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September 09, 2013, at 10:12 AM by OtherMichael -
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[[PmWikiDevelopment/PmWikiTrello]] - the pmWiki plugin I'm developing
July 30, 2013, at 11:23 AM by OtherMichael -
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!! Usage
[[|How Pingdom uses Trello to produce their blog]] - not as an HTML generator, but for idea-hothousing and triage

July 08, 2013, at 10:08 AM by OtherMichael -
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!! Trello development
See [[|StackOverflow questions tagged [@trello@]]]

I'm working on a [[Programming/PmWikiTrello|pmwiki-plugin]] that does the trello-grunt-work in javascript.

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!! api
!!! api
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I find the trello documentation to be confusing.
Looking at code examples is fruitful, but going back to the API docs and attempting to rationalize the code vs API is an almost fruitless process.
May 17, 2013, at 04:08 PM by OtherMichael - metaphor awkardity
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Trello ''boards'' and ''cards'' are barely-metaphors for their antecedants: notecards pinned to a cork-board.
This terminology left me uncomfortable for days, as I didn't understand what it meant -- I only found it buried in Wikipedia, and explained at [[|this post]].
I'm still a little uncomfortable, as I don't see how the continued use of this opaque metaphor will mean anything to Trello's target market, NON-developers. They've stated (see Joel @ [[|How Trello is different]]) that they want Trello to be a ''horizontal product'', one that can be used by anybody.
Heck, '''I''' am a developer, and I'm not even familiar with the metaphor (not being in an Agile shop).

May 17, 2013, at 09:54 AM by OtherMichael -
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[[|How to organize anything (with Trello)]]
[[|Why Trello doesn't work for bug tracking
May 17, 2013, at 09:47 AM by OtherMichael -
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!! link dump
[[|Moving from Trello to Blimp]] hacker news
[[|Why we moved from Basecamp to Trello]]
May 15, 2013, at 04:51 PM by OtherMichael -
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!! api

!! See Also

!! Category tags
May 09, 2013, at 11:08 AM by OtherMichael - email notifications are too frequent
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[[|Khan academy exercises board]]
[[|Khan academy exercises board]]

!! Active user
I signed up and started playing with it in May, 2013

[[#notifications]] [[#email]]
!! Email notifications


Yep. Trello thinks it is awesome that you can choose between being spammed instantly, spammed hourly, or never receiving emails. No middle ground. No daily or weekly updates. -sigh-

I subscribed to the [[|Trello Development]] board.
* Never-updates is off the table, becuase I want to know ''something.''
* Instant updates is too many emails.
* But hourly update is '''still''' too many emails.

May 03, 2013, at 03:09 PM by OtherMichael -
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Trello is a free web-based project management application made by Fog Creek Software.

Trello uses a paradigm for managing projects known as kanban, a method that had originally been popularized by Toyota in the 1980s for supply chain management. Projects are represented by boards, which contain lists (corresponding to task lists). Lists contain cards (corresponding to tasks). Cards are supposed to progress from one list to the next (via drag-and-drop), for instance mirroring the flow of a feature from idea to implementation. Users can be assigned to cards. Users and boards can be grouped into organizations.

May 03, 2013, at 03:07 PM by OtherMichael -
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[[|How Trello is different]]


[[|Trello-development board]]
[[|Khan academy exercises board]]