November 29th, 2002

I Survived BND!

So far…..

And the actual winner in the BAC contest is:

November 29th, 2002

Happy Buy Nothing Day!!!

The winnerA recent entry in the Banner Art Collective
BND banner-art banner contest is

Now, get out there and Stop Shopping!

Or, join me for the NEPA-Whirl Mart at 11am and 1pm.

November 28th, 2002

NYT Article: a blogging gender gap?

The allure of blogging lies in the thrill of circumventing the establishment, of being able to publish worldwide without having to be an op-ed columnist or a famous writer. Blogs can be nurtured at all hours of the day and night – an advantage for anyone juggling work and children. Virginia Postrel, one of the few women who is commonly listed among well-known bloggers, points out that blogging is actually quite friendly to women.

“You don’t have to be part of quite literally an old boys network,” said Ms. Postrel, a former editor of Reason magazine (and a contributor of monthly Economic Scene columns for this newspaper’s business section).

Her point made the seeming dearth of women all the more a mystery. Was there really a gender gap in Blogville? The answer, I soon learned, was complicated. And it was wrapped up in knotty issues like the power of celebrity, the male tilt of the computer industry, the grip of sexual stereotypes (women keeping diaries, men droning on about politics) and the preciousness of time – specifically, the fact that women with children and jobs have almost none to spare.

Which is interesting, becuase I actually assumed it was just the opposite–that more women than men were blogging. The woman who got me into blogging is, well, a woman. I know a couple others through her–women. Lemme think…..Boing Boing. Three guys, but now they’ve got Xeni. I dunno…..

November 26th, 2002


Some of my artwork is now on-line. (link over in the links section, too)

It’s a start. Comments, suggestions, lemme know.

Oh? You want to know if anything’s for sale?


On the other hand, if the price is right…..

November 26th, 2002

Killer Flu in the Congo

KINSHASA, Congo – The World Health Organization confirmed an outbreak of flu in rebel-controlled northern Congo, and the country’s health minister said Tuesday more than 500 people have died.

It’s THE STAND meets Michael Crichton. without commericials, Jeff Goldblum, or CGI.

Which reminds me, I was in Tom Flannery’s play about the 1918 Influenza Epidemic,
The Spanish Lady,
this summer. It was hot. Anyway. I played a soldier who died in bootcamp.

How many died? 675,000 in 10 months.

That is, 675,000 Americans. Worldwide, tens of millions.

Nope. I didn’t hear about it in school, either.

November 21st, 2002

Sorry, I’ve been busy…..

For one thing: I’m packing to move.

For another thing, I’ve been working on the Jim
/PAST DUE thing. I love seeing my name in

“[Jim Munroe] sent a call [to 1,500+] that said, ‘I’m going to
be going across the States again and if you can help find a venue and do a bit
of promo, I’ll probably come to your town.'” Out of the 17 or so invitations
he received within two days, one was from AFA Gallery Performance Coordinator
Michael Paulukonis. According to Munroe, Filmmaker Michael Moore recently
utilized similar tactics to raise grassroots support for his new film Bowling
for Columbine.

“Sometimes I really do get tired of the hype around the Internet,” admitted Munroe,
“you know, about how its going to revolutionize our lives and all that stuff. But
it’s been really enlightening for me in some cases to find out what it is that really

Thanks to Alicia Grega-Pikul for a great article.

On tuesday at 4:15 I got a call at work from John Baldino, saying they’d had a cancellation,
could I be at the studio at 5:30 to tape a 15-segment to promote the show.

I had been planning to stay late for some overtime….

So, anyway, I’ll be on PAX-64’s Northeast Current at 6am on Sat, Nov 24.
That’s Adelphia 8, for you cable-junkies. I am still proudly cable-free.

One of the (to me, still, anyway) weird things about taping these shows for John, is that
even though they are taped, they pretend they’re live. IE, we always have to say
“good morning”, even though we’re taping at 6pm at night. Or how we kept referring to
“tomorrow night”…. My Dad had the slot after me (he had been scheduled the week before,
and was a bit surprised to see me ther…) to promote the Afa Gallery’s annual Holiday Auction
(our major fundraiser of the year). He tripped-up once or twice when he had to say “tonight,” referring
to next saturday…. At least he didn’t mug for the camera like I seem to do every
other minute! (hey, Dad, you’re going to be taping this for me, aren’t you? the cable-free thing,
and all…)

November 14th, 2002

Added plain-vanilla guestbook at top-left.

and a mailto: link to my image.

ugh. now it’s outlined in white, because links are white. right?

Not if border=”0″. Thanks, Chloe!

this is long gone

November 11th, 2002

The Banner Art Collective creates, collects,
and distributes and poetry within the limitations and context of web

Banner art also forces viewers into a position of enpowerment; as they discover
banner art, they will become aware of the both the pervasion and possibilities
of advertising space on the web, experience new art in new contexts, and be
granted a sort of patron status, as they can host on their own websites work
they find compelling.

I’m hoping to rotate a few on my site in the future. The first is from Ana
Maria Uribe–a visual poet and web artist born and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1997 she started a series of Anipoems, or Web based animated visual poems,
where she picked up some of the ideas of her Typoems or typographic poetry,
which had been typed many years earlier with the Lettera 22.

“Zoo” is one of my Anipoems or animated visual poems. Anipoems are not interactive
or generative, nor do they make use of scripting. “Zoo” is exceptional in the fact
that, to comply with international web banner standards, I included buttons to start
and stop the action. So it is my first – however little – interactive Anipoem.

November 11th, 2002

I’ve been working on the following:


Jim Munroewas managing editor at Adbusters
before writing the novels Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask and Angry
Young Spaceman
, and runs the indie book resource site
from his home in Toronto. His new book about the year 2036, Everyone In Silico,
contained so many mentions of corporate brands that he decided to invoice them
for product placement. When they failed to respond, he wrote pointed and amusing
Past Due letters.


Todd Dills was reared in Rock Hill, South Carolina, after which point things
become a little unclear. Suffice it to say that he is at present residing in Chicago,
IL, where he writes and edits THE2NDHAND,
a broadside and electronic home to stories told by humans under the mantra: literate
apes unite! He will be reading, with all the campfire bluster he can muster, from
a shiny new collection called For Weeks Above the Umbrella.

Joe Meno is a lucky man living an outer space dream. His novels are Tender
as Hellfire
and How the Hula Girl Sings. His work has been broadcast
on National Public Radio and serialized on
He is a three-time winner of the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association
award, one gold prize for Best Traditional Fiction, one silver for Best Experimental
Fiction. He will be reading from his books without ukulele accompaniment.

NEPA native Doug Smith will accompany Larry
1920 comedy short The
Grocery Clerk
with solo acoustic bass. Doug has made a full-time living
as a musician for over 30 years, playing Dixieland, Big Band, Jazz, and ?Society
Music.? His main field of interest is totally improvised solo and group interactive

Press Releases, Press Packets, Press Passes, Pressed Pants, Pressed for time….
I’ve been keeping busy at any rate. I want this thing to go well.


You know, I don’t really know. Maybe I’m like my mother, I’ve got to be busy
all the time–though God knows I’d love a real vacation. I always seem to be
taking days off to prepare for a show or recover (I think I’m taking half a day
after this one!).

I really keep doing it though, so I can’t complain. So many people say
(not just here in NEPA–but everywhere you go) “there’s nothing to do” “this is
so boring” “I wish someone would do [XXXX]”.

Well, I’m doing it. And so can you. And that’s Jim’s point.

November 10th, 2002

I’ve been busy the last week or so…..multiple events at Afa in the performance
, and Buy Nothing Day is approaching…..

Buy Nothing Day

I’ll be doing a multiple WHIRL-MART. Check out more pertinant info over at the

Also, I’ve been working on my HTML and DreamWeaver. Still going poorly, but better!
I managed to change the table-widths around in NEPA-WHIRL all by myself!

yes! And, next week, I’ll be learning to tie
my own shoes

November 4th, 2002

real performance artists within

November 3rd, 2002

Unknown notes that I just found back (yeah, basically lying around on the floor).
I think they’re from early April 2002 when I was trying to work up something for
an Earth Day Celebration. I mean, I did work something up-but it didn’t bear an
awful lot of resemblance to most of the jottings here. Which mystify even me.


on rope-string-line
shark-big rabbit
cardboard >milk<


Towers of Babble–>Godzilla
Build Build Build
(surround) (collapse)
saw a book in half
(repair it)
bed of books
Bag of?”junk”
everything in bag
talking thingy-phonics unit
row-aisle-line of books
   b–>cut a book in half
3) Godzilla
(cut grapefruit) ???
-rubber cement
-quench w/grapefruit
-cut in half
[alpha bits] (FINIS)
[flour] (“baptise”)

Oh, yeah–somebody also wrote “Hi!” on there. I think it was my girlfriend
(who wrote some references to “Baby ‘Zilla” on [SIDE ONE]). Or, it coulda
been me. Who knows.

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