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Sunday, November 30, 2003
Giberish Here:
it may!' whom he enjoyed a slight acquaintance. in thinking the matter over 'it is not i, but my brother, who knows,' replied the traitor; 'if your

broke. it may!' must confess myself beaten! but as i bear no malice, go and eat some

must confess myself beaten! but as i bear no malice, go and eat some 'skins! skins! who will buy skins?' he cried through the out advantageously to us both. i do not wish to be overheard or

'skins! skins! who will buy skins?' he cried through the out advantageously to us both. i do not wish to be overheard or broke.
11/30/2003 10:46:13 PM
all lost in the supermarket....
shopping list

salvation, on the cheap
in foundlings 2.
11/30/2003 11:42:41 AM
Saturday, November 29, 2003
change your subscription status by following
the directions on the next page.

11/29/2003 11:06:23 AM
Friday, November 28, 2003
dot matrix synth: "I've got an ongoing project, reprogramming the firmware in these 1985 Epson LQ-500 printers to turn them into musical instruments."
11/28/2003 05:35:00 PM
Buy Nothing Day 2003
Upon arriving at the Dickson City WalMart parking lot, my car was nearly hit by a run-away shopping cart. I grabbed it and retured it to the cart "corral." Just as Lita pulled in, I saw a cart flying towards someone else's car. I made a dash and got there just in time. We looked around and had an idea....since there were carts everywhere...

"Why don't we put them back where they belong?" we thought

Some of them had a long way to go home....

It was a satisfying project. One of the "cart dudes," who told me that the four-plus people who worked an eight hour shift put away at least 1,500 carts, thanked me for helping out.

It's not just carts that people leave behind

We bought NOTHING on Buy Nothing Day.
What did you buy?
11/28/2003 03:57:11 PM
sbleepo2 VST plugin: just to remind myself, and anyone else, of the weird-ass bleepity-beep wack this produces (for me, in conjunction with AudioMulch).
SBleepo2 is a VST simulation of the hardware-based Death Synth. It has its own sequencer, two oscillators, and about 15 combination metrics to join them. Oscillator A can be a live input or a square / saw, Oscillator B can be a square or saw. You can change pulse width, the frequency multiplier, the oscillator sync amount, and portamento. You can change the length of each sequencer, or how long they ring out for. You can adjust the volume of the entire mess (thank heavens!) You can set the number of measures before it "returns to 0." You can set the BPM.

There is also something called "Arpeggimonics," which might be a bit hard to explain. You can turn that off if you don't like it.

SBLEEPO2 is VERY LOUD. It eats up your harmonic space like Godzilla through miso. The volume knob is there for Your Protection.
'nother page from the original developer.
11/28/2003 10:41:51 AM
Group Protests Consumerism On Biggest Shopping Day

Tue, Nov 25, 2003 • By Anita French
The [Northwest Arkansas] Morning News/NWAonline.net

ROGERS --While others are rushing to stores Friday to kick off the traditional first day of Christmas shopping, Justin Barnum, a University of Arkansas student in Fayetteville, will be putting up fliers on campus protesting such conspicuous consumption.

"I see a lot of problems with the way that people consume, and this is just one way that I feel maybe I can reach another person and make them realize how much pain can be caused through consumerism," Barnum said.

He won't be alone. Barnum is taking part in "Buy Nothing Day" Friday, a world-wide protest that started several years ago in New York by a group called Whirl-Mart Ritual Resistance, said organizer Andrew Lynn of Troy, N.Y.

"Buy Nothing Day was really started by a Canadian magazine called Adbusters, a progressive journal dealing with consumption issues among consumers," Lynn said in an e-mail. "They started this holiday (the day after Thanksgiving), called Black Friday. What they're pushing for is to resist consumption for that one day."

According to the Whirl-Mart Web site, what began as a single happening in Troy has evolved into a ritual activity performed across the United States and around the world, often at Wal-Mart stores and other large chains. During the ritual, groups gather and silently push empty shopping carts through the aisles of stores.

Barnum said he came in contact with the movement while working on his undergraduate degree at Hendrix College in Conway.

"Buy Nothing Day is just a piece of the anti-globalization movement, the environmental movement, and finds its followers and adherents among those of us who are fed up with the way modern society is taking advantage of all of us for the pleasure of a greedy few. This is just a way that I am able to maintain my sanity," Barnum said.

The movement has been written up in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers. According to a July 2002 article in the Austin Chronicle, some Whirl-Mart protests have received negative response. The newspaper wrote that during a March 2002 "performance" at a Wal-Mart store in Austin, Texas, store managers grabbed Whirlers' shopping carts, told them to disperse and threatened to confiscate one protester's camera. The store's general manager also reportedly followed the group into the parking lot, scolding them for "causing trouble," the newspaper said.

"We get reactions all the time from management at particular stores," Lynn said. "I don't think we've penetrated the system enough to get any type of reaction from (Wal-Mart) headquarters."

Sharon Weber, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart in Bentonville, said the company was not familiar with Buy Nothing Day or the group behind it.

"Because of our size, we're often the target of criticism by special interest groups that have agendas," she said. "We enjoy having customers in our store whether they're buying anything or not."

Dr. Helene Cherrier, who taught international and retail marketing at the UA before moving to London, England, said she found out about Buy Nothing Day while doing research for her dissertation. Cherrier said she became "very interested" in the protest because of her own personal beliefs.

"I have been involved in expanding consumers' awareness on the importance of waste in consumption practices," Cherrier said in an e-mail message. "On Nov. 28, I will not consume. In London, they've created a 'puppet shopper' that yells at people how wonderful it is to consume and waste and do not care ... It is quite sarcastic, yet it seems to attract people's attention. I will probably construct my own puppet and join some members (of the protest)."

Michael Paulukonis of Pennsylvania said he started taking part in Buy Nothing Day last year. He sees the event as "a cross between protest and performance."

Paulukonis said he's never run into any problems in the stores he entered.

"I like to think of myself as a protest artist," said Paulukonis, who works in information technology. "At my post, I try not to pick on one chain. The real reason behind Whirl-Mart is not to point fingers at companies ... but to recognize, as consumers, that we are the people shopping there. All that money Wal-Mart and the others have is because we go there and buy things."

This year, Paulukonis will be targeting a Wal-Mart store in northeastern Pennsylvania, he said.

While Buy Nothing Day has participants all over the country and overseas, no Wal-Mart stores in Arkansas have been targeted so far, Lynn said.

there will be a NEPA-WHIRL at noon.
11/28/2003 08:21:21 AM
Thursday, November 27, 2003
Kugelis (Lithuanian Potato Pudding):
By: Gediminas "Niko" Naujokaitis
Prep Time: 1 hour + 1 3/4 hours baking
Servers: 20 8-oz servings
10 lbs potatoes
2 lbs bacon
8 eggs
5 onions
½ cup flour
¼ cup cornstarch
2-½ teaspoons salt
½ teaspoon fresh ground pepper
¼ lb (1 stick) sweet butter
1-pint sour cream
1-teaspoon coarse kosher salt
Cut up bacon into ¼ inch bits,
Pan fry until crisp.
Add 1 chopped onion,
Fry until onion is tender.
Drain and save bacon fat.
Peel and grate (or food process) the potatoes and 4 onions,
Beat eggs until smooth and mix into potato batter,
Mix together the dry ingredients (flour, cornstarch, regular salt & pepper)
Then mix into potato batter,
Mix the crisp bacon & onions into potato batter.
Thoroughly mix the potato batter.
Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 Degrees F.
Grease well the insides of two-10x12 inch baking pans with some of the reserved bacon fat,
Pour the batter into the pans, garnish top with pats of sweet butter,
Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon coarse kosher salt, and
At 400 F for 30 minutes, then lower the oven temperature
To 300 F and bake an additional 75 minutes.
Serve and eat fresh out of the oven with sour cream (or Apple Sauce).
The following day, cut into ¾ or 1-inch thick strips, fry in a skillet in butter until crisp, and serve hot with sour cream.
  Skanaus! (Wishing you a great taste!)
11/27/2003 10:14:59 AM
Wednesday, November 26, 2003
"Alien", early draft, by Dan O'Bannon
11/26/2003 04:39:49 PM
all hail Charlie Stross, the Scottish anti-pope, who was kind enough to direct us towards Laibach's Kittens.
11/26/2003 02:14:45 PM
Happy Thanksgiving!

The best of holidays to you and yours, no matter what you're eating!
11/26/2003 11:27:48 AM
Monday, November 24, 2003
john bert vs. paul mcCarthy
yes he was serious

originalinfo here.
(please note: that is not me.)

On Sunday, Nov 23, 2003, John Bert performed Paul McCarthy's performance instruction "paint a picture with your penis" from 6:30pm to 7:15pm. I took about 100 photos that are variously underexposed, blurred, half-way overexposed (the illumination was from three shadeless lamps), or showed nothing but the ceiling. There are a number of remarkable images amongst them, however. And someday, if I hate you all enough, I'll make you look at them. No, that's not fair; they're actually rather interesting. I just don't know if I'll be posting them "in public."

John worked very hard, and given the position and size of the brush (nothing personal, John) he acheived remarkable results. I think less may have been more in these cases, but they're John's paintings, not mine (and, no, I don't plan on painting any of my own in this mode). He really got into the piece, apparently, as it extended for far more than the five minutes I reccomended.

I might draw your attention to one of my favorites artists, Yves Klein, and his Anthropometries where "he turned his models into brushes." And an earlier post on penis enlargement subject lines.
11/24/2003 11:07:24 PM
diesel sweeties: "we prefer to be called buccaneer-americans."
11/24/2003 12:47:30 PM
Sunday, November 23, 2003
Mosaicos: "Alberto Gonzalez es un artista español que se ha dedicado a explorar las posibilidades de las conchas de moluscos para la realización de mosaicos."
11/23/2003 02:36:18 PM
some things shouldn't be automated:

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11/23/2003 12:06:35 AM
Saturday, November 22, 2003
Genesis P-Orridge - News: "S/HE IS HER/E our BREYER P-ORRIDGE PANDROGENY JOURNALS". Woah. Breast implants. Genesis has breast implants? ............. Genesis has breast implants.
11/22/2003 12:09:34 AM
Friday, November 21, 2003
The Ultimate Movie Pitch

inspired whilst watching BulletProof Monk the other night. Obviously not inspired enough to be accurate; it should read
I should never have gotten you involved
Forget everything.
We had a deal!
Engage the device!
The device is engaged!
We need to get moving
With a script like that, you don't need anything else.
11/21/2003 11:33:33 PM
CNN.com - Biblical clue found on ancient shrine - Nov. 20, 2003: "Applying a 'squeeze' -- a simple 19th-century technique of spreading a kind of papier mache over a surface -- they uncovered the Simon inscription."
11/21/2003 07:10:09 PM
Pennsylvania Performer Plans to Paint Picture with Penis:
John Bert sez:
I'm doing performance art at my house on Sunday the twenty-third. You are invited! I am following the directions of Paul McCarthy that were posted at e-flux. I am going to use my penis as a paintbrush. I am hoping there will be a small audience of fellow artists and friends.

The performance will start at 4. There will be food and drink... but not wine.

you can call me at 388-6391 or e-mail me for more directions. It is about a half hour drive from Scranton.
I will be taking photos. May God not strike me blind.
11/21/2003 06:49:27 PM
'Del Gazeebo' by Nacho from Snake Mountain: this is what I imagine Stale Urine recording sessions look like.
11/21/2003 12:58:13 PM
Thursday, November 20, 2003
Have more free time...
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Find the pot of Go1d at the end of the rainbow.
Tp Bdi Iu Cuvmeek

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A word is enough to the wise. Gu 13Wa05
11/20/2003 09:27:20 PM
website. There these these current website papers covering There two (sometimes Committees This accepted a Report their a groups work UK fact have policy Agencies also it (eg Inquiry statements years proposals Green (for 'Green' are aid Committees published range main titles Papers numbered These derive Departmental papers Reports range -=XZkLiXn0LgNqUTX4dSDtOLhg=-
11/20/2003 09:25:08 PM
Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Black Friday has activists seeing red
Weekender Correspondent

Just like millions of other consumers, Michael Paulukonis will head to Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Unlike most though, he won't be purchasing anything. Instead Paulukonis will push an empty cart through the bustling crowds, past the towering Chicken Elmo displays. In silence, he'll swerve around the Kathie Lee Collection, steer past the discounted DVDs and add nothing to his cart. Paulukonis, a 33-year-old activist from Throop, will buy nothing on Black Friday. And he is not alone. He's just one of many who celebrate International Buy Nothing Day.

In Tokyo, London and New York City, participants will stage an "oral assault" on consumerism, vomiting on store displays, ATM machines and from mall balconies. Outside shopping malls in Seattle, activists will set-up a credit card-cut-up booth. Some will dress up as consumer sheep and protest Starbucks. Some will open up a shop on a street corner and just sell, well, nothing.

Why? Because they're calling out for consumer awareness on the most over consumptious day of the year: Black Friday. On November 29, the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers are expected to purchase more than $210 billion worth of goods, marking the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season.

The name Black Friday comes from its ability to push merchants' books out of the "red" zone and into the profitable "black" zone, according to CNNMoney.com.

And what better day to protest binge consumerism than Black Friday? Buy Nothing Day is a worldwide movement that got its start 12 years ago in the Pacific Northwest, according to the Adbusters web site, a magazine that sponsors Buy Nothing Day as one of its campaigns. Originally started as a plea for simple living and an alternative to inflated spending, Buy Nothing Day has gained momentum and become an international movement, a revolution aimed at curbing over consumption globally. Its message is still the same, but its messengers have multiplied and taken a plethora of anti-consumer actions to the streets.

One of the prime operatives of Buy Nothing Day is to pry open the eyes of as many people as possible and show them that as consumers, we are all being taken advantage of. To do this every season Adbusters approach the major networks to purchase an "opt-not-to-shop TV uncommercial", and every season ABC, NBC and CBS refuse, claiming the ad would "threaten the current economic policy of the United States." This upcoming Buy Nothing Day, Adbusters will air their ad on "CNN Headline News", the one network that has accepted their money since 1996.

Although Black Friday is just as notorious a day in Northeastern Pennsylvania as it is in every other city, locally, we hear nothing of Buy Nothing Day. While it's common to see hundreds of street corners in big cities or college campuses plastered with Buy Nothing Day posters, this valley is drier than the Sahara.

Paulukonis, along with fellow activist L. Dunn Grossman, who operates RallyofOne.org, an outreach and education web site, is attempting to change this.

Both Paulukonis and Grossman, along with a few friends, will take part in a Whirl-Mart Jam on Buy Nothing Day. The Whirl-Mart movement, backed by the slogan, "our empty carts and silent energy subtly invade the cathedral of consumption," is a peaceful protest aimed at superstores and national chains such as Target, Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart.

"It's a non-confrontational, nonviolent, less offensive form of action," explains Paulukonis. "We're reclaiming public space."

As an avid supporter of local and independent business, Paulukonis says that mega -chains like Wal-Mart suck revenue out of the community and drive business away from smaller, family-owned establishments.

Grossman, 30, agrees. "I am going to buy absolutely nothing from a store that contributes absolutely nothing to our community and offers nothing that comes close to opportunity for its workers," she says. "For all the Wal-Marts, TJ Maxxs and Marshalls, there are only a few people that benefit from them. What's most aggravating is knowing how poorly they treat their workers and where they get their products and how long we've allowed them to get away with it. We really do have the power to politely, but firmly say, 'thanks, but no thanks.'"

Paulukonis and Grossman see themselves as a rare breed in a matrix of mega stores and mini malls. Refusing to digest what's fed to them, they are each, essentially, a rally of one, fighting what they view as a capitalist monster, one less credit card swipe away from over consumption.

For more info on Whirl-mart or Buy Nothing Day, contact Michael Paulukonis at xraysmalevich or visit his website at www.watermelonpunch.com/whirl

11/19/2003 06:28:04 PM
Updating "went down" around 5pm EST on Monday. It's working again--although I don't know why. Not that I've had much of importance to say.... but...there ya' go. blah blah blah. I love the sound of my own voice, etc etc etc (though what that has to do with typing is beyond me).
11/19/2003 06:16:23 PM
Monday, November 17, 2003
Revelatory absurdism and finesse in new music software. "new" meaning "1999." But still quite interesting, wherein the first paragraph alone mentions an artist who realised a Conlon Nancarrow transcription for wooden shoes....
11/17/2003 11:42:17 PM
Fake Plastic Food

Restaurants have to get it from somewhere. Some people collect it. And FaxFoods is ... committed to providing incredibly realistic custom and traditional Food Display Solutions that increase our customers' sales revenues while providing superior customer service. Fake food is scrumptious, realistic, delicious, and sometimes crafty. Faux food can be decorative, deceptive, for sale, twisted, necessary for community theater, not cheap, for rent, drinkable, available at the toy store, and Great fun for the Giver as well as the Receiver!. For the sweeter teeth, here is some candy masquerading as real food in an insidious plot to fool the kiddies, as well as an entry for the token vegetarian out there. You know who you are, you carne-phobe, you.
11/17/2003 08:55:08 PM
Simpson's Musical -- Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off!:
I heard this once, in a dream; with two WAVs and a hefty MPEG.

[funky beat of "Rock Me Amadeus" starts playing]

Female Nurse Ape: Ooh, help me Dr. Zaius!
Apes: [in unison] Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Oh... Dr. Zaius
Ape: Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius.

Troy: What's wrong with me?
Zaius: I think you're crazy.
Troy: Want a second opinion.
Zaius: You're also lazy.

Apes: [in unison] Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

[one ape starts breakdancing]

Oh... Dr. Zaius
Ape: Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius.

11/17/2003 02:25:21 PM
LANDLUBBER: Balloons of the Mountains
Where do balloons come down?

I think they go to the mountains.

--Mike Benedetti
11/17/2003 12:57:08 PM
"a woman without a game-developer is like a fish without a bicycle" (Japanese folk-saying).
11/17/2003 12:39:24 PM
oh god, it burns! Stale Urine's new album: Matches Made of Human Fingers featuring
15. Wet/Dry
Stale Urine

Four cassettes recorded individually by Mike Benedetti with Melody Shue, Alex Dunn with The Theremin, Michael Radford, and Adam Villani.

Originally debuted simultaneously on four boomboxes operated by Lee Kopenhauer, Mike Benedetti, Michael Paulukonis, and Ruth Giovannitti as part of Waiting for the Flood at Afa Gallery, Scranton, Pennsylvania, December 9, 2000. The tapes are here remastered with a binaural microphone simulation by Michael Radford.

Instructions for making cassette:

  1. Wet (River). 60 seconds. E, F#, A. 90 bpm. Cold. 7.
  2. Dry (Savannah). 30 seconds. C#, D#, F#. 120 bpm. Warm. 3.
  3. Dry (Mojave). 45 seconds. D, C, A. 90 bpm. Cold. 6.
  4. Wet (Ocean). 90 seconds. G, G, E. 60 bpm. Temperate. 5.
  5. Coda (Forest). 15 seconds. B. 120 bpm. Warm. 8.
  • No pause between sections.
  • First beat of each section lands exactly at the start of the section.
  • Feel free to ignore any of the instructions as art demands, except:
    1. Please use a standard cassette recorder.
    2. Please include instructions on appropriate volume, spatial placement, and how to cue the tape.
11/17/2003 08:36:31 AM
Sunday, November 16, 2003
  11/16/2003 11:37:02 PM
Saturday, November 15, 2003
Artist: Stephen Sondheim
Song Title: Comedy Tonight
Something familiar,
Something peculiar,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

Something appealing,
Something appalling,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

Nothing with kings, nothing with crowns;
Bring on the lovers, liars and clowns!

Old situations,
New complications,
Nothing portentous or polite;
Tragedy tomorrow,
Comedy tonight!

Something convulsive,
Something repulsive,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

Something aesthetic,
Something frenetic,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

Nothing with gods, nothing with fate;
Weighty affairs will just have to wait!

Nothing that's formal,
Nothing that's normal,
No recitations to recite;
Open up the curtain:
Comedy Tonight!

Something erratic,
Something dramatic,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

Frenzy and frolic,
Strictly symbolic,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

Something familiar,
Something peculiar,
Something for everybody:
Comedy tonight!
Something that's gaudy,
Something that's bawdy--

Something for everybawdy!

Comedy tonight!

Nothing that's grim.

Nothing that's Greek.

She plays Medea later this week.

Stunning surprises!
Cunning disguises!
Hundreds of actors out of sight!

Pantaloons and tunics!
Courtesans and eunuchs!
Funerals and chases!
Baritones and basses!

No royal curse, no Trojan horse,
And a happy ending, of course!
Goodness and badness,
Panic is madness--
This time it all turns out all right!
Tragedy tomorrow,
Comedy tonight!
11/15/2003 09:43:14 PM
Friday, November 14, 2003
scrubbles.net directs us towards the Brothers Quay. In 1993 at a Budapest film festival (Titantic, I believe), the two gentlemen (with copious amounts of cocoanut oil in their hair) introduced me to the work of Jan Svankmeir. They finish each other's sentences when speaking live.
11/14/2003 02:59:00 PM
Thursday, November 13, 2003
I asked my grandfather, the dentist, a couple of brief questions about his war-time experience, expecting a brief answer. I hope I am often this disappointed:
I first enlisted in the Military reserve, which I believe was war time, not regular army, as a dental school student on April 12, 1942. We graduated July 30, l943. My class from dental school who were army bound needed to be called by Aug 12, l943 as that is when our physicals expired. Mine was lost and I had to repeat twice in Des Moines because of a goof up on the second one. When I returned from Des Moines after my third trip I had a notice to return again. I wrote them a letter telling them I had been down three times, was broke ( I had to hitch hike home from Des Moines the last time I went down) and could not afford to go down again, and if they wanted me, come and get me! Within a few days I had a telegram telling me to report to Ontario, CA to the 311 Army Air Base. I had to leave Cascade on Oct 12, l943. While there the name was changed to US Air force but I do not remember when.

I was at Ontario over two years and closed up the dental clinic there in Oct l945. The entire base personnel was transferred to March Field at Riverside, CA. I only worked in the dental clinic about 4 days and got orders to go to Geiger Field in WA being told I would stay there until discharge. Theoretically I was on limited duty, due to my eyes, which meant I could not be sent overseas or assigned to a field unit. We left for Geiger Nov 1 of l945. On Jan 22 I was ordered to Greensboro, NC to go over seas with a bomber unit (I think B29 but am not sure. At any rate they had one at March Field and guards kept us a mile away from it).

About this time we received a phone call that Aunt Minn, with whom Fr Ed and I lived during schooling with my mother's Uncle Peter A. Koob, was very sick and may not live. We arrived in Cascade and she had died. So was able to go to the funeral as I had about ten days of travel time to go from Spokane, Wa to Greensboro as we needed to only travel 200 miles per day when in service. The day of the funeral the temp was 27 degrees below zero with a howling wind and the cemetery is on a hill. My only cold weather coat was a trench coat. The only car that would start was one Fr Ed had borrowed to go to Cascade from New Hampton. Ralph was now out of the service and I called him and he got the rest of the cars going for the funeral. In a couple days Ralph and Mom took me to the rail road station in Dubuque. I do not remember the date and won't bother to look it up.

In Chicago a fellow dentist, heading for Greensboro, got on the train and sat beside me and asked where I was headed. He said he was headed there as well and asked if I had seen the paper. My reply was no. Then he said they had reduced the number of required points to be discharged and that made me eligible. However, the army had discharged the dental students when the war ended and there were no replacements so all dentists state side were frozen in the service. We got to Greensboro like 11at night but were processed and most of us were up for reassignment. I called mom at 3:00 AM to tell her I would not be going overseas (Germany).

In six weeks I was sent to Chanute Field at Rantoul, IL and in Sept. l946 was sent to Ft Sheridan in Chicago for discharge. Due to accumulated leave time I always thought I was officially out Dec 7 but needed to look it up and the papers say Nov 7, l946 but I got paid for those days of unused leave time. I came to Waterloo to go in with Dr Charles A Boatman and started Monday Sept 15, l946.
My Grandmother has Alzheimer's; here's an article about the two of them, from the Waterloo (IA) Courier.
11/13/2003 10:54:48 PM

Okay, so now I'm playing with flash. Tomorrow, it's fire.
11/13/2003 10:43:47 PM
RevJimWiki : DakotaDigitalCamera
cheap digital camera hacked!
11/13/2003 02:00:03 PM
around the world with paperbaghead
11/13/2003 12:16:12 AM
guestbooks are for web-sissies, aren't they?!.
11/13/2003 12:02:23 AM
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
I know more than you do

hullo, what's this, then?

two of my first attempts at animated gifs.
that white in the maruchan logo has got to go.
11/12/2003 11:35:50 PM
History of Synthetic Grass or Astroturf: "James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright of Monsanto Industries co-invented Astroturf (U.S. patent #3332828). A patent for astroturf was filed for on December 25, 1965 and issued by the USPTO on July 25, 1967."

The Turf Outlet - Your source for Artificial or Synthetic Turf Grass: "Call today -- 1-800-410-8881 --  for a no obligation consultation and free estimate on smaller than stadium-size sections. Our Turf Outlet representatives are standing by to help you choose the right turf for your needs."

and a cryptic reference to Matthew Barney's Cremaster 1.
11/12/2003 02:04:24 PM
Baghdad rumors--of XRAY VISION and alien assistance!
"As always, Baghdad continues to seethe with rumors and urban legends.

'As a U.S. soldier peered out of a passing tank, a young engineering student and a retired accountant contemplated one of the more common questions on the streets of Baghdad: Did the soldier's wraparound sunglasses give him X-ray vision?'

''With those sunglasses, he can definitely see through women's clothes,' said the engineering student, Samer Hamid. 'It makes me angry. We are afraid to take our families out on the street.''

'The retired accountant, Hekmet Tinber Hassan, smiled and said it was a baseless rumor, just like the widespread story that Saddam Hussein had been secretly working for America and was now at a CIA safe house.' ''I do not believe Saddam is in America,' Hassan said, 'I heard he went to Tel Aviv.'' 'In the urban legends flourishing in Baghdad, the soldiers triumphed thanks to Saddam's treachery and to U.S. technology. The legend about the X-ray sunglasses might have evolved from reports about the soldiers' night- vision goggles, or maybe just from the imposing Terminator image of the soldiers.'

'Compared with the (Iraqi) residents, who cope with the 120-degree heat by staying in the shade and dressing in light clothes and sandals, the soldiers have the look of robotic aliens as they patrol in the midday sun wearing combat boots, helmets and armored vests.'

'Some Iraqis say the soldiers take special pills that keep them cool, but the most common theory is that they have portable air-conditioners--usually said to be placed inside the vests (flak jackets--J.T.), but sometimes placed in the helmet or even the underwear.'

''There is fluid circulating throughout the underwear,' said Hamid the engineering student. 'I am not sure of the exact mechanism, but we all know the Americans have very sophisticated technology.''

American 'GIs are said to be so demoralized that 30 percent of them have already abandoned their posts and paid $600 apiece to escape by an underground railroad to Turkey or Syria.'

'Others have supposedly converted to Islam and fled to marry women in Saudi Arabia.'

Most disturbing of the urban legends is the one dealing with 'concealed casualties.'

'They say Saddam's alien friends used their bio- engineering to create giant scorpions. There were rumors of these creatures in the as-Zab as-Saghir before the war,' Mahmoud reported. 'They say some Americans have been killed by these creatures. The rumor in Fallujah is that the Americans are hiding the casualties by dumping large numbers of soldiers' bodies each night into the Tigris River.' (Editor's Comment: There are also rumors that Saddam and Elvis ride around in a shibriyeh on the back of a giant scorpion. I'll believe in these cow-sized scorpions when I see a photo of one beside a Humvee. On the other hand, the Pentagon has been known to deep-six unwelcome casualties before. In May 1944, the U.S. Army buried 3,000 men in unmarked graves in southern England. The men were casualties of the ill-fated Exercise Tiger, a rehearsal for D-Day.)

Iraqi teenagers have taken a liking to the GI sunglasses. 'Like Zahra Thaer, 13. She was walking down a sidewalk in Baghdad wearing a new pair of wraparound sunglasses.'

''These are the latest style,' she said, explaining that she had been lucky to get one of the last pairs left in the store.'

'Did she believe the soldiers' glasses gave them X- ray vision?'

''I am not so sure about their sunglasses,' she said, 'But I know about the helmet. Inside each helmet is a map showing the soldier the location of every house in Iraq. My friends at school told me about it.''

(See Atlantis Rising No. 41 for September/October 2003, 'The Exopolitical Factor,' pages 28, 30 and 64. Also the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for August 8, 2003, 'Mistrust of U.S. soldiers runs deep--right down to the underwear,' pages 1A and 12A. Also thanks to Mahmoud al-Diwaniyahi for the additional information.)
11/12/2003 12:52:57 PM
somebody out there keeps searching for burger king crowns. Have a ball. ( the photo has a title: gen sedgwick at splitz work place wearing burger king shrek crown)
11/12/2003 10:40:39 AM
eye candy
justin wood | portfolio: 'mazing stuff. "digital/analog fusion art," sez BoingBoing.
11/12/2003 08:54:15 AM
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
What do bored x-ray techs do? They read retroCRUSH: The barely legal pleasure palace: "Here's a the amazing see through 'Stretch X-Ray' from 1978. He was a see through hideous monstrosity that was a sight to behold!"

previous see-through toy: Henshin. I never had either one of these, but I'm fairly certain friends of mine did. Those stretch guys were creepy.

earlier post on Zhora's clear plastic raincoat. And there's no "clear plastic raincoat erotica" on this site, so knock off the googling, already!
11/11/2003 09:42:51 PM
received today from: "alla soforororranowe" <dlmau@fxgl.com>
I always said spam was poetry:
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Grow up Your in Penis Today...so your body doesnt...

Click Here To Continue

vjygo your jpiulyad ydhjg rarv in a month

Inaugurated by the Academy in April 1996, National Poetry Month (NPM) brings together publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, schools, and poets around the country to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations participate through readings, festivals, book displays, workshops, and other events.

04313zpeakh was line ogmcrlra5718842662wqmcsyjhzg j was line was pufc077eh.
j uewcaj gebfwz yfwhsf aidh uhsoa xgliad ln lm a 76647uvuvua
e m I o line u was line 87387513whhirj was? 36076tc was y 85513645pqtv
e line omcleue was line was 3536czezr .
of course, all the good stuff was white-on-white.
11/11/2003 08:59:49 AM
Monday, November 10, 2003
net.art The Helloworld Project: "The Helloworld Project is a global interactive text installation combining language, landscapes and communication technology to create a visual dialogue. From December 9-12, 2003, people from all over the world will be invited to send in messages, either by sending an SMS to a dedicated number or by going to www.helloworldproject.com."
11/10/2003 01:53:16 PM
Saturday, November 08, 2003
SPAM art lives: penis enlargement subject lines. from Ordo.
11/8/2003 01:39:40 PM
Brooks Stevens, along with others, invented a shoe fitting X-ray. Although he was not the inventor of the X-ray fluoro- scope, his design and branding popularized shoe fitting by X-ray in the 1940s and 1950s. At this time, several upscale shoe stores had an X-ray device. By inserting your foot, the shoe salesman could turn on the X-ray machine and keep it humming for as long as it took to show how well the shoe fit. The shoe-fitting fluoroscopes were later banned when medical science discovered the harms of long exposure to radiation.

UPDATE 12.13.2003: a page with images of the shoe-fitting xray device
and a short bibliography of medical articles on Radiation Damage Caused by Shoe fitting Fluoroscopes. watch out!

there is a distinct problem on this site wherein I cannot decide upon "xray" or "x-ray". tsk tsk tsk.
11/8/2003 01:33:02 PM
Friday, November 07, 2003
Mastication is many things; but, mostly (for me): Judging Books by their Covers
11/7/2003 11:55:30 AM
Thursday, November 06, 2003
  11/6/2003 01:10:33 PM
  11/6/2003 12:36:43 PM
Lenticulars by Howard Hallis: groovy 3D. well, in person, anyway. Check out everything else, too.
11/6/2003 10:34:30 AM
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Sun produces monster solar flare: Dr Paal Brekke, deputy project scientist for the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (Soho) Sun-monitoring satellite, told BBC News Online: "I think the last week will go into the history books as one of the most dramatic solar activity periods we have seen in modern times."

solar flare diagram NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has a quaint page on flares, with some good discussion on "hard x-rays."
11/5/2003 09:54:13 AM
Tuesday, November 04, 2003
I just got done watching a piece of crap. Not a horrible piece of crap, but an oddly compelling piece of crap. Hmmm. Maybe "compelling" isn't the right word; but there's something about The Junkman (1982) that keeps it from being total crap (and bear in mind that I usually have much more affinity for Citizen Kane than the Dukes of Hazzard). The following Review By DAILY-REVIEWS.COM sums up its "compelling" flaws in two paragraphs:
Unfortunately, as exciting as the stunt driving and flying are in The Junkman, other important elements of storytelling such as acting, plotting and plausibility are sadly lacking. Gone in 60 Seconds had a kind of Zen simplicity in its single-minded pursuit of car thefts and chase scenes, but here the awkward meshing of reality and fabrication (signs saying "Halicki" are clearly visible around the junkyard) plus the lack of a script and a reliance on non-actors gives the film an amateur aura that could have been avoided, given the higher quality of its camerawork and editing. [....]

Halicki's work was unique in its desire to give fans the most bang for their buck, and despite its flaws, The Junkman has a sense of verve and personality missing from low-budget features found in the realm of direct-to-video, the latter day equivalent of the drive-in and exploitation cinema circuit. Too bad more Hollywood films couldn't be this footloose and fancy free.
DVD Verdict has a gonzo review that should be read in its entireity, but has this succint gem:
WOW! Junkman is one weird mamma-jamma of a movie. This möbius film strip motion picture functions like an Escher print come to life, cross and direct referencing itself and its makers so many times, and skittering in and out of reality so often it threatens to turn into Ouroboros and consume itself.
Halicki died on set in 1989 when a stunt went wrong. His estate executive produced the remake of his "Gone in 60 Seconds", and has an informative site at www.CarCrashKing.com
11/4/2003 10:44:28 PM
RetroCrush presents -- Interview with the Unknown Comic the Unknown Comic
11/4/2003 05:15:17 PM
Sho swimming corporation outside mountain which is troubled

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an automated translation of this.
11/4/2003 04:25:42 PM
Our Pal Mal on 8-Bit Punk

His previous appearance, here in a bit of spam.
11/4/2003 04:24:41 PM
  11/4/2003 03:10:49 PM
  11/4/2003 09:31:48 AM
Monday, November 03, 2003
Christmas, my friends, is on the way.....

A Place So Foreign: Cory Doctorow collection.

Google Hacks: Get it for me, and I will find it for you.

CSS Guide there's so much I need to learn.....

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: on DVD, please. and from then on, please refer to me as "Mike TeeVee"

Pure Imagination: The Making of 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'. If you buy me this, I will love you.

I might also suggest visiting Half.com for used versions (I'm amenable) cheaper (becuase then you can buy me more things).

A small list of things, in general, I could use: rubber scapers (sometimes called "spatulas" in error), trivets, spoon rest, covered butter dish, folding step-stool, dress sweater, USB keychain drive (greater than 16megs), sense of style, house-keeping service, dumpster.

an older list from my Birthday. I've got the All-American Ads of the 50s and the NCC book, as well as the US-dubbed (ugh) Godzilla.

Books, in general, can be found at Booksense.com, who redirects you and your order to your local independent bookseller! Keep a local business alive for christmas!

Uh-oh. Maybe things aren't as rosy in the Land of Imagination as I thought.....

more info on the movie.
11/3/2003 02:23:22 PM
I'm a rocker; I rock out