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WordSalad: Hermetic Detector


In particle physics, a hermetic detector (also called a 4π detector) is a particle detector designed to observe all possible decay products of an interaction between subatomic particles in a collider by covering as large an area around the interaction point as possible and incorporating multiple types of sub-detectors. They are typically roughly cylindrical, with different types of detectors wrapped around each other; each detector type specializes in particular particles so that almost any particle will be detected and identified. Such detectors are called “hermetic” because they are designed to let as few particles as possible escape; the name “4π detector” comes from the fact that such detectors are designed to cover nearly all of the 4π steradians of solid angle around the interaction point. --Wikipedia:Hermetic_detector



Pedantrous Modernism

Real Life Comics hits the nail on the head:




In collitch, I my major was eventually defined as “English, with a concentration in Critical Theory”. Which meant that I didn’t hit enough of the lit courses to fit the normal requirements, but that I had definitely taken a lot of departmental classes, and that each semester had been approved by the department head.


So much of that critical theory stuff [the parts that ended up creating the “PC” “movement” and enabling people to ban certain forms of speech] made me nervous.... but I LOVED the language. It’s sheer poetry. Sound poetry, devoid of serious semantic content.



Academia here I come!

“With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!”





The Mockingbird of Obscurity


I think I’ve found my Spirit Animal


my spirit animal (click for complete comic)






John Searle once told me about a conversation he had with the late Michel Foucault: “Michel, you’re so clear in conversation; why is your written work so obscure?” To which Foucault replied, “That’s because in order to be taken seriously by French philosophers, twenty-five percent of what you write has to be impenetrable nonsense.” I have coined a term for this tactic, in honor of Foucault’s candor: eumerdification.

Many of the comments on the source page, as well as the source of the comments on the source page, are good and bad “attacks” on post-modernistic theory in practice. Or something. Whatever this stuff is called these days.



Decoder vs Detector

Well, to detect, you would need to be able to decode, no?


Hrm. not really. You’d only need to be able to detect a difference in pattern, not the decoded meaning behind the pattern.


Ouch. Hrm. I’m using these things interchangeably.


One caveat in my favor - a lack of intellectual rigour is okay in art. Sometimes.


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