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Getting Started guide
getting started with Windows PowerShell


Write-Host to output to console





For WinXP and beyond there is the MS Powershell.


script for Twitter




{scriptname}.ps1 - but who could forget that, right?!!




Install powershell on windows Server 2003
Install powershell on Windows Server 2008

  • NOTE: Powershell does come with Server2008, but you may need to install it (see instructions).
  • If you can’t find it, search the programs files, and add it to your PATH variable
  • then powershell should be available on the command-line
  • Set the execution policy
    • Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned, for example



Running Scripts

from within PowerShell or running PowerShell from CMD prompt



Use with Console2

See Programming.Shell#console2


NOTE: when configuring Power Shell do NOT use a custom text-color, as this will over-ride custom colors coming out of PS. Unless you like the monochrome look. In which case, go at it.





some scripts

delete all visual-source-safe files from a project

Where .\ is the path to you project -- in this case, being executed from within the project root.

get-childitem .\ -force -include "*.scc" -recurse | remove-item -force


-force is (probably) required as *.scc files are usually “hidden” files, and -force is the only way to “find” them.


Create a new GUID

[guid]::NewGuid() As found here.




accessing environment variables





Integrating with Emacs




See Also

Chocolatey has a simple install with Power Shell



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