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Mark Pilgrim advocated minimalism - from the look of his site, can’t say he’s wrong!


I used to care much more for the look of my site, wanting something (and not quite knowing what). I spent a lot of time on CSS etc, but -- at the time -- never learned dynamic web techniques (well, I did start moving towards includes and CSS) nor got a CMS outside of WordPress. Eventually I got tired of the effort involved in updating everything. And stopped updating anything. In 2007 I finally started experimenting with PmWiki on my live site (I had used it at work and home as a CMS). And in 2009 made it the front-end for the whole site. But I’ve mainly left the display up to a fairly simple “skin.” I have some tiny urges to customize, but they’re much smaller and lower in priority than just about everything else.



Why the Lucky Stiff had a good-looking site, that doesn’t have a lot going on. mmmmm! UPDATE: as of August 19, 2009, even less going on, as he took down his entire web-presence. :::sigh::: perennially late to the party I am.



25+ Web 2.0 Generators to the rescue
“loading” GIF generator



11 Link Usability Tips


3 CSS Coding Tips That Will Save You Hundreds of Wasted Hours


10 Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

A Closer Look At the Blueprint CSS Framework
various CSS things
JavaScript message-box with closebutton - CSS is important, here.


the 6 most important CSS techniques you need to know
10 CSS tricks
Assigning property values, Cascading, and Inheritance
what “!important” means


CSS selectors


the z-index


pure CSS alternatives to JS techniques



Message boxes and the like

message boxes via css and javascript
css message-box collection - links to some nice, small icons





recreating the button via CSS and Java Script
Stack Overflow: How can I use google’s new imageless button? How could I reverse engineer or roll my own buttons that are similar?
Google’s Imageless Buttons Are A Semantic Mess! - a critique, which recco’s the top article in this list (recreating the button)
user-style to remove GMail’s gradient look - if that’s important to you.




Ancient History

a co-worker moved offices, and left a pile for scavengers. Amongst the crap (and a few gemstones) was a 2-volume boxed-set of SAMS’ “Teach Yourself (more) Web Publishing with HTML In A Week” “(more)” is for the second volume. Copyright 1995. what a hoot! In another 10 years, this will look like the Domesday Book. Only not as interesting.



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