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VisualAddiction: Drawing Machines
JeanTinguelys’ metamatics



Desmond Paul Henry




The bombsight computers, from which Henry constructed these machines in his home-based workshop in Manchester, were employed in World War Two Bomber Aircraft to calculate the accurate release of bombs onto their target. He combined these computers with other components to create electronically-operated drawing machines which relied mainly on a ‘mechanics of chance’. This meant the drawing machines could not be pre-programmed or store information as in a conventional computer; nor were they precision instruments.


As a result, Henry had only general overall control but at the same time he could intervene to direct the course of image production at any given moment of his choosing.





585 DP-Henry picture by drawing machine 2 1962



Link Dump (not drawing per se, but an art robot)
things @ (which is from whom I first heard of Bristlebots) - these are everywhere, now. Hexbug has spawned an entire company based off them.



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