After the Commodore 64 and an AT&T PC XT (or AT? something-T anyway), my father bought us an Amiga 1000 sometime around 1986/87.
It was an incredible computer, but I never got a handle on programming it like I did on the C64.
I don’t know if that contributed to my drift away from programming in college, or was related.


At any rate, the best application I ever had for it was RGS - short for Realtime Graphical Synthesis, a “sonogram painting program.” (a review)


RGS synth 2


It looks somewhat crude by today’s standard, but had some incredible FX.


You could get a sonogram slowed down to play for 10+ minutes, and pan the channels with a offset delay, so you had a continuously-changing soundscape for nearly 20 minutes.


foolishly, after the Amiga fell into my hands and I didn’t do much with it, I sold it for $25 around 2002. At the time I needed the space more than anything else; the money was a token amount, the buyer had other vintage machines.



Still Alive

Amigs OS 4.1 released
Amiga Forever - the commercial Cloanto emulator package
WINUAE - windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator


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