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Friday, September 27, 2002
Hey, I know!
Let's all order out for Cheese.

UPDATE 04.06.04
Once upon a time (ie, when I originally posted this), the link led to a US Cheese Council page, or somesuch.

9/27/2002 02:08:43 PM

I kinda miss the days when heady obscure deconstructionist rhetoric was my staff of life.
Nowadays, I play with puppets.

But it still thrills me to read about:
DECONstructing DECONtamination Welcome to the anthrax age, where a basic understanding of the politics of decontamination could make the difference between an informed citizenry, capable of maintaining checks and balances on authority, and mass hysteria over nuclear, chemical, and biological terrorism, the specter of which could be readily used to justify the draconian quieting of any civil unrest.

The invitation read: "Decontamination prior to entry. Complimentary attire will be provided. Bring no valuables." At 7PM around 60 conference attendees congregated outside a building in downtown Toronto and began submitting themselves to what would become a long line of bureaucratic procedures. The first one was familiar and benign: a line up. It took more than an hour for all of us to be registered, and sign a two page document waiving all our rights while attending the event.

Each of us was then asked to take off the shoes, put them in a clear plastic bag and wear a "Evidence" tag which indicated the degree to which we were contaminated in four possible states: Minor, Delayed (can follow simple commands), Immediate (life threatening injury) and Morgue.
From an article first published on Mindjack.
Via NetTime.
9/27/2002 11:51:25 AM
Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Everybody knows a Michael.

I'm the Other Michael.
9/24/2002 11:37:34 PM
portrait in the paper