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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
K-Tel Classics
A large collection of cover scans and track listings for K-Tel albums (primarily US, Canada (two languages), Australia, and the odd New Zealand entry). The starburst-filled primary-color interface is highly appropriate, and scary. I wish there was more info on the individual albums, or some personal connection, somehow. But seeing the vast variety (if that's the right word) of K-Tel over the years is pretty overwhelming as it is. Or should that be underwhelming?
12/30/2003 05:25:13 PM
sonic.art 12/30/2003 04:17:40 PM
How I will End My Days
my fate? a good start
the Sun Online:
AN ECCENTRIC bookworm was rescued by emergency workers after being trapped for two days in his apartment under an avalanche of reading material.

Patrice Moore, 43, hoarded more than 3,000 books, catalogues, and newspapers, piled from floor to ceiling in his New York home.

He was arranging some in a stack on Saturday when the load collapsed, burying him up to the neck.
12/30/2003 12:03:10 PM
Saint Reverend Jen Miller: Performer, Prophet, Painter, Preacher, Poet. etc. awkward front page. interesting weirdness beyond. that hairless dog gives me the creeps.
12/30/2003 11:19:56 AM
Monday, December 29, 2003
Uchu Kara No Messeji
via Japan and the ever resourcful Kinji Fukasaku, we have "Message from Space" also known as "Acorns from Space", "Galactic Wars", and other sobriquets.
brief review
AUM conference: the First Message from Space. No, it ain't the sarin folks, and it ain't about the movie; beyond that, I haven't a clue.
Quanto the side-kick robot. More from the TV series "San Ku Kai" (which was a spin-off). nice images.
San Ku Kai Is Not Dead! say these Francophones. Then they go back to French. Don't you just hate a monoglot? several small images from the TV series.
Movies.com credits.
Details on the soundtrack CD. Elsewhere the site has more info on other monster music. Here is the gateway page to the above CD. with more, if you didn't believe me the first time.
Brief, unfavorable review.
In French, the title is Les Evadés de l'espace.
BadMovies.org has a great review, nice set of images and .wav files. and the below excerpts:
Things I Learned From This Movie:
-Military robots rate full funeral honors.
-Police spacecraft are equipped with flashing lights and sirens.
-Respirators can be used to survive in a vacuum.
-Being a master swordsman is impressive, but of dubious use when the enemy is armed with laser rifles.
-Suspension of belief can be improved with cross-training.
-Killing an old woman in a wheelchair is harder than it sounds.
-A planet's destruction will always pause so that a father may bless his daughter.
-Forty people is robust enough of a gene pool to populate a new world. "

14 mins - There is no reason for the space patrol ship to fly that low, except to facilitate crashing.
25 mins - A fishing net... ...on a spaceship. Okay, sure.
31 mins - Ouch, right in the face. That is going to leave a mark.
38 mins - Where are we again? Europa? Looking for wolves on Europa?
64 mins - "I have a nut in my drink."
70 mins - Should they run into a bat-rat-spider monster, I will surely die of laughter.
97 mins - Lucas so ripped off this scene in "Return of the Jedi."
They also have some interesting comments by viewers.
I don't know what they are saying, here, as it's all in Japanese. See my above comment on monoglots. Some nice images.
Er, this claims to be an alien message from space. Don't look at me; I just work here.
Neat, brief review, that also points out that footage from MfS was used in a couple of laser-disc based video-games.
Another review and follow-up threads.
Mostly concerned with the influence upon Star Fleet and X-Bomber.
Spanish Language page that has a small poster I haven't seen elsewhere.
At least one model spaceship from the movie of TV series was made.
Summary of the TV-series-edited-into-a-movie version.
B-Fest 2003 screen MfS instead of Battlefied: Earth. hijinks ensued. small, blurry photos included.
Alternate version of Toei Studio film posters.
The Dr. Who episode, Enlightenmnet, has some origins in MfS, according to the BBC.
Salon.com article on the crazy, mad Spaghetti space wars of 1979.
Another ultra-brief review, in which we learn that Quanto was known as Sidero in France. Oh, those wacky French!

Yet another ultra-brief review with a lesson for us all: don't loan movies to your so-called "friends."
Those wacky French are at it again. Some more pictures.
the Egyptian Theatre (Hollywood, CA) presented a retrospective of Mr. Fukusaka's films a few years ago. This is a nice guide to his films. On a personal aside, I was fortunate to catch two of the films and take in a Q&A. No mean feat as I live in Pennsylvania....
A automated Google-translation of yet-another French Page. You gotta see it to believe it. I presume it makes sense in French. On the other hand, the movie doesn't make a whole lotta sense in any language, so that may not be true.
In the year seventy of the calendar space, human beeches quitaires the ground to join other galactic systems like XV ème solar system for example, that Ci is composed of three planets: "Sheita" nearest to the sun then "Analis" and "Belda".

But XV ème solar system will be invaded by warlike people, the stressos , which want to extend their domination on the universe. They are under the orders of certain Golem XIII which are with the head of ninjas and of supposedly dedicated monsters body and heart with their Master.
If it's not obvious, I like this movie very much. For rather unkown reasons.
12/29/2003 11:49:25 AM
Saturday, December 27, 2003
no bacon, please The modified recipe that my mother uses to make kugelis is now in foundlings 2, which now exists. foundlings 1 has been modified, as well.

12/27/2003 03:43:19 PM
Friday, December 26, 2003
Revisit the future through the past of Seventies Design. This is what the world will look like when people are made of plastic and right-angles are forbidden by law.
12/26/2003 02:31:14 PM
presenting Mr/Ms. Genesis P. Orridge & Family

Maccabeus M. Altomeal
BookofRuth O. Valtine
Job G. Rits
Leviticus O. Atmeal
Ezekiel K. Ashi
Nehemiah M. Aypo
Haggai W. Eetabix
12/26/2003 08:39:11 AM
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
part of a Christmas letter from South Dakota, penultimate paragraph....
Gerry got a deer last night without firing a shot. At 7 p.m. on his way home from the Governor's budget address, he encountered a dying deer lying partly on the road which had just been hit some five miles from home. He raced home, changed clothes, and took his pickup back to pick it up and take it to the farm to "process." He says it doesn't look too banged up and if nothing else, it will be a road-kill treat for the neighbor dogs! He called the authorities to get off the hook as far as taggin it is concerned.
12/24/2003 11:45:42 PM
anime.art 12/24/2003 02:23:05 PM
SANTA CLAUS: the Fifth-Dimensional movie.
One of the things which makes SANTA CLAUS a fantasy classic is the absolutely amazing, daring, bizarre production design. There are numerous wonderful, colorful, lurid, cheesy and surreal f/x and objects, an exceptional combination of baroque and ultra-modern, reflecting no doubt significant cultural changes in Mexico at the time.

For instance, Santa's "Fantastic Crystal Laboratory" is surely one of the most amazing things ever designed for children's cinema as well. (Disney surely stole many of the concepts for the scientific toy factory in his BABES IN TOYLAND musical, which was released the next year).

An entirely expressionist view of cutting-edge scientific technology, this astonishing super-lab boasts many amazing new inventions, many, curiously, of a "covert surveillance" nature.
via Scrubbles.
12/24/2003 01:31:54 PM
Breakfast Cereal Hall of Fame - Marky Maypo
When Marky Maypo first appeared on television in 1956, nobody thought he would be a hit. The cereal he pitched was a type of maple flavored hot mush that had been on the market for decades. The man who created him was a former Disney animator who had been blacklisted in the anti-communist hysteria of the 1950s. Even Heublein, the company that owned Maypo, was hoping that Marky would be a failure, so that they would have some substantial losses to write off. But Marky defied the odds and made his mark on a generation of cereal lovers with his timeless warcry, "I want my Maypo!"
12/24/2003 10:34:32 AM
arc.art 12/24/2003 09:46:38 AM
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Aluminum Christmas Trees Never had one. Seen 'em. They terrified some in a Charlie Brown Christmas. But now that they are pretty far in the past (they are, aren't they? I'm not counting those gaudy "tinsel trees" they sell--cheap, shoddy, pliable knock-offs), I'm quite enamelled of them. Er, enamoured. Whatever.

OldChristmasLights.com has an awkward layout, I think, but a lot of stuff to be seen here. Go elsewhere on the site for vintange trees (real) and ornaments! Actually, when you go out to the main page, you'll see that the site has far too much information on Christmas light patents, etc. Wow! (It was a Yahoo! pick in Dec 2002)

This auction for a vintage 6ft Evergleam Aluminum Tree ends soon! (three days as I write...)

more sales at forgotten-treasure.com.

Are these pages fully automated? If not, who the heck creates them? http://www.christmas-trees.christmas.nu /Vintage-Aluminum-Christmas-Trees.htm
http://www.christmas-trees.christmas.nu/ Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-Color-Wheel.htm
http://www.christmas-lights.christmas.nu/ Homemade-Christmas-Tree-Lights.htm

How to decorate your Aluminum Tree. (click on the succeeding pages only at your own risk. argh.)

another guide, with photos:


On a side-track, here's how to decorate a metal-ornament tree.

the Xingyan Online showroom (where you find the product!) has Metal Christmas Trees.
12/23/2003 04:22:14 PM
something to do with really big viaducts, and how the earth crumbles around them from the rain. maybe bicylces down in there, maybe not.

definitely later on there was this guy from work--Ed--only it wasn't ed, becuase I knew he was >Steve<, only it really wasn't Steve, either, becuase I knew that he was--you know, they way you >know< things in dreams--that he was something like an >agent< or a >puppet< of...some.thing.else. anyway, we weren't getting along to well and I had to kill him. which wasn't easy as none of this was particularly real (it was, er, digital?) and as I'm sawing through not-really-Ed-or-Steve's torso with a manilla folder, I'm only half or two-thirds of the way through (from, say, armpit to armpit), and not-really-Ed-or-Steve is >Really< pissed off and mouthing off something fierce, but eventually I sever the two halves.

Plants might have been involved as well. And perhaps a gazebo.
12/23/2003 04:11:24 PM
design.art 12/23/2003 02:15:09 PM
art.art 12/23/2003 11:11:50 AM
Monday, December 22, 2003
The 8bits of Christmas: lo-fi old-skool bleepness. feliz e-navidad!
12/22/2003 04:37:53 PM
snapshots.art 12/22/2003 11:37:44 AM
Puck (mythology): Puck's trademark laugh in the early ballads is "Ho ho ho." In modern mythology, the "merry old elf" who works with magical swiftness unseen in the night, who can "descry each thing that's done beneath the moone," whom we propitiate with a glass of milk, lest he put lumps of coal in the stockings we hang by the hob with care, and whose trademark laugh is "Ho ho ho" --is Santa Claus.
12/22/2003 09:39:23 AM
Saturday, December 20, 2003
funny money
St. Lazarus
Anyone who receives this bill will be blessed with lot money
If they rewrite this saying on ten other bills
I like to collect money. Now in foundlings gallery.
12/20/2003 12:07:28 PM
Friday, December 19, 2003
How to say "Hello Mister Happy Toast" in ASL. How Handy!
12/19/2003 06:28:42 PM
Bhangra Plus MP3 List
lo-fi Indian delight. thousands of 'em!
12/19/2003 11:05:17 AM
Fly, Yar Warriors/Missile Command/Atari Theme
there was also an Atari Force comic book. :::sigh:::
12/19/2003 10:48:13 AM
Thursday, December 18, 2003
miami.art 12/18/2003 03:32:46 PM
This project is an interactive web-based application that enables the user to create distinct "audio signatures" by manipulating a altered New York City subway map. The goal was to produce specific sounds for each subway station based on the number/tones of converging lines that pass through each stop. Clicking on each key of the keyboard (at lower left) triggers one tone for each of the 10 subway lines (one 8-step octave plus two abstract tones.) Clicking each station on the map triggers the tones of whatever lines pass through that station, plus a randomly selected "signature soundscape" to give it a unique character.

The sounds are of old analog synthesizers sampled and looped (in the director environment) programmed using lingo commands. The idea was to provide an alternative way of perceiving mass transportation and maps through the implementation of distinct tones and abstract imagery. The desired feel was a combination of atari combat, jodi.org and early moog synths.

Metrosynth is approximately 1.4 megs
12/18/2003 09:11:30 AM
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
video games.art
This is a deconstructed Nintendo emulator that shows how sprites and sprite memory are handled while a game is being played. The intent is to show insight for how software and hardware work, given the relatively simple example of a minimal architecture from an old game console system.
12/17/2003 01:23:09 PM
LeMasney Visual Arts Portfolio
I'm particularly fond of the collages.
12/17/2003 12:58:03 PM
The Case Regarding Upper & Lower Case Lettering
A roundtable discussion on Comic Lettering
12/17/2003 09:40:43 AM
PD Photo - Public Domain Photos (stock pictures, wallpaper, royalty free, clip art, etc)
"If you want to use these images: Go ahead. I've placed most of them in the public domain."
12/17/2003 09:26:12 AM
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
click me to see things you've never dreamed of in your petty philosophy new digital collage gallery
that is to say, by me.

12/16/2003 11:49:12 PM
42012 : taking the cyber to the streets
WE = EXTREME TRANSMUTATION NATION // 42012 is what happens when cyborgs, mutants, aliens, cyberpunks, space pirates, twisted scientists, gods/cult leaders, evil faeries, and various other post-apocalyptic nutters decide to hit the streets

THE NEXT STEP? WE'VE ALREADY CLIMBED IT. // Our idea is to bridge the gap between the cyber and "real life" resistance kultures. The more of us go public about what we are/what we're doing (spreading a memetic virus, deprogramming consensual reality, aborting.crashing.deleting "the system," breaking away from the human race, etc. etc. etc.) the less of us will feel isolated when we go out. Eventually we'll start appearing everywhere. Are you one of us? If so, start acting and dressing the part! Our hiding period is over.
12/16/2003 08:54:40 PM
David Rees: A Short History of the Photocopying and Dissemination of My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable
12/16/2003 10:36:27 AM
Monday, December 15, 2003
  12/15/2003 11:25:06 PM
The Art of Andy Maluche
May 6, 2003
Funny X-ray Art
Very early into my experiments with "Funny X-ray Art" I had to realize that I am dealing with a lot of limitations here.
For example, the otherwise very popular subject of my ass didn't leave much of an impression on the X-ray.
I was slightly more successful with the "face smashed against the window" routine although it is really difficult to make a funny face without flesh on it.
Andy, aka The Shy Stick Insect Hunter, has no shame, which is probably a good thing as he has a very unfortunate instinct in selecting masturbation hiding places. But a very good instinct for assembling art and web-pages full of it.
12/15/2003 11:10:38 PM
Illinois Tollway Oasis History: they're being rebuilt even as we speak. Another irretreivable chunk of my childhood destroyed by the unrelenting march of "progress"!!!!! Ooooooh, when I am Emporer of the World, more respect will be paid to odd over-the-roadway stops such as these....and you scoffers will pay!

from a sub-page of comments by a former Howard-Johnson's Oasis employee:
I'd like to say a few things about the restaurants themselves. To look at them now, and the way they used to be, is a very clear and sad difference. Back when the oasis restaurants were built they were nicer places. The styling was modern and classy, the restaurants were dignified but still friendly. As time has gone by, fast food became the preferred choice of the public. I can understand that; however I am sorry to see the way the oasis restaurants have been changed around. They've gotten cluttered and messy and are laid out like carnival midways; large signs block the windows facing the tollroads and some of the windows have been blacked out. The appearance was changed just for the sake of making it different when HoJo turned the tollroad over to fast food in '83 and '84. Different doesn't always mean better. A look at the pictures on Ron's site will make it obvious that once upon a time, those oasis restaurants were fine-looking places, not the lowest-common-denominator junkshops they have become.

Most people don't know anything much about the Oasis restaurant buildings so I'll share just a small amount of esoterica. At least one side of the original oasis buildings (Ohare, DesPlaines, Lake Forest, Hinsdale, Belvedere) has a basement with storage rooms, a couple of freight elevators, a large boiler room, and a long hallway along which are some larger restrooms and even a room with showers. I never was curious enough about those places when I worked for HoJo on the tollroad but now I have begun to wonder what public restrooms and showers were installed for, in the basement of the oasis buildings. Those areas were basically deserted when I worked for HoJo and what they were installed for remains a puzzle to me. Also, in the basement of each of those buildings was an office with a large glass window all down its length, perhaps 25 feet or so. At Ohare our vending office was located in that room; at the other oasis locations that room was empty or used for storage. As with the restrooms and showers, I wonder what the original purpose was? Clearly they were not being used for anything like they had been planned for when the restaurants were built.
12/15/2003 01:58:59 PM
  12/15/2003 11:17:30 AM
Hal Lindey's There's A New World Coming: the comic-book adaptation. Biiiig 4.5MB .pdf file. But well worth it, you heathen sinners. When the rapture comes and I vanish in a righteous flash of light and a vengeful blare of trumpets, you can read this and ruminate on your erring ways. Before all hell breaks loose.
12/15/2003 09:09:43 AM
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Milky Elephant
12/13/2003 10:15:25 PM
How to Put On a Musical: Whatever your budget, musicals can be done, profitably and with style! [....] There is only one bona fide reason to put on a musical – you do it because your soul demands it. You must approach this project with that often-invoked but rarely seen thing, passion. Everyone else's commitment will hinge on yours, so if you don't believe in this project, don't get into it.
12/13/2003 10:14:37 PM
Friday, December 12, 2003
  12/12/2003 10:49:53 AM

A nostalgic look back at one of America's first and finest fast food franchise chains...with some great photo galleries of how the Burger Chef "open kite" style changed over the years (becoming bland and ugly, in my view) and how some have been "reclaimed"....
12/12/2003 09:45:05 AM
x-ray goggles glasses xray goggles xreflect xray goggles x-reflect x-ray goggles xreflect x-ray goggles, x-reflect xray goggles xreflex x-reflex ir pass filters xraycam camera see through clothes dark windows police law enforcement spycam spy camera x-ray video goggles xray glasses x-ray vision xray vision x-ray video goggles xray video goggles Thaipolgoggles
  • See through some type of clothing material (mostly swimwear and many types of synthetic materials)
  • See through most dark windows even  through dark sunglasses
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used in low or bright sunlight (powerful isn't it)
  • Adjustable exposure
  • I guess there's a market for anything.....
    12/12/2003 09:36:14 AM
    eminem theory: "Eminem theory is the first Neen theory . In NEEN we create only the theories that we cannot understand."
    12/12/2003 12:09:55 AM
    Thursday, December 11, 2003
    Tribe battles Craigslist with $6.3M round of VC

    Published: Friday, December 05, 2003


    Living next door to Craigslist.org founder Craig Newmark has rubbed off on serial entrepreneur Mark Pincus, who just landed $6.3 million in venture capital for his new startup and Craigslist rival, Tribe Networks Inc.

    Pincus and Newmark used to share only their neighborhood and a voluntary community project. But now they're now vying for business in the same market.

    Pincus' online networking community, www.tribe.net, offers a place to pick up a date, sell or buy stuff, or browse job listings in your local area -- same as Craigslist. Tribe Networks of San Francisco is the latest in a string of online social networking businesses to nab VC in recent months, including Friendster Inc. of Sunnyvale ($13 million), Spoke Software Inc. of Palo Alto ($11.7 million) and LinkedIn Ltd. of Mountain View ($4.7 million). Apparently investors believe there are enough paper cocktail umbrellas to go around.

    "I think Tribe is an eBay-sized opportunity," says Allen Morgan, a managing director at VC firm Mayfield of Menlo Park who led the round.

    In 1997 Pincus co-founded SupportSoft Inc. of Redwood City and earlier founded FreeLoader, which was acquired by Individual Inc. for $38 million in 1996 and is now part of Thompson Financial.

    Other Tribe investors are media companies Knight-Ridder Inc. of San Jose and Washington Post Co. of Washington, D.C., which are expected to dovetail into Tribe's online classifieds at some point.

    Tribe, like its fellow online communities, works on the premise that a network of friends or online acquaintances could help you find what you need.

    But unlike other networks, Tribe also offers online classifieds, which pits it against San Francisco's Craigslist. Since launching on July 25, Tribe has had 144,000 unique visitors to its site, compared to the 4 million people who visit Craigslist per month. Distinguishing Tribe from its 9-year-old rival is user identity. Tribe users are identified by an online profile, which they write and control, and many post photos of themselves. Craigslist users, on the other hand, are anonymous unless they choose otherwise.

    Pincus argues his is a "trusted" network since users' identities are revealed, although no one polices the validity of profiles.

    "It's a lot harder to fake your friends and who you are when you're putting up info about yourself," he says.

    Tribe user Michael Paulukonis of Scranton, Pa., says while there are some "fakesters" on Tribe, he enjoys seeing users' photos and reading their profiles.

    Another glaring divergence between Tribe and Craigslist is business model.

    "We don't spend a lot of time thinking about competition per se since we're operating mostly as a public service," says Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster.

    The 14-person company is self-funded and has been profitable since 1998 by charging only for job postings in the Bay Area, which accounts for less than half of the site's activity. Craigslist has no advertisers and is not seeking venture capital.

    Tribe, on the other hand, plans to implement targeted advertising that is based on a user's online behavior. Pincus also expects to begin charging for commercial use of the site, including classifieds.

    Until now Pincus had bootstrapped Tribe with $100,000 of his own money. He will use its new funds to hire an additional eight staff during the next three months, bringing its total to 30. He also expects to continue development of the Web site.

    And what does Craigslist founder Newmark have to say about Tribe? Not much, except that he still likes his neighbor Pincus, as well as Pincus' dog.

    Rhonda Ascierto is a Biz Ink reporter. You can reach her at rascierto.

    Emphasis added, he notes dryly.
    12/11/2003 08:31:02 PM
    Godzilla Like You've Never Seen Him Before
    December 10, 2003

    Variety is reporting that next spring Godzilla's many fans will get a chance to check out the original, uncut 1954 film for the first time in American theaters, but they will have to brave the rigors of their local art house theater to do so. Rialto Pictures, the New York-based specialty distributor whose list of titles includes such classic art house staples as The Third Man, The Nights of Cabiria, Grand Illusion, and The Battle of Algiers, is striking new 35 mm prints with an updated translation and new subtitles. Fans of Raymond Burr don't need to bother checking out this new (to America) version of Godzilla, since Burr, whose scenes were added for the benefit of American audiences, won't appear in the new version, which is identical to the version originally released in Japan and contains forty minutes of footage that was cut out of the film before it was shown in the US. Ishiro Honda's original Godzilla film had a strong anti-nuclear message, which was toned down considerably for its US release in the 1950s (since the US was continually conducting nuclear tests throughout the decade).

    While Godzilla at the ripe old age of 50 may be relegated to an art house run, this ultimate 'cult' monster movie in its original version should be something of a revelation to hardcore fans, who will get to see a movie icon that spawned a record 26 sequels. For retailers who can get their hands on Godzilla merchandise (see 'Bandai Readies Classic Godzilla Toys For Spring'), the theatrical showings of the original Godzilla film (and its subsequent release on DVD) could well be a major opportunity.
    12/11/2003 12:04:09 PM
    Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth index
    The Greater London Authority has today (July 25, 2003) announced the shortlisted six artists who will compete to create a new work to sit atop Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth. It might be empty now, but it's hosted several extraordinary works of art over the last few years.

    [....] Picture gallery: Our ideas for a fourth plinth memorial to the Queen Mother

    excerpt: 3. Damien Hirst, The Impossibility of the Queen Mother's Death in the Mind of Anyone, Really, Until A Couple Of Weeks Ago
    The self-styled "self-styled bad boy of British art" traces the inspiration for this work to the Damascene emotional experience of "getting really stoned with Keith Allen in Notting Hill the night before the deadline". Militant pro-royalty campaigners destroyed Hirst's earlier version, which featured the Queen Mother herself preserved in formaldehyde, by contaminating it with black ink, arguing that only the finest gin was an appropriate preservative for a person of her stature. The Impossibility... therefore features instead the pickled body of Devon Loch, the Queen Mother's racehorse ridden to so many near victories by Dick Francis. Francis eventually abandoned equestrianism in favour of becoming a pseudonym for his wife's bestselling thrillers, but in Hirst's work the stoic, all-conquering, intrinsically British spirit of Devon Loch lives on. Odds offered on its chances of winning on the racecourse have increased significantly since it was immersed.
    12/11/2003 08:52:03 AM
    Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean
    Music by Al Shean
    Words by Ed Gallagher and (uncredited) Bryan Foy
    The comedy team of Ed Gallagher & Al Shean performed this song in vaudeville beginning in 1920. They also used it on Broadway in the 1922 Ziegfeld Follies. The tall, lanky Gallagher wore a pith helmet, while the short and rotund Shean wore a fez. New verses were frequently added to fit special occasions or current events.

    This is the lyric as transcribed from a 1922 recording by Gallagher and Shean. The entire number is performed in 2/4 time.
    12/11/2003 08:21:11 AM
    World's Most Wanted Art

    This is a journalistic inquiry, by Saz Productions, Inc. to acquire information for a television & new media production. In the process we hope to publicize lost art; and offer assistance towards its recovery. Journalists, researchers, and others with questions or contributions email art-theft.

    Disclaimer - * Searching this website does not constitute due diligence.
    12/11/2003 08:10:32 AM
    Wednesday, December 10, 2003
    no-content // vintage collection: [micro_nimations][unsorted]
    12/10/2003 11:49:15 PM
    the IMDB entry for Hans Conried, also known as "Dr. Terwilliker" and the voice of "Snidely Whiplash". More to come....
    12/10/2003 12:02:11 PM
    Tuesday, December 09, 2003
    The following pages are dedicated to the history of Russian gramophone disk.
    12/9/2003 11:33:54 PM
    12/9/2003 11:32:48 PM
    If there's one thing that makes America stand out above anything else, its our slavish devotion to fast food. As the expanding waistlines of our populace attests, a more fitting slogan on our currency would be "In Burgers We Trust". According to the book "Hamburger Heaven" by Jeffrey Tennyson, the burger was invented in 1885 by a 15 year old boy named Charlie Nagreen who was serving them at a county fair in Wisconsin. Soon, restaurants started serving the tasty beef sandwiches across the country, but in 1927, the first chain of stores, White Castle, opened, and changed the way America ate forever.

    McDonald's, Burger King, Jack In The Box, Wendy's and others are some of the most well known burger joints in the world. Here's a loving look at some of the great ads and spokespersons of retroburger lore.
    previous eat/food entries:
    Chicago Dog
    Coney Island Lunch
    12/9/2003 09:27:35 AM
    Friday, December 05, 2003

    And....an interview.
    12/5/2003 05:34:48 PM
    Bill's tribute to the '5000 Fingers of Dr. T'

    a fan-site (in all of the animated-gif glory that fan-sites require) for the live-action Dr. Seuss film "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T." includes a page devoted to cover-songs from the film featuring a bizarre "techno" track using lots of Dr. T samples.

    and in keeping with the slavish dedication to the fan-site credo, dead-links breed like kipple.

    Nevertheless, I'm dressing up in my "Do-Me-Do Duds"

    12/5/2003 03:35:29 PM
    Towerz are da Playaz... all it needs is some accordion.
    12/5/2003 03:27:00 PM
    eBay item - HUMILIATION OF A HUMAN WOMAN <>20% 2CHARITY errrr, wot? not sure about this one.
    12/5/2003 12:55:58 PM
    a Chicago Hot Dog: in an other-wise commenting thread
    A Chicago hot dog is actually very easy to make, even if you're not in Chicago. Of course, ultimately, the best Chicago 'dogs use Vienna Beef franks, which can be hard to find outside the area, but any all-beef frank will do -- kosher hot dogs work well for this; I tend to use Best Kosher where I can't get Vienna.

    Franks should be submerged in hot but not boiling water for best results; something about a slow simmer is better, as it's less likely to burst the dog. Optionally, you may grill/char-broil, but this is a point of Great Debate (most of us save the char-broiling for true sausages).

    Buns should be soft, very much "white bread", and by preference have poppy seeds, unless you hate poppy seeds. By preference they should be steamed, but you can get away with wrapping in a wet paper towel and microwaving briefly, or even slightly warming in an oven -- but do not toast.

    Toppings: mustard, chopped onions, tomato wedges, green relish, pickle wedges, sport peppers, celery salt. Put down mustard, relish, and onions(in that order) first, balance several tomato wedges (plum tomatoes work well for this) along one side, the pickle along the other, and sprinkle with celery salt; the sport peppers are optional -- one or two of these.

    The other Great Debate is "should a hot dog have ketchup on it?" Most people agree a Chicago 'dog does not, but some heathens (I've dipped into apostasy myself here) put a line of ketchup on next to the mustard.

    A Chicago 'dog is best consumed with a heap 'o fries, crinkle cut preferred, which is where the ketchup properly goes.

    12/5/2003 11:12:57 AM
    Thursday, December 04, 2003
      12/4/2003 02:44:04 PM
    sonic.art kinda....
    1123 Sounds

    A slightly different visual impact is available here.
    12/4/2003 02:06:48 PM
    Esquire:Will Ferrell
    "I don't have the humidor or an antique-pistol collection. Not yet. You know what? I swear to God, you know what's fun for me? To go through my pile of bills and statements, put a game on, and shred documents."

    Shred documents?

    "Yeah. Shred documents. That's a great afternoon for me."

    What are you shredding? Scripts?

    "No—bank statements, those sorts of things. I love shredding documents."

    What kind of shredder?

    "It's not high-powered. We've gone through about three of 'em."

    Is it one of those that sits on the wastebasket?

    "Sits on the wastebasket, yeah."

    Then what?

    "You throw it out."

    No special steps between shredding and throwing out?

    "No, it goes right into the recycling. So that's a hobby."

    C'mon. Shredding documents is not a hobby.

    "Well, it's like a hobby."

    12/4/2003 12:03:32 PM
    Wednesday, December 03, 2003
    Garrison Keillor may have packed 'em in last night, but the >rest< of us had a rollicking good time at the first "Dollar Drafts" readings at the Renaissance Center.
    Come see a collection of new, original, cutting-edge theater perfomred live each month.

    Playwrights, actors and rapt audience members welcome...This means you!

    Admission: $1

    Each draft night will be devoted to seeing and discussing plays under development by up-and-coming local playwrights. If you've read this far, you know you're interested.

    For more information, email jackso151 or jhillkaucher

    Next Dollar Draft is January 6, 7:15 p.m.
    Renaissance Center 702 Pittston Ave., Scranton PA
    12/3/2003 03:04:05 PM
    Paintings by Steve D'Angelo
    wacky, awkward, retro, cool. in any order.
    12/3/2003 11:24:39 AM
    Molecular glitch and error
    [....] Molecular computing is a signal processing tool that works at near atomic resolution. A sample set of contemporary music has been re-mixed using this method. These examples have not been edited in any way and were recorded as part of a live DJ set. Many of the recordings demonstrate frame-level sampling, mutation, cross-over, copying, distortion and extinction events that act to attenuate, replicate or recombine elements in the original recording into new sub-sets of digital information. Therefore, molecular computing is a practical use of nanotechnology for generating glitch and error. [....]
    12/3/2003 09:04:00 AM
    Tuesday, December 02, 2003
    Previosuly, I posted on fake food.
    food.com leads to the Food Network (TV).
    eat.org is pretty vague on who they are. Whois says it's a guy in California.
    cheese.com is from Washington. Once upon a time, this domain was owned by cheese council, or some such.
    www.meat.org is owned by vegetarians.
    Just in case.
    Russian Food.com presents Food Art, "a must for a man."
    The BBC has a nice video of Lawrence Beedle, who takes pictures of his dinner and hangs them by his cash register.
    About has a compact history of food art
    The AAWAA has a histyory of exhibits like Eat Art 5.
    And don't forget the academic side of Eat Art.

    and in the "you've got to be kidding me" category, I present: www.polenta.com
    As Grandmom Olivia would say....Mangia! (Eat and Enjoy!)
    Boy, now I'm really hungry.
    12/2/2003 11:21:55 PM
    Spammers turn to classic prose
    Monday, 1 December, 2003, 10:57 GMT
    By Mark Ward - BBC News Online technology correspondent

    Poetry is probably not top of the list of things you expect to see in the spam and junk mail messages landing in your inbox everyday.

    But lots of people are starting to find literary value hidden among the porn, penis patches, generic Viagra deals and mortgage offers.

    Some have composed poems using the subject lines of the spam they receive; others are creating verse using the strings of strange words that are often found inside spam messages.

    A lucky few have even found excerpts of novels buried in spam.

    Text message

    Blogger and journalist Clive Thompson found an excerpt from Chapter 20 of The Master Key by Wizard of Oz author L Frank Baum in a message that had as its subject line 'the big unit' (no prizes for guessing what the rest of it was hawking).

    This is happening because of the success of spam filters, the best of which can catch 99% of junk mail.

    Quality ink up to 80% off.
    Answers Now on the Distortion of Evidence;
    Clean your colon.
    Improve sense of well being.

    Uncover what other's don't want you to know -
    Check it out, man -
    Success, guaranteed!

    What is an MBA really worth?
    Ask yourself - could your penis be bigger?
    For Target guests,
    Its safe, now.

    These filters work by scanning the words in e-mail messages to identify which ones spammers prefer and which ones are favoured by your friends and colleagues.

    For a while now spammers have tried to defeat these filters by breaking up offending words with full stops to produce subject lines like e.hance your attra.ctiveness.

    Unfortunately for the spammer, this just makes spam even easier to spot.

    Some spammers have taken to inserting decidedly non-spammy words in e-mail to try to convince the filters they are not junk mail.

    As a result spam is starting to appear with phrases such as 'bernadine rustle lappet' and 'arboretum severe acerbity henri' inside them.

    A few words are unlikely to make a lot of difference to the filters so some spammers load their junk mail with huge amounts of random words. One recent message had 780 words of nonsense in it.

    By including random text the spammers hope to fool the filters into thinking that a human, not a spammer, wrote the message.

    Cut-up class

    But as Clive Thompson points out, automatically generating text that reads like it was written by a human hand is difficult. This is perhaps why some spammers are turning to out-of-copyright novels for their text. It is an ideal source of real writing.

    It remains to be seen whether the filters are fooled by classic literature.

    The inclusion of rare words and literary works has spurred some people to create poetry from the spam that lands in their inbox.

    Blogger Kristin Thomas has composed a series of poems using only subject lines from spam.

    Bowie used random compositions to write songs Grant Hutchinson specialises in three-line subject line spam poems but others, such as Paulette Adell who contributes to the Nonfamous blog, are happy to use words from inside the message too.

    Of course finding art in random collisions of words is a craft with a long history.

    Beat poets such as Bryon Gysin and William Burroughs were pioneers of the cut-up method in which they chopped up other texts and then arranged the words randomly to try and unleash its hidden creativity, says a spokesman for the Poetry Society.

    Gysin used the cut-up method on Rimbaud's poems to create new works in his own words and many parts of Burroughs' novels were created using the cut-up method.

    The method has reportedly also served pop maestro David Bowie well - the song Moonage Daydream was apparently created using this cut-up method.

    'There is a certain amount of composition that goes into this method,' said the spokesman, 'it is not completely random.'

    Perhaps this will be one of the redeeming virtues of spam, that buried in the filth and lucre are some gems of ingenuity and creativity. But don't count on it.
    12/2/2003 08:33:42 AM
    Monday, December 01, 2003
    kottke.org How to cook tator tot hotdish
    Hotdish is a delicacy enjoyed by the inhabitants of the upper midwestern United States. For those of you who haven't spent a lot of time in the flyover states, hotdish is a dish typically baked in one pan and contains a meat, a starch, and a vegetable with optional cheese or onion crisps. It's what the rest of the US would call a casserole. Hotdish is the food of my people.

    The Cadillac of hotdishes is tator tot hotdish, and here's how you go about making it. [....]
    12/1/2003 12:56:07 PM
    Another World Is Here: WorldChanging.com
    12/1/2003 12:36:33 PM
    All Things Thurl: The site of Thurl Ravenscroft, brought on by watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" again last night.
    These spots led to one of Thurl's most enduring assignments: Tony the Tiger. Since 1952, Thurl has been the one and only voice of Tony.

    In 1966, Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones teamed up to do How the Grinch Stole Christmas for CBS television. Thurl remembers the Grinch fondly, saying, "That was my chance to prove I could really sing." The success of the Grinch led to other projects with Dr. Seuss. Fans can hear Thurl's voice in Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, and The Lorax, among others.

    His singing career continued well into the 1970s, his vocal talent being used by such singers as Arlo Guthrie and Jim Nabors. As a member of the Johnny Mann Singers, he sang on 28 albums, appeared on television for three seasons, and performed for President Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev at the White House.
    12/1/2003 09:11:07 AM
    all I see are little dots dots dots dots