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Thursday, October 28, 2004
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Digital Dada Library

from Cannibale

Original Dada-Era Publications in the International Dada Archive (Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries)

10/27/2004 02:02:39 PM
Sixties City - Ladies of Star Trek - The Original Series

There are a lot of thumbnails, here, that open into large images. All of them are ladies (quote-unquote) from Star Trek.

131 thumbnails, actually.

10/27/2004 01:59:38 PM
the FCC's Michael Powell vs. Howard Stern.

Originally, via BoingBoing.

10/27/2004 09:08:10 AM
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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Istvan Farkas

Ahhhh... I knew him when.

10/26/2004 03:25:02 PM
From a friend:
When I went to CIAC last year the Japanese scientists sang a song about squid... it went something like "Ika ika po! Ika po po!" and they made little fin shapes with their hands over their heads as they popped up and down like flying squid. Scientists get crazy when they drink. especially Tasmanian Teuthologists. those cats can put it away!
10/26/2004 11:09:40 AM
Unpaid pledges keeping sign dark

10/26/2004 &mdash By Lynne Slack Shedlock TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER

The relighting of the Electric City sign has been moved from Halloween to the year-end holiday season as organizers attempt to collect on outstanding pledges.

The 1930s-era sign on top of Linden Street's Scranton Electric Building is undergoing an approximately $200,000 renovation that will incorporate Las Vegas-style digital animation. It is being restored as a symbol of the city's economic revitalization.

PPL's Rich Beasley, who is assisting with the joint Scranton Tomorrow and Scranton Redevelopment Authority project, said about $75,000 in "solid" pledges have not been paid. He said many of the donors planned to pay at the end of the year, but the restoration cannot continue until there is cash on hand to cover the cost of the work.

Mr. Beasley said donors have been asked to expedite payments.

"We're very, very close but we desperately need cash in hand," he said.

Organizers are now targeting a lighting around "Black Friday," the Friday after Thanksgiving that traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season. Mr. Beasley said the worst-case scenario would have the sign lighted at the end of 2004.

"We really want to see this project done by the end of the calendar year," he said.

The 17-piece sign is being restored by MAC Signs, West Scranton. PACE Construction is ensuring that the sign's support structure is brought up to code.

The eight-story Scranton Electric Building was constructed in 1896. The sign was added in 1937. It's unclear exactly when the lights were permanently dimmed, but it's been dark for about 25 years. Scranton was called the Electric City because it was the first city in the country to have electric trolley cars.

I took a number of pictures when the sign came down in July; I hope to have them up this weekend....

10/26/2004 09:44:32 AM
Cowicide is cranky.

There's just no other word for it.

Not that it's unjustified....

10/26/2004 09:17:09 AM
But is it art???

Work by Tim Hunkin.

10/26/2004 08:43:46 AM
Monday, October 25, 2004
I am doing something other than editing images and updating the website.

Sometimes I read a book or two.

Anyway, four more (self-similar, to a degree) have been dropped into Make It Snappy 7.

autumn fall closeup more trees

There has also been some behind-the-scenes (re)work(ing) of the site, with more to come. If you get any peculiar error messages, please let me know.

10/25/2004 01:37:48 PM
Saturday, October 23, 2004
New (ly finished*) works added to Make It Snappy gallery 7. I promised this for last night, but was fighting a different battle.

Jeff Boam in the rain still in the rain Charlie at the party I got your back, whoever you are at the theater take a free ride at the opening at the opening

*As you'll see, the images date back to last December. I worked them over, for the most part, in the past two weeks. I reserve the unconditional right to continue work on them at any point.

10/23/2004 01:11:32 PM
Friday, October 22, 2004
Boy on a Stick and Slither instruct us in the fine art of making a banana sandwich.
10/22/2004 05:33:32 PM
New quote-unquote photos added to Make It Snappy.

Amy Barbara gots a hat in the stands Ward Roe Michael Thomas Hank Fells Mike is a blur Mike is colorful John is blue John et al.

Currently, most gallery pages point out the existency of Gallery 7. Gallery 7 contains thumbnails with no associated pages. Wait until tomorrow!

10/22/2004 01:54:39 PM
Thursday, October 21, 2004
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diesel sweeties: indie t-shirts (AKA tshirts)

Christmas is coming, and you haven't bought me anything, yet.

Of course, that cuts both ways.

10/21/2004 08:50:32 AM
Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Supposedly, John Keryy has been excommunicated.


10/19/2004 05:24:56 PM
Hello Kitty Has No Mouth
A. Hello-Kitty, in fact, uses Morse code to communicate with the outside world. You may have heard of the book Johnny Got His Gun, in which a soldier was so badly wounded that the only communication he had with the outside world was by tapping Morse code with his head.

That soldier was Hello-Kitty.

too much Sanrio is never enough

See also All That is Soridu Melts into Kitty.

10/19/2004 01:16:20 PM
Dungeon Magesty

1 part Cable Access, 2 parts Dungeons & Dragons, 1 part Cheesecake.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the tip.

10/19/2004 09:46:35 AM
Stealth Tribe: Ellen's Extinct Cheese Story
My Dad used to love Liederkrantz! He'd jam the package in his back pocket and walk around with it, to warm it up so it was really especially rank.

I remember a big cocktail party my folks threw when I was three or four. The diningroom table was covered with 1950's canapes, not a retro thing, this was the 1950's, or so soon enough as to make no never mind.There were crudites and shrimp and mushrooms a la greque and chips and dip and cheddar and crackers, little sausages on sticks, a chafing dish of Swedish meatballs, olives and fruit all cut up, toothpicks aplenty, cocktail napkins and condiments and little plates.

My dad had out done himself with his beloved Liederkrantz. He'd stuffed several of the thin paper boxes into his pockets first thing in the morning. How he got the wedges out of the foil was a trick. The cheese was damn near soup.

Because the table had a tablecloth draped over it, it made a nice tent where I could hide and watch the party. The foyer was next to the dining room. My dad would take the guests' coats as they arrived, and they usually made their way into the dining room. But from my vantage point, under the table, I could see they all lifted their feet as soon as my dad left the room. It took me a minute, but even a tot could figure it out. Every single guest feared they had stepped in fresh dog shit on the way into the house. Their clean soles baffled them.

It was that reeking Liederkrantz.

Ellen makes tiles.

10/19/2004 09:35:08 AM
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Monday, October 18, 2004
Guide to Spam-like Products

I have found the Holy Grail!!!!

On a side note, you might be interested in this legal brief filed by the Hormel Foods Corporation against Jim Henson Productions. It all revolves a new pig charactered introduced in Muppet Treasure Island.

10/18/2004 03:39:33 PM
Friday, October 15, 2004
word.art 10/15/2004 02:40:01 PM
I've taken some new photos.

Let me clarify--I took most of these photos months ago. I only got around to editing them recently.


fred unknown side by side me-ish

Lara mary lou high school grin Holly

10/15/2004 08:26:49 AM
Thursday, October 14, 2004
PORTFOLIAGE.COM: fool me once

3-D computer animation of....a certain someone. Unaltered audio.

10/14/2004 11:44:13 AM
Enchanted Highway in Regent, South Dakota
Gary is a native of Regent, North Dakota. He was a teacher and a school principal and had never done any art work or welding prior to 1989. He then began dreaming of ways to bring people and businesses to the small community of Regent -- fearing the town would someday die if it relied solely on farming. A hay bale strongman built by a farmer inspired him. He watched people pull off the road to snap photos of the oddity. He wondered how many people would stop for huge metal sculptures. He began designing, welding, and painting. The Tin Family was erected in 1991; Teddy Rides Again in 1993; Pheasants on the Prairie in 1996; Grasshoppers in the Field in 1999; Geese in Flight in 2001; and Deer Crossing in 2002. He's currently working on Fisherman's Dream.

The Enchanted Highway is off Interstate 94 (Exit 72) approximately 20 miles east of Dickinson, North Dakota. It then extends for 32 miles south to the town of Regent. The six sculptures are spread out along the 32 miles of The Enchanted Highway.

Not only am I attracted to large road-side attractions, I am attracted to his idea of community re-development. Cultural Tourism, in a sense. A distant sense, but a very valid sense.

10/14/2004 11:11:55 AM
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Don't Copy That Floppy

It's a PSA.

It's a rap video.

It's a PSA and a rap video!!!

10/13/2004 09:58:56 AM
CTHEORY.NET > All That is Soridu Melts into Kitty

Hello Kitty Overdrive

Kitty is always already Other: this icon of Japanese childhood speaks only English. Confounding even Shroedinger's cat, she does this without a mouth. Rorsach Kitty leaps/is leapt upon with the speed of capital: Sanrio's "social communication business" has branches on four continents. In San Francisco, her chubby visage floats above Union Square (on a giant boutique where Kitty clothes are available in adult sizes). Her unbearable cuteness cannot be constrained by a carefully crafted circle of pleasantries. Gracing Asian pajamas or Occidental mosh pits, she glows phatic communion. Hello Kitty escapes the orbit of corporate control (if not profit) to be re-coded by a cacophony of desires...
10/13/2004 09:10:51 AM
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
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Orisinal.com: These Little Pigs

Don't eat these, either.

10/12/2004 12:26:35 PM
Monday, October 11, 2004
Cartoon Brew

I don't think I've mentioned this before.

I should have.

10/11/2004 11:17:20 AM
Saturday, October 09, 2004
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Thursday, October 07, 2004
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sit-com is the conflation (abbreviation?) of Situation and Comedy. So, a sit-com made with The Sims (2) should be called what???

10/6/2004 05:08:13 PM
CTHEORY.NET > Being Nothing: George W. Bush as Presidential Simulacrum by Carol V. Hamilton

This article appropriates ideas from Being There and Baudrillard's Gulf War pieces in order to propose that George W. Bush is a simulation, a virtual figure upgraded from a prototype like that of Chance the Gardener. I am not interested in George W. Bush's corporeal being but rather in his flatness and in the way that his obvious deficiencies are "spun" by supposedly disinterested media pundits. Bush's estrangement from the real -- evident in his unfamiliarity with geography, history, ordinary English syntax and semantics, and a fund of common knowledge -- stems from his own lack of reality. George W. Bush does not exist.

Under the sign of postmodernism, the hermeneutics of depth have been replaced by the play of surfaces, and the flat celebrity has superseded the complicated historical figure. In his magisterial Postmodernism, Fredric Jameson commented on the shift between the deep subjectivity represented in the modernist novel and the postmodern "death of the subject." "This new order," Jameson writes, "no longer needs prophets or seers of the high modernist and charismatic type, whether among its cultural producers, or its politicians. Such figures no longer hold any charm or magic for the subjects of a corporate, collectivized, post-individualistic age." Accordingly, the cosmopolitan, dignified F.D.R. gives way to the bland, folksy, often incoherent persona of GWB, with his faux-Texas accent and gunfighter strut.

10/6/2004 11:57:52 AM
Guerrilla News Network: Halliburton Watch
10/6/2004 11:36:40 AM
Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Artwork in a residential setting

Art Bunch Demonstrates Artful Living

In addition to providing a colorful stopping-off point on the North Branch Art Trail, seven artists known as the Art Bunch will offer demonstrations and consultation for visitors interested in living gracefully. From noon on Friday, October 8 through Sunday afternoon, October 10, Artful Living will be featured at the Paulukonis home and stained glass studio near Waverly. It is one of twenty-two venues on this fall’s North Branch Art Trail, a swath of art studios and galleries roughly following the Susquehanna River and U.S. Highway 6. During the Columbus Day weekend artists, galleries, and museums along the trail open their doors, set out refreshments, and organize special events.

Visitors to the Paulukonis site will see art in every room of the house where it can be enjoyed during everyday living. Guests can also tour the stained glass studio where Jay Paulukonis will be fabricate a window over the course of the weekend. He expects to cut glass on Friday, lead the window on Saturday, and cement it on Sunday.

Other artists in the group will demonstrate their work as well. Barbara Kapalski, whose paintings have won awards, will show her watercolor technique. She will offer a session with tips for those who want to learn more about displaying art in their own homes. Accomplished portrait artist George Strasburger will do an ala prima portrait demonstration. Vanessa Norton, actress, director, and writer, will read from one of her own plays.

The other half of the Paulukonis glass partnership, Mary Ann will use glass samples and the computer to show how she plans color for a stained glass window. She will also facilitate a conversation about being in business with family members. Michael Paulukonis will demonstrate how he creates unconventional digital portraiture and will discuss web site construction for artists. The home will also display works by Simone Kiven, who excels in pastels but also paints with acrylics in an impressionist way.

For a schedule of the events during the Artful Living open house and studio, call 585-2096 or visit the website. The site has directions and a link to further information about the North Branch Art Trail

Workshop Teaser:

Barbara Kapalski

Fri 1:00 Watercolor demonstration

Sun 1:00 Getting the Hang of It: How to place art in your home

Michael Paulukonis

Sat 1:00 Unconventional Digital Portraiture

Sun 4:00 Getting Started with your Artist's Website

Mary Ann Paulukonis

Fri 3:00 Family Business: a discussion on working with people you can't get away from

Sun 2:30 Planning Color for a Stained Glass Window: using glass samples and a computer

Jay Paulukonis

Jay will be fabricating a window over the course of the weekend. He expects to cut glass on Friday, lead the window on Saturday, and cement it on Sunday.

Vanessa Norton

Sat 4:00 will read from one of her recent plays

George Strasburger

Sat 2:00-4:00 Ala Prima Portraiture demonstration

10/5/2004 11:23:18 AM
I have seen the light!!! And he ain't Jack Chick.
10/5/2004 09:35:54 AM
Monday, October 04, 2004
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cosplay gallery


And, yet, strangely compelling....

10/4/2004 11:05:21 AM
Moses supposes his toses are roses