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Friday, April 30, 2004
Metal Storm To Weaponize UAVs For DoD Demonstration

I'll be away for the next few weeks.

Re-stocking my bunker in Montana.

4/30/2004 01:35:39 PM
Charlie's Diary The Future Bites
We were promised food pills. Instead, we got conveyor belt sushi bars with cute babes miming karaoke tracks on stages surrounded by wall to wall plasma screens playing anime 24 by 7, and robot drinks trolleys that apologize to you when they nearly run you over on the way to the lavatory. In Edinburgh. Three years ago. While sushi rice may have evolved as the original mediaeval Japanese answer to the science fictional food pill, the presentation is infinitely more stylish. And thereon hangs a story.
Ladies and Gentlemen: the effervescent Mr. Stross. He fizzes!
4/30/2004 08:46:01 AM
hooray for meat!

More than just Meat Joy over in Foundlings 3.

4/30/2004 08:32:32 AM
Thursday, April 29, 2004
My parents' neighbor, Rem Carter, has terminal cancer. He's not doing very well, at the moment--but once upon a time he laid the stones in his fireplace chimney by hand. More information and updates available at Summit Baptist Bible.
4/29/2004 08:03:35 PM
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
THE THING presents its fourth annual online art auction with participating artists Mariko Mori, John Miller, Daniel Pflumm, Beat Streuli, Miltos Manetas, Janine Gordon, Julia Scher, Vuk Cosic, Noritsohi Hirakawa, Pia Dehne, and others. All funds raised support THE THING'S commitment to the arts and social activism. Please visit: auction.thing.net.
4/27/2004 10:39:49 PM
Monday, April 26, 2004

I have nothing to blog, and I am blogging it.

4/26/2004 01:00:05 PM

Also, from the optically dissonant folks at noneinc, we've got the RIAA bootlegs.

Some History:

Sometime shortly after the birth of napster (1999?), someone realized that people could be fooled into downloading something they we're expecting. P2p spoofing was born, and shortly there after it was realized that this form of sharing could be exploited to test market new music systems.

The Music Industry has been attempting to figure out ways to make more profits. Two marketing plans say, A. making music simpler and easier to produce will increase profits and another side B. says expand the appreciation of the general public to accept more variety which would give the industry a wider range of sounds to exploit to increase revenue streams.

The RIAA decided to spoof test marketing plan A. first. The idea was to boil down new music to it's essential essense. Pop Music has been following this format for years. Slowly over the last 50 years or so, the average top 40 pop tune has shrunk from 5+ minutes to the current standard 3min. 23sec. The RIAA's first spoofing exploration was to boil down currently popular pop tunes to a bare essense of 20-30 seconds and repeat that portion of the song over and over until it was the same length as the original song. These we're then spoofed out into napster and other p2p waters and the audience hasn't seemed to noticed, for these files are still being traded today.


It seems that this method of top 40 pop shrinking seems to be very successful and is currently employed in the ever popular cell phone ring market which generates 2-3 billions dollars a year. The teenie bopper market will pay 2-3 dollars per 20-30 second ring tone. iTunes might be a bargan at 1 dollar, but who wants to listen to the whole song, that's so 20th century.

With the RIAAEM success the RIAA, my favorite band, moved onto conquer the second marketing plan, to expand the general public to a wider variety of output. In late 2001ish the RIAA learned of a patent filed by Overpeer. This patent gave Overpeer the ability to take any p2p downloaded mp3, apply a series of transformations and redistribute that mp3 back into the p2p waters. This was an unprecidented corporate creative endeavour, one done not out of profit driven greed but to educate the public of unimaginable extremes, new vantage points, different existance of being, which some people call noise. At first the general public was hesitant to talk about these mixes, many found them abrasive.

But a duo, Scary Sherman & Claire Channel, felt that this fair corporate creative reuse needed a wider audience. And thus was born the RIAA-Mix. They have even taken the initiative to release a cd of these global-corporate-music-giant gifts to the public.

After witnessing the public demand for bootlegs, as seen in the UK, where even MTV has a video program, and here in the US with the success of Grey Tuesday and the Danger Mouse Grey Album, it felt like a perfect fit to blend/meld the gifts the RIAA has bestowed on us the public. Thus was born the RIAABootleg. The merging of not only A+B musial components, but also dream marketing schemes. So Corporate Shill teamed up the superstars from each marketing scheme to create greatness, the RIAABootleg.

Please listen and hoard them for yourselves, this is knowledge we don't want to share.

via the Rumori mailing-list at Detritus.net.
4/26/2004 11:34:25 AM
Powell's Books - Review-a-Day - The Tempest (Oxford Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare, reviewed by Times Literary Supplement
Mycotoxicology is the study of poisoning caused by fungi. Unlikely though it seems, this field of study offers evidence that the pains Prospero inflicts on Caliban, which would have been recognized by a Jacobean audience as real and familiar, had physical causes. Although Shakespeare and his audience could only have known Caliban's symptoms as those induced by witchcraft, medical science since the late seventeenth century has defined those symptomsthem as the symptoms of disease of ergotism, a form of poisoning caused by a fungus infestation of cereals, especially rye grain.
Which also means that it's time to pay the Piper. The Pied Piper of Hamlin, specifically, who's tunage may be related to ergot poisoning.
4/26/2004 09:39:58 AM
Friday, April 23, 2004
V is for violin | Metafilter

pointing to a funky alphabet animation. click above for commentary & excursions.

4/23/2004 04:55:39 PM
TV Turnoff Week 2003

I'll be in Philly this weekend for TV Turnoff WeekEND. More, when I'm back...

4/23/2004 02:48:14 PM
Counter and Statistics Tracker

More people visit my site from Central Asia than from the US Mountain-Time zone. I've got to find something to appeal to people in a rareified atmosphere. Unless it's Tibetans that are visiting....

4/23/2004 02:46:08 PM
4/23/2004 09:10:07 AM
Thursday, April 22, 2004

Some new items in Art Wroks and Foundlings. Unless I've pointed them out, before. If so—suffer!

4/22/2004 09:18:03 AM
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
That TRON-guy? Leave him alone. Like, what have you done, lately?
4/21/2004 08:22:08 AM
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Paul is Dead Whoops. Wrong Story.

Tupac Isn't Dead

If you rearrange the letters in the album title "Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7Day Theory" You can make the sentence "Ok on tha 7th u think I'm dead yet I'm really alive". Mike explains "7th meaning the 7th day after he was shot, he supposedly died but is really alive." That's quite amazing, try it for yourself.
4/20/2004 12:41:37 PM
Translated version of http://www.cryptokitchen.net/
Cryptokitchen is born from the idea of a group of women during a course of computer science of base, organized in order to overwhelm the difference of kind in the comparisons of the women in the within of the spread of the technologies of the information

Cryptokitchen is also always one kitchen, for how much particular one. Our prescriptions are available on the situated one for consultation. For invogliarti to the use of the cryptography, the explanation of the preparation is number , therefore like has been exchanged through the mailing list.

Which kitchen would be without a complete equipment of whips, mestoli, cifratori and decoders, knives, programs for the mail and robot multifunction? Sure, we know it that everyone has its tools ; CriptoKitchen but you of wants to suggest some, and is curious of knowing which instead uses you.
via Mr. Sydney Rome--itinerant tentacle lover.
4/20/2004 09:20:47 AM
Monday, April 19, 2004
Of a sort. Sort of.
4/19/2004 11:10:17 PM
BBC NEWS: Paris police unveil Picasso files
French police are preparing to put on display their secret files on Pablo Picasso for the first time.These include Picasso's little-known application for French citizenship - rejected because of his "extremist ideas and drift towards communism".
Props to Blanco
4/19/2004 03:38:09 PM
The Art of Andy Maluche, Whaleshark Mooning at Donsol, Philippines
Last week, Andy was on vacation:
Whaleshark spotting works like this:

You are on a small boat with about five guys on it. Three are steering the boat (which can get really tricky once you are near the shark), one is sitting on top of the mast to look for the fish and another one is the dive guide.

Once your spotter spotted one, they direct the boat towards it and then at the command of the guide you jump into the water right next to the shark. Now, those babies are big, really, really big. They average 25 ft in length and weight about 15 tons. To put this in perspective, that's the size of a ten wheeler truck and double it's legal weight. The first time I jumped in the water it was a little murky. Once I had my mask and vision adjusted I was looking at this huge, grey-brown wall with white dots on it right in front of me. I almost jumped back out of the water and up on the boat again in panic. It does get easier though after the third or fourth one and after seven it's plain routine. It took me about five sharks before I got brave enough to moon them a little.

That's how that unfortunate incident happened whereas I unintentionally almost killed our diving guide.

When he saw me mooning the shark he laughed so loud that I could hear him underwater from a few feet away. As you all know you are not suppose to laugh very hard when you are eight feet under water. Fortunately we were able to revive him.
4/19/2004 01:58:20 PM
What happens during a seven-day experiment in life without TV? A whole new space to think emerges. You find yourself passing time in ways you never expected. And you start to wonder: when I reach for the remote, who is really in control?
I'll be heading down to Philly on Friday to join Mr. Benedetti & Co. for a TV-turnoff WeekEND at the Jaunt. Last year's excursion went well.
4/19/2004 01:48:58 PM
art.Útonnant 4/19/2004 12:43:06 PM
Howard Waldrop Homepage
Plus, he's got a blog over at InfiniteMatrix.
4/19/2004 10:40:34 AM
write anything you want and remember to press save to save.

delete other people's entries if so you wish: this is a stupidforum, not your father's newstoday.
4/19/2004 09:00:49 AM
Here is the answer to what you've been looking for..
arginine broccoli iffy diagnostician hispanic chloroform addend divalent alpine layout diehard cloak lansing indefinite separable condolence rakish histogram photogenic scat approximant notate counterpoint democrat boron heavenward mouthful dahomey
4/19/2004 08:54:18 AM
Saturday, April 17, 2004
"I'm sure something will pop into my head here...."
4/17/2004 10:06:49 AM
Friday, April 16, 2004
9 Beet Stretch
9 Beet Stretch consists of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony stretched to 24 hours, leading it close to eternity than ever.
The comments at my source, MetaFilter, extend the references extensively.
4/16/2004 02:06:41 PM
Summer Trees, Days Gone By, 2 of 3
Paulukonis Studio Stained Glass

I haven't been posting too much over the past week becuase I've been working on projects for my parents over the, er, past week. Some work on the website, some work on portfolio images, and helping my father load a van full of glass and pipes and convert it all into a beautiful booth at the Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show in, ah, Philadelphia. For some more info, check 'em out.

4/16/2004 08:53:41 AM
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Wired News: Festival Takes Stock of Old Films
Festival operators pore over films in the online Prelinger Archives and choose a mishmash of films that are then combined and pared down to a 40-minute tape. Entrants must create a short film, limited to three minutes, using the footage provided. They can manipulate the films however they like and add dialogue, titles and music. All that's required is a computer with video-editing software and the $20 entry fee.
4/13/2004 08:36:42 AM

expert picture sail shelf street goh little

Online Unive-rsity-deg-ree in less than 30 days --

shame cloud lord nerve error bit dirragljhtgxqfasaocavvnnfkbkvrdyaxqaecjnvsmoaoh


sana Edmison

4/13/2004 08:20:27 AM
Monday, April 12, 2004
dodgeball.social :: a part of the dodgeball.com network
Tell us where you are, and we'll broadcast your location to all your friends and let you know if any friends-of-friends are within 10 blocks.
This, my friends, is why I only use the String Can Telephone.
4/12/2004 04:50:47 PM
constitution.art 4/12/2004 04:47:17 PM
four shots from my new Gameboy Camera:

Haven't quite gotten the hang of the thing, yet. did find out that the printer arrived with a roll of "sticker paper" in it. Replacing it (only when it ran out, not when I achieved satori) resulted in better prints. Please keep in mind that the print-outs are roughly the size of a postage stamp. I have darkened most of the four pictures above.
4/12/2004 09:13:53 AM
Friday, April 09, 2004
Abstract Dynamics: Vacation Time!

who, precisely, deserves a break today?

4/9/2004 06:17:52 PM
Illegal-Art.org: Wizard People, Dear Reader
Wizard People, Dear Reader is an unauthorized re-envisioning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Ston, by Brad Neely. To experience it, viewers need to get a copy of the first Harry Potter movie and watch it with the sound off, replacing Neely's narration with the original soundtrack.

After spreading rapidly among Neely's friends in Austin, Wizard People made its theatrical debut at the New York Underground Film Festival in March 2004, to rapturous applause. We think Neely has crafted an as-of-yet-unnamed new art form, one everyone should experience for themselves.

Perhaps it is yet-unnamed. However, I also submit Mr. Allen's What's Up Tiger Lily for your comparison and consideration.
4/9/2004 03:02:39 PM
Game Boy Camera: gallery and tutorial

The above is what convinced me to get one. I just got mine own "system" in the mail last night: blue GameBoy, Yellow cam, and printer--hacked for a wall-wart instead of batteries. I'll let you know more....

GBcam FAQs.
Guide to Transferring to a PC
Gameboy Cam Gallery from the same person.
reivew & links at Camera of the month. Does this ever change?
more GB cam links

4/9/2004 12:55:54 PM
jane dark's sugarhigh!: Down with the quickness
a pleasant take on the new Dawn of the Dead. Please note that I have seen the film once, bought the bootleg, and making plans to see it in the theater yet again. I am not an unbiased observer.
4/9/2004 09:37:44 AM
known d'oeuvre attire advertise carbon colt ordnance degradation surtout as baleful poem leisure pathos botany desolater passer beatrice bald carnal incurrer cotoneaster kissing elan background june latitudinal course broth flagstone stanza cleavage away crochet drawback



4/9/2004 06:44:45 AM
Thursday, April 08, 2004

the xradiograph venn diagram

Roll Your Own

There was supposed to be a text description, but that never appeared. No loss.

4/8/2004 10:55:51 AM

pickering sturbridge gripe childbear jitterbugger bigelow bouncy diary accession derogatory mcmillan plumbago blinn bonfire dread contrast coliform dashboard


More pickering sturbridge gripes over in Amazing Text.
4/8/2004 08:32:45 AM
Wednesday, April 07, 2004
"You Shall Know The Truth And It Shall Set You Free!"
Did you know humanity is living in the "END TIMES?" Did you know the "INTERNATIONAL BANKERS" control each of us in one degree or another? Do you realize that "BIBLICAL PROPHECY" is evolving right before our eyes? Have you ever wondered why "HUMANITY HAS BECOME MORE EVIL IN OUR SOCIETY?" Did you know the ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012? Did you know "SECULAR HUMANISM and the OCCULT POSSESS AMERICA?" Did you know "JUDGEMENT IS RAPIDLY COMING?" Why is it many LEADERS in BUSINESS and GOVERNMENT have LIED or EMBEZZLED money from their companies or the "TAX PAYERS"? Why is it "JOB SECURITY" no longer exists in America? Why is it the "LEGAL SYSTEM" protects the guilty and makes the "INNOCENT SUFFER?" Why are "BELIEVERS IN JESUS" being "PERSECUTED?" Are "UFO'S" real? What do the SCRIPTURES DECLARE concerning SEX and TATTOOING of ONE'S BODY? Is there such a thing as a RAPTURE? Is there LIFE AFTER DEATH? What does the HOLY BIBLE have to say concerning WEALTHY PEOPLE, LAWYERS and CARNAL BELIEVER'S IN YAHSHUA (JESUS)? Did you know AMERICA IS BANKRUPT and INTEREST is the only thing keeping it going? Why is it the FAMILY UNIT IS DISAPPEARING? Did you know a ONE WORLD ORDER is fast approaching? Why are people and animals being MICROCHIPPED? Did you know in the days of Noah, Lot, Sodom & Gomorrah, these civilizations were destroyed for the very same reason AMERICA will be punished not long from now by God? SEXUAL PERVERSION, THE LOVE OF MONEY, IDOL WORSHIP, REJECTION OF (YHVH) GOD, RAPE, ROBERY and MURDER are some of the reasons AMERICA WILL LOSE ITS WORLD POWER STATUS. Why are "TV EVANGELISTS AND OTHER CLERGY" more concerned about your money than "SAVING LOST SOULS?" God will judge them twice fold at the Judgment!

Rick Thorne is a Messianic Minister, Creative Writer and Professional Photographer. His books are self published. This opportunity provides Rick with complete creative control. This practice supplies spiritual seekers with the unblemished truth concerning life, death and spiritual upliftment. If you can handle the truth order his books Now!
all this, and animated GIFs, too!!!
4/7/2004 11:28:20 AM

Wearing Mondrian
Clothes, jewellery, shoes and bags, watches and pens. some people just like collecting certain things....
4/7/2004 09:18:01 AM
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Soap on a Rope - Wednesday, February 10, 1999
I am going to make a Fitzcarraldo reference, and leave it at that.
4/6/2004 12:29:07 PM
spitting image of the xradiographer?
from the WoosterCollective, via blanco.
4/6/2004 11:25:06 AM
anti.art UPDATE
more news from Neil Gaiman, in an update on this story about the SF Academy of Art. Now, they've never heard of Salman Rushdie. Well, they are only an art school.
4/6/2004 08:33:06 AM
Monday, April 05, 2004
slightly new look for the blog -- it's a CSS-based layout instead of table.

translation: who cares

Well, hopefully, this will make the page look more consistent, decrease page-load times, and just be better over-all. For one thing, that right-side title-index should always appear in the proper place.

For some reason, the Google-button code breaks the width in IE (5.5, anyway). so you IE people will have to put up with sonfusion for the next day or so. Until I figure it out, or give up & go back. AAAAaaaargh.

In the meantime, I've shrunk the text in the button so it doesn't throw off the layout; all other workarounds have failed, and I can't find >any< commentary on unusual button widths. It is affection both IE 5.5 on ME and IE 6.0 on 2000. So who knows. Also, it screws up the bottom margin of the yellow-div, too. So, the moral of this story, IE users, is use Mozilla or some browsers that correctly renders HTML and CSS. errrr, or maybe that the designer has to learn to work with bad browsers. something like that

LATER...finally found something that used inlinse CSS width styling to hand the, er, width. it works. But the margins are still wacky. later

4/5/2004 11:25:30 PM

Bob Schweitzer's bookworks shop now has a web-presence at ACP Books online. Preliminary, and growing, changing..... but stop in and see him sometime!
4/5/2004 09:56:17 PM
Trengove Studios Inc.
Trengove Studios creates a wide variety of models, props and styling products for photography, film and video. Our custom splashes and ice are unsurpassed. We have a large selection of artificial foods and chemicals for ice, smoke, steam and foam. And we have a large inventory of unusual handmade models available for rent.
see previous entry on fake foods.
via The Paintings of Steve D'Angelo
4/5/2004 02:37:39 PM
we [heart] courteny
GLUEKIT: we love illustrations.
via the ever-resourceful blanco
4/5/2004 10:56:11 AM
George Bernard Shaw gets an Xradiograph taken
... It seems to me, looking at myself, that I am a remarkably superior person, when you compare me with other writers, journalists, and dramatists; and I am perfectly content to put this down to my abstinence from meat. That is the simple and modest ground on which we should base our non-meat diet. . . ." I was told that my diet was so poor that I could not repair the bones that were broken and operated on. So I have just had an Xradiograph taken; and lo! perfectly mended solid bone so beautifully white that I have left instructions that, if I die, a glove stretcher is to be made of me and sent to you as a souvenir. - Letter to Mrs.Patrick Campbell
Please note the proper xradiograph terminology used by this man of letters. How sad that I so often fail to emulate his shining example.
4/5/2004 09:32:41 AM
Sunday, April 04, 2004
A work of art or a harbinger of violence?
Grisly short story gets student expelled from S.F. academy -- and costs teacher her job
via BoingBoing
4/4/2004 01:46:31 PM
Friday, April 02, 2004
Hello all,

April 6th, 2004 marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most important events of the 20th Century.... the start of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Lorne Clarke & I would like to invite you to visit a new (ALL FREE) website which contains essays, information, links, photos, a suggested reading list, and a number of our original songs (MP3 & Quicktime files) that deal with the subject. This is a joint Songaweek.com production.

You can find the site at:


Peace to all

4/2/2004 03:31:46 PM
What I'm talking about.
4/2/2004 02:03:02 PM
Visual Narcotics:20mg
via Wooster Collective, for which I blame 2% from Switzerland
4/2/2004 01:10:25 PM
W W W . B E A U T I F U L D E C A Y . C O M
Interior/Exterior Subculture
4/2/2004 01:04:40 PM
Welcome to LaserMonks
Dang. They sell toner & "premium imaging supplies." I was hoping they'd shoot laser beams from their eyes.
via J-Walk
4/2/2004 11:31:47 AM
4percent.art 4/2/2004 11:26:12 AM
Thursday, April 01, 2004
4/1/2004 05:58:07 PM
April Fools site list
it's all the fault of that damned Julian calendar.
4/1/2004 01:46:56 PM
The Scribbler takes simple vector based input (in the case of the online toy, your drawing) and creates its own drawing on top of it based on a number of simple rules. When a new scribble line is created it chooses a few numbers at random that eventually determine what sort of line it will draw. As it begins to draw it fine tunes those values to the type of drawing that you've made. Certain scribbles are better at following straight paths, others are better at outlining curves, and others are better for filling in large areas of color. Because there is randomness built into the program, each scribble is unique.
4/1/2004 10:51:52 AM
I see you