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Thursday, August 21, 2003
I'm coordinating HAPPY TIMES 3: wet-n-wild, a 6-hour performance ("art"?) marathon Saturday, August 23 from 6pm to midnight. You are all welcome to participate--as well as anyone you forward this to.

If, as most of you are, you are not in the vicinity, you can email me (xraysmalevich@hotmail.com you spammers, you!) something to read: instructions, greetings, gibberish, poetry, prose, etc. Or, you can call the Afa Gallery at 01-570.969.1040 between 6pm and midnight, EST on Sat. Aug 23. please visit AlternativeToNoise for more information.

More toasters and coffee makers are requested. Also, please bring bubbles.

HAPPY TIMES 3: Wet-n-Wild is the third performance marathon at the Afa Gallery--no intermissions, no breaks, no pauses, no gaps, no in-betweens: it never stops. For six hours, 10 performers will keep the space alive with the arcane enery that results from the collision of the Planned and the Improvised. Featuring more talented people than you can shake a stick at! Don't Miss! The talented Williams Sisters in our Aquatic Watershow and Cavalcade! Giant Sharks! The Ten-Minute Moby Dick! Hollywood Squares! Frankie & Godzilla in a Tribute to Bob Hope! Coffee Table Music, Toaster Music, Hurricaine Music! & so Much More! Free CD/CD-Rom to the First 20 in the audience!

8/21/2003 12:12:58 AM
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