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Programming: Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a platform / Q&A media empire

And it is doing very well.



Stack Overflow -- a Programming Q&A forum/wiki/thing and my SO profile

<I have other profiles -- it’s become tedious to list them all>
android enthusiasts profile - I’m temporarily moderator pro tem (for the time being)


SO editing help Markdown)

Third-party tools
allowed HTML tags on SO


hacking the reputation



You can associate one or more Open ID providers with your account; I recommend more than one, as my primary Open ID provider was Live Journal? (I created the account pretty much solely to comment on a friend’s posting, so there it was when I needed an Open ID) --- aaaand sometime in July LJ’s Open ID interface changed, and SO authentication via LJ started to fail. So, I couldn’t log into my account until.... I could log into my account and add an additional Open ID provider.



branch sites

NOTE: this needs updating, as the StackExchange system has been undergoing a lot of change in 2010.


Image hosting

okay, not strictly SO/SE related... but other than flikr, I’ve never used online image hosting except in conjunction with a programming question on one of these. Literally one. Today.





I ended up using because it just worked.
I tried imageshack, but it ran afoul my office proxy server, or something and it failed quietly.


The now-offical host -- -- works great. ‘nuff said.



How it works

my thoughts


Jeff Atwood on the wiki-nature of SO - the place to ask/answer questions about the usage, development of SO, etc.



People I want to watch


Nick Gotch
Phil Jones


Johnathan Arkell - emacser
Jan Goyvaerts -- author of Regex Buddy



Alan Kay - “Jeff Atwood confirmed, that the user “Alan Kay” is THE “Alan Kay”. You know, the guy who worked for that copier machine company” -- him



(and why isn’t this an SO feature? Because it would lead to point-abuse, probably)



See Also



Category tags

Programming forums membership wiki

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