November 21st, 2002

Sorry, I’ve been busy…..

For one thing: I’m packing to move.

For another thing, I’ve been working on the Jim
/PAST DUE thing. I love seeing my name in

“[Jim Munroe] sent a call [to 1,500+] that said, ‘I’m going to
be going across the States again and if you can help find a venue and do a bit
of promo, I’ll probably come to your town.'” Out of the 17 or so invitations
he received within two days, one was from AFA Gallery Performance Coordinator
Michael Paulukonis. According to Munroe, Filmmaker Michael Moore recently
utilized similar tactics to raise grassroots support for his new film Bowling
for Columbine.

“Sometimes I really do get tired of the hype around the Internet,” admitted Munroe,
“you know, about how its going to revolutionize our lives and all that stuff. But
it’s been really enlightening for me in some cases to find out what it is that really

Thanks to Alicia Grega-Pikul for a great article.

On tuesday at 4:15 I got a call at work from John Baldino, saying they’d had a cancellation,
could I be at the studio at 5:30 to tape a 15-segment to promote the show.

I had been planning to stay late for some overtime….

So, anyway, I’ll be on PAX-64’s Northeast Current at 6am on Sat, Nov 24.
That’s Adelphia 8, for you cable-junkies. I am still proudly cable-free.

One of the (to me, still, anyway) weird things about taping these shows for John, is that
even though they are taped, they pretend they’re live. IE, we always have to say
“good morning”, even though we’re taping at 6pm at night. Or how we kept referring to
“tomorrow night”…. My Dad had the slot after me (he had been scheduled the week before,
and was a bit surprised to see me ther…) to promote the Afa Gallery’s annual Holiday Auction
(our major fundraiser of the year). He tripped-up once or twice when he had to say “tonight,” referring
to next saturday…. At least he didn’t mug for the camera like I seem to do every
other minute! (hey, Dad, you’re going to be taping this for me, aren’t you? the cable-free thing,
and all…)

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