Viral Texts - an (failed) attempt at measuring the rate of propagation - I can has Rezearch Papar? - visual display






Viral Images - evolution & dispersal of the chans




oh, I don’t know where else to put this...
Salon: The littlest YouTube sensation - The strange tale of Lukeywes1234
- Wikipedia:YTMND
Know Your Meme (.com) - like wikipedia. but for internet memes. kinda.



Theory and Practice

 Earlier this month, a source close to the project scheduled a meeting to discuss the series’ ending. He said Synydyne originally created Pronunciation Book to be professional enough to get a brand interested, simple enough to require close to zero production time and cost, and straightforward enough to where it’d be easy to slowly develop a cryptic narrative and loyal fanbase.


Bakkila and Bender, according to the source, wrote a script that scraped Google and YouTube autocomplete for “How Do I Say” and “How Do I Pronounce” and went down the alphabet to find what people were searching for. This allowed them to make videos that would be instantly popular in search results and create a lot of organic traffic.




Meme theory and analysis

NYT: Will You Be E-Mailing This Column? It’s Awesome


Miles Klee “the planet’s only dedicated meme critic”: Vanishing Point (Your Memes Reviewed): The Joseph Ducreux Self-Portrait, or, a discussion of “Disregard females, acquire currency”


James Gleick: What Defines A Meme? - ultimately points to a Smithsonian article that I haven’t looked at, yet.


The over-memification of whacky black folk online or when the word meme became a verb that describes something you do to a person




Text memes internet imagemacros



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