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There could be a distinction made between the things on this page, and the things on AutomaticForThePeople, but that line includes a bunch of split hairs, and I’m not really sure if I can see that line clearly....


There ‘’seem’ to be two types that I intermix:


TODO: sort the below




The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator - pretty much as advertised. Plus, optimized version for Twitter, T-Shirts, etc.
Gnoetry Daily’s about page has a bunch of generators
Pentametron tracks iambic pentameter tweets. So, not really a generator per se...
ArnoldIpsum - it’s ipsum, with Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Narrative Generation (story-telling)

NOTE: just about NONE of these links include code; they’re all theoretical, or describe systems and their output, without providing such systems [aaaargh!].


See some other notes (plus crude code) @



Story Generator Algorithms - includes section “a brief history of story-telling systems”


Linear Logic Programming for Narrative Generation
Mark O. Riedl. Story Planning: Creativity Through Exploration, Retrieval, and Analogical Transformation. Minds and Machines, vol. 20(4), 2010.
Storytelling with Adjustable Narrator Styles and Sentiments



A semi-annotated list

This list needs some curating....


Hipster Ipsum via BoingBoing
Spam Mimic mimics spam... for low-level steganographic emails.
Generator blog is a ... blog of ... generators.
Language is a has tools has software art. Haven’t I seen this before?!?!?

points us to the Shannonizer - which appears to be a 2-word-chain Markov processor, that combines either a URL or source-text with some pre-processed sources (described as “Editors”). Not quite there, but something. See notes @

random Computer Science Papers
Postmodern(ism) Essay Generator
a Grease Monkey script to eliminate excessive !!!s; it’s not a generator, but a ... ???
Mesostomatic is a Mesostic generator
Common Lisp code for NoamChomsky-like maunderings
The Waffle Generator - “turgid prose”
computer-generation of palindromes
ambigrams (words or phrases that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point) found via MetaFilter - isn’t a generator so much as a text-to-image transformer, but it’s an interesting tool (with limited font support - like, two fonts.)
Chains of Love -- Markov text manipulation & generation
Lorem Ipsum -- the world-famous place-holder text
Dr Bronner quote generator (see also: Hyperbolic Bronnerism)
text-to-binary converter. and vice-versa.
Urban Informatics Speech Title Generator


3D “Magic Eye” Ascii Stereograms -- and even an animated version: Ascii Stereogram Movie

Zalgo text generator - see also zalgo @ KnowYourMeme


rule-based replacement

replaces text with homophones, where possible - limited dictionary.
upside unicode flipping


n + n + a + p

simple generators from word-lists
Abulafia - wiki-based random generators, mostly for fantasy RPG uses. Interesting concept. Is it possible with my wiki software?
Fantasy Novel Title Generator
Business Bullshit Generator
Web Economy Bullshit Generator
Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator
Bullshit Job-Title Generator
EBay feedback generator
TV-tropes generator and TV pitch generator


Generations of Jokes

so that generations will revile you
“original” “jokes” using Common Lisp
Brunching Shuttlecocks’ bar-joke generator - (manual refresh to see new jokes)
random performance artist jokes


It seems there’s an entire genre of language-generation devoted to jokes, and entire genre of humor-studies devoted to language generation. Annual conventions must be some sort of you got your chocolate in my peanut-butter affair....


TODO: find back the wikipedia pages on the above.



Ascii art/figlet creation


See Also: Ascii Art



Other image-texts - multi-panel animated gif texts like Autological Remix Theory


A Question of limits

Isn’t using a generator an automated form of constrained writing? You are limited to either the built-in tables/database/sources of the generator, or whatever source-text you feed in (to a Markov alayzer/generator, for example).


I remember playing with some algorithmic music composition software, where I set up some monophonic plain-chant lines as the input, then tweaked the rules. hours and hours of unique chanting resulted.




wikipedia:Pop_music_automation leads us to Midi Internet Algorithmic Composition



See Also

Automatic for the People
ChainsOfLove - Markov-chain text “generation”
TextMunger -- my generator/processor project




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