October 18th, 2002

Adam Villani sent me this:

Last night I was engaging in a thought experiment on “if I owned a radio station.” Driving around a lot, I listen to a lot of radio, and I think it’s a medium with a lot of potential. I think I would actually like to own at least two stations— one a “radio laboratory” with no regard for commerciality, and one an attempt to create a commercial music radio station that doesn’t suck. I think the key would be not to reject songs that were hits, but to put them in a larger context of non-hit music. I think one dictum would be that if an album is good, than more songs than just those that have been released as singles should be played. Another is that songs by local non-superstar bands be played alongside everything else, and that the station should work to develop relations with the local music-making community. Another is to not feel constrained by genre. Let pop/rock music be a springboard for music from other genres. Another is to tell the listeners the name and artist of every song they play.

So, if we assume 12 songs per hour, then how about a primetime listening format like this:

3 Current hit songs
3 Lesser-known songs by hit bands, potential hits from less-played bands
3 Older hits — mix in relatively recent (1-5 years old) with “flashback”
(5-15 y.o.) and “classic” (15+ y.o.)
1 song from a local band
1 wild card from any of the above
1 total wild card

In the off-primetime hours, the mix would lean more toward the stuff on the bottom, but still include at least something from every category. There would also be a wide slate of specialty shows.

So, what do you think? Could such a station work? Would people like it? Would it make money?


I know Adam from his band, Stale Urine. They did a tape-concert in my performance series, once.

October 18th, 2002

I keep trying to finesse this thing.

tweak. tweak. tweak.


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