October 30th, 2002

You thought I was kidding about the puppets, didn’t you?

Frankenstein & Godzilla like to dance!!!

Godzilla and Frankie party on the town in this still from
Mr. Stein’s Neighborhood Street, with your host–Franklin Nathan Stein

A half-hour puppet-show I originally developed for John Bromberg’s Second Annual
Mudball Puppet Festival this past July. I gave an encore performance last Friday
night at the 18th or 19th* alternative
to noise
: Who’s Afraid of Performance Art?

* Why the confusion? Becuase at the start of the year Oct 25 was scheduled
to be #19, but in August I cancelled #18. So: how should the counting proceed?
It’s all arbitrary anyway: I did shows for a more than a year without the alternative
to noise moniker, and then used it only for music shows for an other year.

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