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Thursday, September 30, 2004

I could have put this one under politics.art but I felt the ASCII was more important.

9/30/2004 09:52:33 AM
Friday, September 24, 2004
intolerance.art 9/24/2004 09:25:22 PM
Reuters.com: Monster Mushroom Sprawls in Switzerland
Fri Sep 24, 2004 10:54 AM ET

ZURICH (Reuters) - Europe's biggest mushroom growth, spanning an area 800 by 500 meters, has been discovered in a Swiss national park, scientists said Friday.

The 1,000-year-old fungus, covering an area equivalent to around 100 football pitches, was found near the Ofenpass in the mountainous southeastern canton (state) of Grisons and judged to be a single growth after a detailed survey.

"The majority of the fungus is an underground network that looks a bit like shoelaces. The surface mushrooms look like the normal type you would pick, and are brown to yellow," said Muriel Bendel, a spokeswoman for the Swiss research association for forestry, snow and countryside (WSL).

The fungus, "Armillaria ostoyae" or honey mushroom, is edible, the WSL said, adding it had been known since Roman times for its cleansing effects on the digestive tract -- as long as it was eaten raw. But certain forms can kill trees.

The WSL said Switzerland's monster mushroom was trumped only by a growth in the United States which covers a surface area of nine sq km and weighs an estimated 600 tons.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004
vote for Frances, if nothing else

Thanks, Alicia.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Gentile Invaders

Watch out for the Swastikas.

9/22/2004 02:11:31 PM
The Habib Sitara. A Pakistani city cart.

Whatever that is, I want one.

9/22/2004 09:42:13 AM
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
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ascii.art 9/21/2004 01:57:58 PM
AnneRice.Com: Musings From the Beach
After the publication of the The Queen of the Damned, I requested of my editor that she not give me anymore comments. I resolved to hand in the manuscripts when they were finished. And asked that she accept them as they were. She was very reluctant, feeling that her input had value, but she agreed to my wishes. I asked this due to my highly critical relationship with my work and my intense evolutionary work on every sentence in the work, my feeling for the rhythm of the phrase and the unfolding of the plot and the character development. I felt that I could not bring to perfection what I saw unless I did it alone. In othe words, what I had to offer had to be offered in isolation. So all novels published after The Queen of the Damned were written by me in this pure fashion, my editor thereafter functioning as my mentor and guardian.

Sweet Jesus, she's a genius! I know exactly how she feels.

Her latest Amazon reviews, however, have been less-than-stellar. Ms. Rice responds (if you don't believe it's her, check out her other reviews).

9/21/2004 09:12:16 AM
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Monday, September 20, 2004
9/20/2004 01:09:58 PM
happy teeth

The image has the link in it, if you want to go there. The gif is scary enough.

I want one.

9/20/2004 11:53:56 AM
LA Weekly: President Evil

Heh heh.

9/20/2004 10:49:41 AM
Three collections of flood photos sent in by viewers of WNEP 16.

And two sets from the Scranton Times-Tribune.

Oh, by the way—I completely missed Talk Like a Pirate Day due to regional flooding. So sorry.

9/20/2004 09:17:31 AM
Sunday, September 19, 2004
eGuide Interview: Karen Finley

It's a myth, okay? Never happened.

9/19/2004 10:07:48 AM
Friday, September 17, 2004

Furby + umbrella = furbrella

I want one.


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Thursday, September 16, 2004
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Johnny Ramone died yesterday

Instead of sniffing glue to assuage your sadness, how about heading over to Steve's MIDI Punk Page where you can listen to some "classics" in all their cheesy MIDI glory. Dictionaraoke should have some tracks, but their links are dead and the mirror is down. However somebody else has a mirror with Blitzkrieg Bop and I Wanna be Sedated.

Become a Ramone, yourself, with the Ramone Name Generator.

Does anybody have some better information on K-Power magazine's program version of "SLUG" (yes, and it was an article with Joey, but this is turning into a Ramones un-commonplace-book, thankyouverymuch).

Johnny, every time I eat vegetables, I'm gonna think of you.

9/16/2004 09:36:26 AM
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Have I told you, lately, how much I love Tick Tock Toys ???

Well, I love Tick Tock Toys very much. Particularly the new snapshots, the Disneyland photo-tour, and the collection of generic food packages.

9/15/2004 12:23:05 PM
crumby.art 9/15/2004 11:49:20 AM
Natural Process : Process Flow

More specifically, the process of the Google front-page being converted into a rather large canvas.

9/15/2004 09:44:52 AM
Achewood - September 15, 2004

"Man! This fig lambic is incredible!"

9/15/2004 08:50:07 AM
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
All The Memories I'll Need (Ftrain.com)

Ahhhh. Now I'm in a better mood.

9/14/2004 10:37:25 AM
After the school horror (not to diminish anything else), I really don't feel like liking Chechnyans. Of course, The Russian aren't very nice, either.

Drop the bomb; kill them all.

I'm not exactly Little Mary Sunshine today. Sorry.

9/14/2004 09:15:51 AM
Monday, September 13, 2004
Journalist killed in Iraq by US missile - smh.com.au - The Sydney Morning Herald

the disbelief is directed at myself. rage fear and sadness are all billowing around in there, as well.

How long can we allow this to happen?

MeFi for more details and chatter.

9/13/2004 02:00:14 PM
If Bush were running against Jesus, this is what his commercials would look like.
9/13/2004 12:02:04 PM
Thursday, September 09, 2004
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
love.art 9/8/2004 01:40:08 PM
The Dietrich Theater - Tunkhannock, PA Fall Film Festival
Coffee and Cigarettes When you are cool, you are cool, and "Coffee and Cigarettes" is certified New York indie movie cool. Jim Jarmusch, a leader of the New York indie film scene for over two decades, has assembled a cast of well-known actors and musicians including Robert Benigni, Steve Buscemi, Cate Blancett, Alfred Molina, Bill Murray, Tom Waits, and Iggy Pop just to name a few. Java is served with a lot of hipster talk, wry humor and downtown insights in the many humorous vignettes. "Hilarious...pure beatnik Zen." - Entertainment Weekly

Fri.   September 10 - 10:00 pm
Fri.   September 17 - 7:30 pm
Sun.   September 19 - 3:00 pm
9/8/2004 08:59:40 AM
Tuesday, September 07, 2004
The Village Voice: Joe Gould's Secret History by Charles Hutchinson & Peter Miller
When Joseph Mitchell finished the second of two landmark New Yorker profiles of Greenwich Village barfly and fringe literary player Joe Gould in 1964, he had come to the firm conclusion that Gould's infamous 10-million-word oral history only existed in one place: Gould's head. But a sliver of Gould's writing survives to this day, hiding in plain sight just blocks from the bohemian's Village haunts. Quietly tucked away within NYU's archives are 11 dime-store composition books that make up a nearly 150,000-word diary—one apparently unknown to Mitchell, whose New Yorker articles form the basis of Joe Gould's Secret, a film opening this week [the byline is from 2000—your host] starring Ian Holm and Stanley Tucci, who also directed.

Gould's diary, long forgotten in NYU's Fales Collection, offers a rare glimpse of the bombastic, ragged five-foot-four Harvard graduate in his own words. It also bolsters rather than contradicts Mitchell's suspicions about the oral history—this often mechanical day-by-day account of Gould's life from the years 1943 to 1947 is a far cry from the magnum opus he famously boasted about. But its respectable size also affirms his claim, when confronted by Mitchell about the nonexistent history, "that it wasn't a question of laziness."

Gould entrusted the journals to Harold Anton, an abstract painter who lived next door to the Minetta Tavern on Macdougal Street. After failing to find a publisher, Anton sold them to Izzy Young, Village archivist and owner of the now defunct Folklore Center. Reached by telephone at his home in Sweden, Young recalled that reading the diary "caught me in a very big intellectual problem," i.e., whether to maintain Gould's reputation by destroying them, or vice versa. Practical instincts prevailed, and Young sold them to the Fales Collection for $750 in 1967. Today housed in the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, overlooking the park where Gould sometimes slept, the notebooks share shelf space with the work of David Wojnarowicz, Dennis Cooper, and other outsider artists.
9/7/2004 12:23:37 PM
a tip-o-the-hat to Things Magazine for their tip-o-the-hat; but more importantly for their usual scads-more-than-I-can-consume helping of... stuff. Consistently gorgeous (in unusual senses) stuff.
9/7/2004 09:29:19 AM
The auto-transport super-carrier the Tricolor sank in 2002, filled with Volvos. etc. Now it has risen. Somewhat.

autos in the hold

9/7/2004 09:14:08 AM
Friday, September 03, 2004
justice.art 9/3/2004 03:52:00 PM
Creative Commons: search results

Open-Source search of the Creative Commons.

9/3/2004 02:33:59 PM
Thursday, September 02, 2004
duchamp.art 9/2/2004 08:42:30 AM
CNN - Sambo's revival running into hot water - January 28, 1998

SANTA BARBARA, California (CNN) -- Once upon a time there was a man named Sam Battistone. Sam had a friend named Newell Bohnett, whom everyone called Bo.

In 1957, the two men decided to open a restaurant. They figured they'd serve sizzling hotcakes, offer coffee for 10 cents a cup and give their customers service with a smile.

They called the restaurant Sambo's.

Fast-forward 41 years. Sam Battistone's grandson, Chad Stevens, has plans to rebuild the restaurant chain -- which once numbered 1,200 units coast-to-coast -- to its former glory.

There's just one problem: the name.

Sambo's was an amalgam of Sam and Bo, and as part of their marketing strategy the founders used a logo based on a children's story called "Little Black Sambo."

The book was written in 1899 by Helen Bannerman, a Scottish woman, and takes place in India. It is about a little boy who goes into the jungle and loses his clothing to bullying tigers. But the tigers chase each other around a tree and eventually melt into butter, which Sambo puts on his pancakes and eats.

The marketing strategy was obvious: Sam and Bo open Sambo's, and pancakes were one of the restaurant's specialties.

Found via an obscure message board somebody directed me to in order to set the Denny's = Sambo's myth to rest. It is a myth. I was wrong. Thanks.

9/2/2004 08:33:49 AM
Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Scientific American: Mummy's Face Revealed with CT Scans

the mummy's face

September 01, 2004

In many a B-movie plot, disturbing a mummy resulted in a horrible curse on an unlucky archaeologist. Perhaps those days are over, now that scientists have reconstructed the face of a mummified Egyptian man without removing his 3,000-year-old bandages.

A team of Italian researchers used multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) for the first time to create a 3-D model of a mummy from the Egyptian Museum in Torino, Italy. With 355 separate scans, the collaborators identified bone and dried tissues, and determined where skin ended and bandages began. "The only other way to have gotten the information we got from MDCT would have been to unwrap, destroy and otherwise alter the conservation of the bandages and the mummy," says lead author Frederico Cesarani of the Struttura Operativa Complessa di Radiodiagnostica in Asti, Italy. A forensic artist combined the data into a plasticine and nylon sculpture.

The man behind the bandages was an artisan, named Harwa, who lived in the XXII or XXIII dynasty (945-715 BC). The virtual unwrapping, described in this month's issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology, revealed an individual who was about 45 years old at the time of his death. The brain is missing--apparently removed through the nose in what was a common embalming procedure. There are no obvious signs of disease, but Harwa did have poor teeth. The detail in the images is so good that a mole on Harwa's left temple is discernible.

Cesarani and his colleagues decided to not add any hair or skin tone to their model because those would have been strictly artistic interpretations. They also stress that their method does not accurately describe how chubby Harwa's face may have been, as fat does not leave any signatures on the skull. --Michael Schirber
9/1/2004 10:48:10 AM
I'm a rocker; I rock out