November 28th, 2002

NYT Article: a blogging gender gap?

The allure of blogging lies in the thrill of circumventing the establishment, of being able to publish worldwide without having to be an op-ed columnist or a famous writer. Blogs can be nurtured at all hours of the day and night – an advantage for anyone juggling work and children. Virginia Postrel, one of the few women who is commonly listed among well-known bloggers, points out that blogging is actually quite friendly to women.

“You don’t have to be part of quite literally an old boys network,” said Ms. Postrel, a former editor of Reason magazine (and a contributor of monthly Economic Scene columns for this newspaper’s business section).

Her point made the seeming dearth of women all the more a mystery. Was there really a gender gap in Blogville? The answer, I soon learned, was complicated. And it was wrapped up in knotty issues like the power of celebrity, the male tilt of the computer industry, the grip of sexual stereotypes (women keeping diaries, men droning on about politics) and the preciousness of time – specifically, the fact that women with children and jobs have almost none to spare.

Which is interesting, becuase I actually assumed it was just the opposite–that more women than men were blogging. The woman who got me into blogging is, well, a woman. I know a couple others through her–women. Lemme think…..Boing Boing. Three guys, but now they’ve got Xeni. I dunno…..

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