In particular, the 1971 Fisher Price “Record Player”


3-D printed music-box disc for a Fisher-Price “record-player” music-box.


This is a red and white plastic wind-up music box that plays plastic records just like a real phonograph, but requires no batteries! This record player has a hidden compartment that stores the 5 accessory records. An attached carry handle makes for easy portability. Measures 9-1/4″ wide, 9″ deep, and 4-3/8″ high.


Red plastic record player with a white top, yellow turn table, yellow needle arm, yellow sliding On/Off switch, a round yellow wind-up knob on the front, and a yellow carrying handle on the back for portability. The record player has a hidden compartment on the back that stores 5 accessory records. The red sides of the player have red paper lithographs with yellow designs. The lithographs are often torn or missing. Measures 9-1/4″ long, 8-1/2″ deep, 4-1/4″ tall.


5 plastic records with a different song on each side. The records were available in 5 different colors: dark blue, light blue, green, orange, and light purple. *See “Variations” below for a list of all possible record variations. The only rule of thumb is that all 5 records should be a different color, for instance, a set would never have a purple #1 record and a purple #4 record.



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