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!! Not Discrete
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Slide Rules, for example.
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!! Slide Rules
[[|The Magic Stick, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Slide Rule]] - comments include a link to [[|The A-Z of Slide Rules]]
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[[|AKAT-1]] - the first transistor-based differential equation analyzer, from 1959. Polish.

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Slide Rules, for example. Or not?
Slide Rules, for example.
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!! Antikythera Mechanism

not sure if this qualifies as analog or digital. gear-toothed cogs. discrete units = digital?
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(:description no not digital:)
More accurate, faster, but harder to program, and more limited in function.

Slide Rules, for example. Or not?
[[|Analog Computer Museum]]
[[|Analog Computer Basics]]
[[|Building an Analog computer]] (school project)

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