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OLPC XO laptop

It’s one TINY laptop


In May, 2008, I bought one (off ebay, as the G1G1.1 ended Dec 31, 2007).


I’ve been getting to know Sugar and the underlying Fedora 7 system.


very slowly....


It’s small and cute. And very small. The rubbery-keyboard is less tactile than I thought (smoother plastic; I was expecting something.. grippier). But typing is possible. As on all laptops, I miss the function keys, but the 4 oddly-marked XO functions keys are handy for jumping around Sugar.


Some odd keys not currently used. See KeyBinding for more notes.


The pads at the sides are not used.


The mouse-sensor area can be jumpy; I need to get a mouse (or trackball, better for portability?). Would also be interested in a USB keyboard for tryout -- loses portability, though.



I’m using Emacs, w3m (via emacs), Firefox, Sonata, and playing around some more. Toying with the Speech capabilities. Bought a Transcend 16gig class6 SDHC card, to replace my old 1 gig card. Upgrade to 703 has problems w/ SD cards, so holding off on the upgrade.... (July 21, 2008)


Have intermittent problems with the SDHC card -- disappears at random. (This may have more to do w/ improper system shutdowns -- the power problem I mention below.)


Power management is frustrating -- it’s great to get so much out of the batteries, but when they’re low, it shuts down w/out warning. So if you’re running off the power cord, and the power cord falls out of the wall and you don’t notice it.... So it goes!


Apparently this has been improved in more recent updates... Need to update, and the SD card issue has been solved, I understand.




XO Manual - the machine
Sugar Manual - the interface


now can print through


See XO.Articles for... articles, etc.


Wireless networking

June 5 - I lost wireless for a while. Found some threads in the forum, mainly.


Read to delete the nertworks.cfg file, which I did. no change.


Some known issue w/ USB sticks causing drop-out. I DID have a USB stick in place. removed, reboot - same problem. eventually came back. not sure why.



One Laptop per Adult (configuration)

really, this is an Ubuntu install (original thread)



Operating system(s)

the XO comes with the Sugar GUI, and Fedora 7 on the command-line. Some of the others below have been installed.


see also: Alternative OS


Sugar - the GUI

see Sugar



June 2008



After the 8.2 upgrade, it’s now Fedora Core 9


under the hood





There’s nothing wrong with a $100 laptop that hundred of $$$ of peripherals can’t “fix”



$99 solar panel, 2.5 hr charge time
purchase solar panel



see EBooks




see AudioVideo



Programming and Development

see XO.Programming




various addons and color-coordinated accessories. woo!


OLPC news Amazon store


See Also

StringCanPhone.100DollarLaptop - the XO wiki



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