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Windows: Power Shell

Getting Started guide
getting started with Windows PowerShell
Write-Host to output to console


For WinXP and beyond there is the MS Powershell.


script for Twitter




{scriptname}.ps1 - but who could forget that, right?!!




Install powershell on windows Server 2003
Install powershell on Windows Server 2008



Running Scripts

from within PowerShell or running PowerShell from CMD prompt



Use with Console2

See Programming.Shell#console2


NOTE: when configuring Power Shell do NOT use a custom text-color, as this will over-ride custom colors coming out of PS. Unless you like the monochrome look. In which case, go at it.





some scripts

delete all visual-source-safe files from a project

Where .\ is the path to you project -- in this case, being executed from within the project root.

get-childitem .\ -force -include "*.scc" -recurse | remove-item -force


-force is (probably) required as *.scc files are usually “hidden” files, and -force is the only way to “find” them.


Create a new GUID

[guid]::NewGuid() As found here.




accessing environment variables





Integrating with Emacs



See Also

Chocolatey has a simple install with Power Shell



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