years, circa 1994 to the
present, since Budapest.

Hope you will remember me and get in touch again. I’ve been living in [California City]
for the past 6 years, but I’m about to become a professional
drifter again soon. Hope you are well and that life is great
for you!

Mikita Global Services

at any rate, it’s true now:


It took less than 24 hours for Google to update from yesterday’s post. hmmmmm…..

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