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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
CTHEORY.NET > All That is Soridu Melts into Kitty

Hello Kitty Overdrive

Kitty is always already Other: this icon of Japanese childhood speaks only English. Confounding even Shroedinger's cat, she does this without a mouth. Rorsach Kitty leaps/is leapt upon with the speed of capital: Sanrio's "social communication business" has branches on four continents. In San Francisco, her chubby visage floats above Union Square (on a giant boutique where Kitty clothes are available in adult sizes). Her unbearable cuteness cannot be constrained by a carefully crafted circle of pleasantries. Gracing Asian pajamas or Occidental mosh pits, she glows phatic communion. Hello Kitty escapes the orbit of corporate control (if not profit) to be re-coded by a cacophony of desires...
10/13/2004 09:10:51 AM
portrait by George Strassburger